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Tweets for 2018

This is a list of some of the @StrongBadActual Tweet image and video transcripts from 2018.


[edit] Videlectrix suing Boardelectrix

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (28 Dec 2018)

{A remix of the Stinkoman 20X6 level 1 theme plays. A title screen reads "COMING IN 2019 FROM". The Videlectrix logo fades in below. The words "FOR REAL THIS TIME" appear underneath it. In smaller text, the words "UNLESS THEY MAKE ANOTHER BOARD GAME" appear underneath that.}

{Cut to Stinkoman running on a platform in front of an elaborate new stone castle background with columns, purple hanging banners and stained glass windows. He reaches a gap in the floor, with a skull-headed enemy on the other side. Stinkoman fires eight bolts and it explodes.}

{Cut to another room. Stinkoman jumps to a higher platform where a flying skull-headed enemy hovers above a Porchi and a drill, firing red balls. Stinkoman fires a bolt, but is hit by a projectile and falls onto the platform behind him.}

{A screen reads "NEW ENEMIES".}

{Stinkoman is now in a room with two skull-headed enemies on long, extendable spines. He jumps to fire bolts at the heads.}

{Stinkoman is on a lower platform, where a pile of green skulls lies on the platform above him. Stinkoman jumps to fire bolts. As they make contact, one skull at a time falls off the pile.}

{In another room, Stinkoman is on a brick tile platform in front of a strange generator enemy, which fires a giant red projectile. Stinkoman blows it up. He continues to fire bolts as it spits out more red projectiles at him. A capsule and extending spine skulls can be seen on the platform above him.}

{Stinkoman is standing in front of a giant, obese skull enemy that spits smaller wind-up skulls at him. Stinkoman shoots twice and blows it up.}

{A screen reads "NEW DUMB NAMES".}

{A Stinkomanual-style drawing of the giant enemy that spits skulls appears, zooming in and rotating. The actual enemy is labelled "Thurgood Each", and the wind-up skull it spits is called a "Rightade".}

{A second Stinkomanual drawing appears, this time of the red projectile generator. The generator mouth is called a "Plonth" and the ball it spits is called a "Soup-Dib".}

{A screen reads "NEW CRUMBLIN' SKULL-FLOOR".}

{Stinkoman is running on a platform that stops at a wall. There is a floor with four gray skulls forming a gap. Stinkoman somersaults onto the gap and jumps up and down on it. Each time he does, more cracks appear in the skulls until the platform crumbles away, allowing him to fall onto another platform and proceed.}

{A screen reads "NEW EDGE-FALL RESPAWN".}

{Stinkoman is standing on a tower, with a moving platform guarded by a flying skull-headed enemy. Stinkoman somersaults in but is hit and knocked back by a projectile, falling into the pit below. He respawns on the edge of the tower, still harmed, but quickly recovers, having lost one health point from the fall.}

{A screen reads "NEW CHALLENGES!".}

{Stinkoman is running on a platform where the flag is. A stick-figure enemy is quickly running up behind him. Stinkoman somersaults over the enemy and fires bolts, but the enemy quickly turns around and continues chasing Stinkoman. Stinkoman has to jump over it again, but misses the mark and falls down.}

{Stinkoman, now closer up, is running on a platform. The Shadowy Figure appears in a white flash, hovering high above him. With another flash and a wave of his hand, the Shadowy Figure throws a wave of three red balls at Stinkoman, knocking him back.}

{A screen reads "Stinkoman 20X6 LEVEL 10". The text "NEWLY DELAYED TIL THE YEAR 2019" appears above it. The word "delayed" is crossed out with a poorly drawn red mark and the word "UPGRADED" appears above it. The word vanishes and is replaced by the word "PORTED". This word vanishes and is replaced by "PROCEDURAL DLC MICROGUE-TRANSACTION RETROVANIA'D". This mess vanishes and is replaced by "JUST PLAIN OL' DELAYED".}

{The music stops. Back in the game, Stinkoman is going through his power-up animation. He suddenly sprouts a giant set of muscles. As he makes a battle cry, a flurry of My Benj enemies float up from the bottom of the screen.}

STINKOMAN: {sped up} Oh, making small rocks float up off the ground!!

{Fade to white}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Dangeresque Warmup

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See @StrongBadActual Tweet (15 Dec 2018)

{The opening scene from Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque plays. Dangeresque and Renaldo kick down a door. Dangeresque's speech is shown through yellow subtitles.}

DANGERESQUE: Nobody do anything


{The camera flips upside down.}


{The camera turns sideways, counter-clockwise from its original orientation.}


{The camera turns sideways, clockwise from its original orientation.}


{Cut to a rotated close-up of Dangeresque's face.}


{Cut to the original shot.}

DANGERESQUE: Dangeresque!

{The barrel of the nunchuck gun shines before Dangeresque fires it.}

[edit] stop-mo by Strong Mad

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (12 Dec 2018)

{Trogdor!! The Board Game is set up with all the tiles showing a devastated countryside. A peasant meeple is standing on a mountain tile. A Trogdor meeple walks over the tiles next to the peasant and jumps twice. The peasant meeple turns around, jumps twice, and leaves in a hurry, leaving a clear peasant meeple in its place. The Trogdor meeple uses a flame meeple to burninate the clear peasant. The clear peasant, now wearing a clear fire meeple, runs off.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Goofs completionists

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (4 Dec 2018)

{Strong Bad is standing in front of a machine labelled "TROGDOR!! Mass-Produce-O-Tron". He laughs maniacally as boxes of the game roll past him on the conveyor belt. However, his mask is rendered with a set of yellow lines on it, and the black part of his mask is poking outside of his face.}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • "Goofs" completionists refers to the Homestar Runner Wiki, where animation errors are typically documented, including ones that were fixed later on.

[edit] TROGDOR!! Mass-Produce-O-Tron

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (4 Dec 2018)

{Strong Bad is standing in front of a machine labelled "TROGDOR!! Mass-Produce-O-Tron". He laughs maniacally as boxes of the game roll past him on the conveyor belt.}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • This Tweet, judging by the subsequent reply, is a follow-up to a deleted Tweet with no masking layer on Strong Bad's face.

[edit] Trogdor Demo

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (3 Dec 2018)

{Open to a still image of a live action Strong Bad glove holding a cassette tape labeled "TROGDOR-DEMO". "Videlectrix cassette storage solushe" is written on the tape. The ending of the TROGDOR! song plays.}


{An extended version of the outro plays.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIGHT!!

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Trogdor was one of the songs featured in Guitar Hero II. However, due to technical limitations, it is physically impossible to get 100% on that song.
  • "Solushe" is an example of words with omitted syllables.

[edit] And all 'at and all 'at

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See @StrongBadActual Tweet (29 Nov 2018)

{Open to a Teen Girl Squad comic. A container of "And all 'at and all 'at" appears.}

TEXT: And all 'at and all 'at!

{A Teen Girl Squad version of 1-Up appears.}

1-UP: The last ingredient you'll ALWAYS need!

{So and So is standing in the kitchen at a counter with a bowl of batter. She is flustered.}

TEXT: Bake a cake and forgot an egg?

{1-Up appears, shaking in the product into the batter.}

1-UP: And all 'at and all 'at!

{To So and So's delight, her batter transforms into a fully decorated cake. However, she doubts the result. The cake then transforms into a monster and eats her.}

TEXT: 2 much baking soda'd!

{Cut to 1-Up dancing.}

TEXT: The most fantastic dance!

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The text says "Bake a cake and forgot an egg", but So and So did not bake the cake yet, and could have added an egg to the unbaked batter.
  • This is another instance of -'d.

[edit] Abandoned Videlectrix tech/cutscene demo

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (6 Nov 2018)

{Cheat Commandos suspense music plays. Top-down video game footage of Fightgar standing in a field surrounded by mountains and a vertical bridge. The cursor moves over the tiles, and the text in the corner changes between "plain", "mountain", and "bridge". The cursor selects Fightgar, showing his stats in the corner of the screen:}

HP: 44/44
AP: 20/24

{A window appears, containing the options:}


{"Status" is selected. A new window appears showing Fightgar's stats, including:}


{The cursor clicks "Back", then selects the "Move" command. The squares orthogonally adjacent to Fightgar flash. The cursor selects the square below Fightgar, and Fightgar is moved there.}

{The Secret Desert background fades in, and the music changes to the Price Style muzak. Gunhaver comes in.}

GUNHAVER: {text only} CCDO's! Walk into this room alert!

{The cursor selects the "NEXT" button. Silent Rip comes in.}

SILENT RIP: {text only} This is a desert.

{The NEXT button is selected. A second Silent Rip appears.}

SILENT RIP: {text only} Gunhaver! They're repainting and rebranding us so they can sell us at Big Lots!

{The NEXT button is selected. A second Gunhaver appears.}

GUNHAVER: {text only} Do I get paid double for voicing both of these Gunholders?

{The NEXT button is selected. The first Gunhaver leaves. The first Silent Rip leaves.}

SILENT RIP: {text only} Wanna go get Ramen?

{The NEXT button is selected.}

GUNHAVER: {text only} I'm mostly down with that.

{Both Silent Rip and Gunhaver leave.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Swordguys Versus Skullguys

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (5 Oct 2018)

{The video opens with a title card reading "Swordguys Versus Skullguys" in spiky blue marker. The word "versus" is enclosed within a dripping dagger. Ominous music plays throughout. Strong Mad provides the voices for every character, with dialogue often out of sync with the action.}

{Cut to a castle with a horned skull face in the front and two towers at the sides.}

{Cut to inside. A skull-faced wizard holds a staff and stands in front of a magic ball on a stand. Two heavyset skull-headed guards flank him.}

SKULL WIZARD: The sword guys are coming. {turns to the right guard} You go stop them!


{The two guards leave.}


{Cut to a pack of five sword guys who enter from the right, holding various weapons.}

AXE SWORD GUY: Look, a skull bowl!

{Cut to a blue bowl with handles and a golden stand sitting on a square rock. It has a skull on it.}

{Cut back the sword guys. They move toward the left. The tallest sword guy stays behind to point to the right.}

{Cut to a crowd of skullguys holding various weapons.}

TALLEST SWORD GUY: {offscreen} Look, a skull guy!

{Cut to a wide shot of the skull bowl. One by one, the sword guys dip their weapons into the bowl. The tallest sword guy, who is unarmed, dips his fist in the bowl.}

SWORDGUYS: Dip the weapons in the bowls!

{Cut to the tallest sword guy with his hand in the bowl. A skull guy enters from the right. The sword guy punches the skull guy in the face. The skull guy's head flies off. The skull guy falls over.}

TALLEST SWORD GUY: Now we can get them!

{Cut to a wide shot. All the sword guys brandish their weapons and move to the right.}

{Cut to a tall skull guy holding a large axe. A green sword guy holding an axe of his own bashes the skull guy, creating large gashes in his body.}

AXE SWORD GUY: Stab! Slice!

{Cut to a a shirtless sword guy holding a long sword. He slices off the skull guy's hand, then stabs the skull guy in the chest, forming a deep hole in his center.}

SHIRTLESS SWORD GUY: Chopping, stabbing!

{The skull guy flees the scene.}

{Cut to a short wizard holding a staff. He uses magic on the skull guy in front of him, causing his staff to become charred.}


{Cut to another sword guy. He throws his dagger at the skull guy. It sinks into the skull guy's chest and stays embedded there. The skull guy falls over backwards.}


{Cut to the sword guy with the axe standing between two tall skull guys. He knocks over the left skull guy, then the right one.}

AXE SWORD GUY: Two times at once!

{Cut to the tallest sword guy effortlessly punching and knocking over a skull guy.}


{The sword guy holding a dagger is chasing off three skull guys. He throws his dagger into the back of the one closest to him, causing him to fall forwards.}


{The dagger sword guy leaves in the opposite direction.}

{Cut to the other four sword guys. The dagger sword guy joins them. He directs them to move ahead. The other sword guys raise their weapons in agreement.}

DAGGER SWORD GUY: We gotta go do other stuff!

{All the sword guys raise their weapons and move forward.}

{Fade to black. Fade back in to the skull castle.}

{Cut to a large wall made entirely of wooden blocks. The five sword guys come up to it.}

DAGGER SWORD GUY: How do we get into the castle?


{The others move out of the way as the tallest sword guy bashes his head against the wall, causing two wooden blocks to fall away, forming a breach in the wall. The other sword guys crowd around.}

{Cut to a room with two pillars made from wooden blocks, decorated with little skulls. The sword guys enter single file and pass between the pillars.}

{Cut to a crowd of skull guys holding weapons.}


{Cut to the sword guys in front of a curved staircase made from blocks. Close up on the group.}

AXE SWORD GUY: More skull guys! You fight these guys!

{Cut to a wider shot of the group in front of the staircase. The axe guy ascends the stairs as skull guys enter from both sides.}

AXE SWORD GUY: I'll fight the other guys!

{Cut to the stairs. Two of the steps are decorated with skulls. The axe sword guy meets a skull guy on the steps. The axe sword guy hits the skull guy. The skull guy bleed and falls over behind the stairs. The axe sword guy continues upward.}

{Cut to the sword-wielding guy on the steps.}

{Cut to the wizard on the ground. He zaps the skull guy in front of him, causing the skull guy's head to explode.}

SWORD WIZARD: We're fighting so good!

{Cut to the dagger sword guy at the bottom of the steps. He pulls his dagger out from a fallen skull guy and climbs up the stairs.}

{Cut to the tallest sword guy in combat with a skull guy in front of the staircase. The skull guy tries to bash the sword guy's head with a small axe but the sword guy knocks him down.}

{Cut to the sword wielder at the bottom of the staircase. He is surrounded by two skull guys. The sword wielder stabs the skull guy in front of him, creating a hole in his chest. He then does a spin attack, knocking over both skull guys and a few of the blocks in the staircase.}


{Cut to the inner sanctum. The skull wizard stands behind his magic ball with two guards at attention. The axe sword guy enters. The skull wizard flees the scene as the two guys move to attack the axe sword guy.}

AXE SWORD GUY: I'll fight you!

{The dagger sword guy enters. Close up on him.}

DAGGER SWORD GUY: I'm standing still for a long time!

{The dagger sword guy throws his dagger off-screen.}

{Cut to the fray with the axe sword guy and the two skull guards. The dagger flies in and hits one of the skull guys in the hinder. The skull guy is knocked over, falling on top of the axe sword guy.}


{Cut to a room made from wooden blocks, with two gaps for windows. The skull wizard enters.}

{Close up on the skull wizard. The axe sword guy swings his axe from off-screen and chops off one of the skull wizard's horns.}


{Cut to a farther shot of the skull wizard and the axe guy. The axe sword guy comes down from the wooden block.}

{Cut to the axe sword guy. He swings his axe to the edge of the screen. The wizard's skull head sticks to the axe. The axe sword guy removes the skull.}


{Cut to the skull wizard, who has been reveals to be an ordinary bearded man beneath his skull mask.}

AXE SWORD GUY: You're a old bearded guy!

{Cut to the other four sword guys at the bottom of the staircase, crowding around a fallen skull guy warrior with a tall sword sticking upright from his chest. The axe sword guy descends the stairs. The other four turn to face him.}

AXE SWORD GUY: Look out, it's a old bearded guy!

{The axe sword guy turns to look up the stairs as the unmasked skull wizard descends. Close up on him.}

{Cut to the sword wizard from behind.}

SWORD WIZARD: Ahh, you're my dad!

{Cut to the skull wizard.}

SKULL WIZARD: You always were not very good, son!

{Cut to a wide shot. The skull wizard raises his arms. All the sword guys leave except the wizard. The skull wizard zaps the sword wizard with magic.}

{Cut to a closer shot of the two wizards.}

SWORD WIZARD: Why are you being so mean to me—

{The two wizards climb off the staircase and stand on both sides of the fallen skull warrior. The skull wizard zaps the sword wizard again.}

SWORD WIZARD: —my dad?

{Cut to the skull wizard. He waves his hands.}

{Cut to the sword wizard lying on the floor. He zaps with his staff.}

SWORD WIZARD: But I do magic!

{Cut to the skull wizard. The sword stuck inside the fallen skull warrior floats up and stabs through the skull wizard, who falls backwards.}


{Cut to the fallen sword wizard, who stands back up and walks away. The music becomes much more upbeat.}

{Fade to black. Fade in to the sword guys standing in a triumphant formation, with the tallest one standing behind the others. They turn their heads to face each other, then turn back to the front.}

SWORD GUYS: We did it! Let's look at each other!

{Cut to the skull castle. Strong Mad makes exploding sounds as the castle falls apart. First one horn falls off, then one of the teeth, then a part of the parapets, then the other horn, then a large chunk of the skull head.}

{Cut back to the sword guys. A tall dragon with orange horns joins them. The tallest guy turns to greet him.}


{Fade to black. Cut to a title card appears reading "THE END!!" in blue ink. The "D" has a skull face enclosed within it.}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Will Vinton was an American animator and filmmaker who created numerous claymation films and had died one day prior.
  • "Stop-motion opus" and "stop-mopus" are both portmanteaus of stop motion and magnum opus.

[edit] interact with trashcan responses

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (23 Sep 2018)

LOOK TRASHCAN - That thing's filled to burstin'! Prolly chock full of Grade A hobo finds. And at least C minus regular people finds!

USE TRASHCAN - Looks like I'm gonna have to jump... inthistrashcan! (jumps in, back out) Whoa! Someone threw out this old tape of SLOW JAMZ just because it's broken and doesn't work anymore. What a waste!

TALK TRASHCAN - Hands up, Oscar! We know what REALLY happened to Mr. Hooper!

USE TRASHCAN (after jumping in once) - I just like the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I leap in the trash. (does it again, back out) I think the warm fuzzy feeling just tried to bite me.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Oscar the Grouch and Mr. Hooper are characters from Sesame Street. Oscar is famous for living in a trash can. Mr. Hooper was a veteran character whose actor had died and his death was acknowledged on the show.

[edit] About Videlectrix

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (23 Sep 2018)
About Videlectrix
Since the beginning of organized time, or shortly thereafter, the 'Trix, as they are sometimes known, has been on all four fronts of the electronic video gaming industry, providing lo-res entertainment to parents and children alike. In the early years, the Big V, as they are other times known, got their start by typing numbers into calculators and then turning the calculators upside down to form words. In 2003, they partnered with Homestarrunner.com and released the arcade peasant-masher Trogdor! They've since followed up with hit after hit, including next-gen text adventure Peasant's Quest, side scrolling platformer Stinkoman 20X6, and the unforgettable Color Television Calibration Cartridge.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Kickstarter Ended

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (15 Aug 2018)

{Matt Chapman, dressed in his Rather Dashing wig and Scalding Lake shirt, is standing in front of a wall with a Peasant's Quest still posted on it. Music from the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer plays.}

RATHER DASHING: {as if reading off a card} Hello. My name's Rather Dashing. And many years ago, Trogdor burninated my thatched-roof cottage. While you're all spending your hard-earned gold to bring his game to life, I want you to think about the peasants that are affected...

{The Strong Bad puppet bursts in and beats Rather Dashing to the ground.}

STRONG BAD: Aw, shut up!

{Strong Bad pops up}

STRONG BAD: Thank you guys so much! This has been amazing! This has been tremendous! This has been pretendous! I can't believe all the support from you peoples out there! And I can't wait to throw the giant cartoony switch to begin production on this awesome game! Thank you so much for bringing burnination to tabletops everywhere!

{The Trogdor song plays.}

STRONG BAD: {singing, slowly sinking out of frame} TROGDOR!!

{Scene fades to a drawing of Trogdor with a puff of smoke reading "Thanks" coming out form his nostril. The music continues to play in the background.}

{Fade to black}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • This Tweet is a response to the Trogdor!! The Board Game Kickstarter campaign ending.
  • The "Thanks" drawing became the campaign's official image around the time of this Tweet.
  • In a later Tweet, Strong Bad throwing "the giant cartoony switch" was illustrated.
  • Rather Dashing's thatched-roof cottage getting burninated references the opening of Peasant's Quest.

[edit] Trogdor WarioWare

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (22 Jul 2018)

{A Wario TV is briefly shown, before the screen switches to a wooden table with Trogdor on the right side, and three tiles arranged vertically on the left side; a green tile between two burninated black ones. A pair of dice is in the corner. The TROGDOR theme plays. The text "BURNINATE!!" appears briefly. There is a Wario bomb in the corner, and the wire gets shorter throughout the video. The gloved pointer shakes and clicks on the green tile. Trogdor moves toward the green tile and burninates it, causing it to flip over to the burninated side. Wario cheers as Trogdor jumps up and hits the top of the screen, shaking it. The bomb starts counting down, blows up, and the game ends.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Boardelectrix's wocka-chicka Trogdor

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (17 Jul 2018)

{The plastic Trogdor figurine spins around, and the red and blue knight figurines shimmy and shake as the letters in the text "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" bounce up and down. Music plays throughout.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Kickcheater is LIVE!

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (17 Jul 2018)

{Puppet Strong Bad, wearing the brown hooded sweater with the flames shooting from the hood, rises up to face the viewer as a dramatic, Trogdor-themed introduction sting plays.}

STRONG BAD: {with a dramatic echo} Doooh... The time has come! Trognarok is upon us! The Trogdor!! Board Game Kickcheater is live right now! Go forth, my minions, and pledge! To bring burnination to tabletops everywheres! {briefly looks up; pleased} Hmm! This flaming robe is kind of toasty! Might try and roast some Fluffy Puffs up there later on. Anyways...

{The TROGDOR!! banner appears at the top of the screen.}

STRONG BAD: {shrieking} TROGDOR!!

[edit] Trogdor Premium Hi-Res Thanks

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (18 Jul 2018)

{The Strong Bad puppet, wearing the burning hoodie, is standing with wooden peasant meeples forming a border. Funky Trogdor music plays in the background.}

STRONG BAD: {with an echo} Holy crap you guys! I can't believe— you guys did— are you kiddin' me did— no amount of pizza trophies or Brunswick stew-related trophies can express the thanks I have for all of you crazy backers out there! I'm just gonna hop into this campaign and start listing off these awesome peoples that helped to bring TROGDOR!! to tabletops everywhere. Let's do it Romper Room style. I see Jim-Dan Scoff.

{A Trogdor meeple pops in. A peasant meeple comes in from the side and is burninated.}

STRONG BAD: Trogdor burninates Jim-Dan Scoff.

{Trogdor continues to burninate peasants as Strong Bad announces names.}

STRONG BAD: And Trogdor burninates Jillian Smett. And Trogdor burninates Tony DeFrancisco. And Trogdor burninates David Marquiz, Joey B, and Senator Meow, and Kennel Cobb. And Trogdor especially burninates Dr. Schmards, David Sang, and Daniel Wasson, Nick, and Tibbo. And Trogdor...

{Two Trogdor meeples facing each other pop up, burninating each other.}

STRONG BAD: Trogdor burninates Trogdor? Okay.

{Both Trogdors leave. The original Trogdor meeple resumes burninating peseants.}

STRONG BAD: Lesse, who else? Trogdor burninates Gear Trudy, and Ander Hearse, and Elijah, and Jeff and Ralph Davis Travis Todd McTodderdaverse. Trogdor burninates you all! With his love! Thank you so much! I'll randomly spout some more names probably another time!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Marshmallow's Last Stand Storyboard

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (15 Jul 2018)

{Cut to an old piece of paper with a storyboard drawn on it. In the first panel, Homestar and Pom Pom are sitting at a table. The image is captioned "Homestar & Pom-Pom @ Marshmallow Stand".}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Homestar and Pom Pom at Marshmallow Stand.

{Pan to the second panel. The image is a closer shot with Homestar and Pom Pom each having a single, large marshmallow. Caption reads "Homestar tells P.P. to look away & then eats his marshmallow."}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Homestar tells Pom Pom to look away and then eats his marshmallow.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Pom Pom! Look away!

STRONG BAD: {as Pom Pom} Bubble-de-dubble.


{Pan to the next panel}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Strong Bad & Mad enter in foreground. {not reading} Oh, look at us enter, so imposing!

{Pan to the next panel showing Strong Bad and Strong Mad in the restaurant with majesty lines. Caption reads "Reveal the big reveal" and "SB makes fun 'soft like mallows'".}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Reveal the big reveal! Strong Bad makes fun, "soft like mallows". {not reading} Oh, you guys are so lame, you are soft like mallows, I probably say.

{Pan to the next panel, showing a close-up of Homestar chewing.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {reading} Munch!

{Onto the next row. The image is of Homestar.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Homestar reacts.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad and Strong Mad!

{Next panel. Strong Bad and Strong Mad are mocking Homestar and Pom Pom, who are at the table. Caption reads "S.B. declares they're the best tag team".}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Strong Bad declares they're the best tag team. {not reading} We are the best tag team.

{Next panel. Homestar and Pom Pom are at the table. Homestar has lines coming from his head. Caption reads "Homestar congratulates S.B.".}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Homestar congratulates Strong Bad.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Congratulations!

{Next panel. Strong Bad raises one boxing glove. Caption reads "SB says no stupid! We're challenging you to a wrestling match.".}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Strong Bad says, "No, stupid! We're challenging you to a wrestling match." What is going on with my face? Got a giant, long neck and weird eyebrows?

{Next row. Image shows Homestar.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Homestar says "no thanks".


{Next panel. Strong Mad and Strong Bad are angry.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} ARRGH! The Strongs get MAD! Tele-static! {stops reading} I'm getting so mad, television static is in the background for some reason!

{Next panel. Strong Bad's head is smoking. Caption reads "SB is steamin' Leans out frame LEFT"}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Strong Bad is steaming! {stops reading} Man, noodle arms, and where's my arm coming from?

{Next panel. Strong Bad's glove is ripping off Homestar's star.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Strong Bad snatches the star off Homestar.

{Next panel. Homestar is surprised.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Homestar is all like, "hey!".


{Next row. Image shows Strong Bad (holding the star) and Strong Mad teasing Homestar and Pom Pom. Caption reads "HS: Gimme back my star!!".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {reading} Gimme back my star!

{Next panel. Strong Bad holds the star.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} You'll have to fight us for it.

{Next image. Homestar and Pom Pom are looking at each other.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Homestar and Pom Pom look at each other & nod.

{Next image. Homestar is angry.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {reading} You're {drags out last word} onnnnn!

STRONG BAD: This is a terrible cartoon!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trogdor Board Game in July

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (12 Jun 2018)

{The TROGDOR song plays throughout the promo. A translucent Boardelectrix logo can be seen in the top-left corner throughout.}

{The Trogdor!! board game is set up with the tiles all on the "normal" side. Various figurines are placed on the tiles. Zoom in on the Trogdor figurine with a red banner reading TROGDOR!! below him.}

{Cut to a shot panning across the game field. Some of the tiles are burninated, including a cottage figurine and a peasant figurine.}

{Cut to a card. The card is "Majesty!". A "Consummate V's" card is played on top of it.}

{Cut to an overhead shot of the field. The player is moving the Trogdor figurine in a diagonal formation across the tiles. After Trogdor has been played, the player flips the green tiles to their burninated state.}

{Cut to Trogdor and a peasant standing on a burninated tile. The player places a fire token on the peasant's head.}

{Cut to an overhead shot of the same scene. The player moves the burninated peasant across some green tiles.}

{Cut to the bottom-left corner of the game field. A card is played with a hammer on it, reading "Summon forth yon TROG-Hammer".}

{Zoom in over the playing field toward the Troghammer standing on the Trog-Meter card with two peasant figures.}

{Cut back to the field of play. The player moves the Troghammer across the tiles until it reaches the one where Trogdor is standing.}

{Rotating shot around a tile with a burning cottage and a burning peasant, surrounded by burninated tiles.}

{Trogdor is standing on a tile with a cottage on it. The player removes the roof of the cottage and flips it over to appear burning.}

{The player is moving the Trogdor figure across the tiles until it reaches one with a peasant on it.}

{Cut to a card. More cards are played on top of it in rapid succession; "Majesty!", "Slantwise!", "Stump & Rock!", "Jhonka Help!", and "Flip 'em up Dan!".}

{A burninated cottage and a burninated peasant are standing together on the same tile. The screen shakes.}

{Pan across the game field, which is totally burninated. Four peasant figures stand on the Trog-Meter. The cottages are burninated, the Knight and Archer figures are in play, and Trogdor stands triumphant.}

{Cut to a brief shot of the meeple version of the game being played. Trogdor stands adjacted to a tile with a burning peasant and a non-burning cottage meeple.}

{Zoom out to show the full body of the Trogdor figurine standing in front of an overhead shot of the game field.}

{Fade to black. The Trogdor-drawing music from dragon plays. A promo card reads "TROGDOR!!" on a red banner. The text below reads:}

Cooperative Burnination
for 2-6 Players
Coming in July to
{KickCheater logo}
i mean Kickstarter

[edit] Fun Facts

  • This video was originally posted with the text "Coming in July to a tabletop near you!", but it was deleted for being too misleading. This may be referenced in the overly specific text in this Tweet.

[edit] Edgarware Tweet Deleter

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (12 Jun 2018)

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] It's Over Comic

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (28 May 2018)

{First panel:}



{Second panel:}





{Third panel:}



{Fourth panel:}


[edit] Glossy Strong Bad

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (7 May 2018)

Dear unnamed
physics teacher,
you have
a real
me say





Homestar Runner & related characters ... © 2001 Michael Chapman ... Strong Bad

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] We Don't Really Even Care

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (23 Apr 2018)

{Cut to a black background with a blurry sloshy logo, as it comes into focus. A portion of sloshy's "We Don't Really Even Care" is playing in the background. The text "Record Store Day 2018" appears at the top, followed by the text ""We Don't Really Even Care" Special Release" appearing below the sloshy logo. The text "Available only for a children's toy from the 70's" appears coming from the bottom below the previously mentioned text.}

{Cut to the aforementioned children's toy, resembling a miniature record player. A hand places a plastic white "record" onto the player, turning it to lock it in. It places the stylus onto the record, and moves a switch. The song begins to play. The lyrics "We don't really even care." appear at the bottom, becoming highlighted in line with the lyrics from the song with vocals.}

{Fade to shot of the lower front-side of the toy record player, featuring a crank winding down. The lyrics "We don't really even care." appear again, featuring similar highlighting. It disappears, and "We don't really even care." appears again with highlighting.}

{Fade to a close-up of the record, viewed from the side. The lyrics "About you." appear with highlighting.}

{Fade to wider shot of the record player. The lyrics "About y-o-o-u." appear with highlighting.}

{Fade to extreme close-up of the record, as the lights turn off and the record glows green. "Wow! Glow in the dark!" appears at the bottom without highlighting.}

{Fade to a shot showing the record player from above, with the text "The kind you have to charge up under a light bulb.", again without highlighting. The text "Like the toys from a cereal box back when small toys were allowed to be in a cereal box." appears in its place. Cut to a close-up of the record.}

{Fade to wide shot of the record, with the text "Not no more." and no highlighting. The text is replaced with "The glowiness fades out at about the same rate the song slows down."}

{Cut to a black background with a blurry sloshy logo. There is text reading "Not really available." in yellow in the foreground.}

SLOSHY: {singing} About you-ou-ou! About you-ou-ou!

{After a few seconds, the scene cuts to black and the music stops.}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The video is nearly identical to Record Store Day 2018, released three days earlier.
  • The portion of the song during the end screen has not been heard in previous versions of the song.

[edit] Puppet Board Game

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (5 Apr 2018)

{Cut to a dark room with Trogdor!! The Board Game on a table. Matt Chapman is wearing a flaming peasant costume and holding Puppet Strong Bad, with a little girl holding his arms.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: —the top of our lungs! Three! Two! One!


PUPPET STRONG BAD: Nice job, everybody. Look at this... {looks down at the game; singing} We burninated the entire countryside, we burninated all these peasants, we burninated all these peoples, in the tiny 3D-printed thatched-roof cottages!

{Everyone claps.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: {stops singing} Nice work, everybod—

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Become A Man

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (29 Mar 2018)

{A Wario TV is briefly shown, before the screen switches to Homestar with sleepy eyes and a nightcap, holding a bottle of cinnamon. The text "Become a MAN" appears briefly. There is a Wario bomb in the corner, and the wire gets shorter throughout the video. A glove-shaped mouse pointer clicks the cinnamon, causing dots to appear on Homestar's chin, with the text "Poof". The mouse clicks again, causing more dots, with a "PAFF!". The mouse clicks again, causing a full cinnamon beard, with a "PUFF!" as Homestar smiles and opens his eyes wide. The bomb starts counting down, blows up, and the game ends.}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • A video of this game had been posted on Instagram on 10 Mar 2018, albeit with the text "CINNABEARD!" instead of "Become a MAN".
  • The video was made using WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, the partner game of WarioWare D.I.Y..
  • The game references Homestar's cinnamon beard as part of his sleepwear, as well as the sounds he makes when he applies the cinnamon.
    • "Becoming a man" refers to his quote from too cool before putting on the cinnamon.

[edit] Consummate V's Card

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (19 Mar 2018)
Consummate V's
Consummate V's
has diagonal
movement for
this turn!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] WarioWare Peasant's Quest

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (18 Mar 2018)

{Cut to a WarioWare D.I.Y. screen with a "Pause" button in the top-right corner. The screen shows grassy hills with a tree on the left and a stream of water on the right, with more trees faintly visible in the background. Rather Dashing walks in from the left and falls into the stream with a splash. A Wario bomb appears as the video ends.}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • This game was made using WarioWare D.I.Y..
    • The average WarioWare microgame is actually 4 seconds long, rather than 3, as Strong Bad implies. Additionally, the microgame shown in the video has a time limit of 8 seconds, as evidenced by the Wario bomb not appearing on the screen initially.

[edit] PBTC WarioWare

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (1 Mar 2018)

{Cut to a bouncing, cartoonish, old-looking TV with Wario's face on it. "D.I.Y. Games" is written at the top, with a gold "W" above that. A green "001" appears briefly as music plays.}

{Cut to a Powered by The Cheat scene with Strong Bad on the left and Homestar on the right. The text "Nine Times!" appears briefly. A glove cursor hovers over the screen. Strong Bad begins kicking Homestar in the face with a sound effect. Each time, the number of times appears at the bottom. At 5 times, a Wario bomb appears in the corner, and the wire slowly gets shorter with a spark at the end. At 8 times, the bomb starts counting down from 3. At 9 times, Homestar's head explodes and Strong Bad dances. Wario is heard laughing. The bomb explodes. Cut back to the beginning screen. Wario's face laughs on the TV.}

[edit] Fun Facts

  • This is the first Thursday since Mario Paint Thursday's creation on February 1st to not have a Mario Paint Thursday.
  • The video was made using WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, the partner game of WarioWare D.I.Y..
  • The scene is from Crazy Cartoon. Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad's quote, "I can do it. I will do it nine times." is referenced in the Tweet text.

[edit] Make way for The Makeromancer!

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (14 Feb 2018)

{Cut to a WarioWare D.I.Y. screen with a "Pause" button in the top-right corner. The screen shows The Makeromancer on the right side of the screen, in front of a light purple background with darker purple hearts. On the left side, there is a chicken drumstick, with the King of Town's head below it. The text "MAKEROMANCE!" appears briefly. A stylus taps The Makeromancer, causing him to thrust his hand out. Green smoke appears around the chicken drumstick and the King of Town as the screen shakes. The chicken drumstick and The King of Town move around, as hearts appear in the middle of the screen and confetti comes down.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Parchmenty and Peasantry

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (10 Feb 2018)

PagFor untold ages, the chivalrous realm of Pageantry had been at war with their adjacent neighbor, the deplorable kingdom of Bigotry. Their borderlands were a permanent battlefield and those unfortunate peasants caught in the midst of it all did their best to eke out an existence while the war raged around them. Eventually, just before the Age of Trogdor, the land on which the armies fought became so ravaged and war-torn -and the peasants that occupied it so smelly and unattractive- that neither side would claim it. Pageantry said the land was far too ugly and low brow to be a part of their realm and Bigotry wanted nothing to do with those "weak-kneed, weak-mead quaffers". With no realm to call their own, the peasants of the borderlands grumbled together a meager government and began calling themselves the kingdom of Peasantry.

[edit] Dangeresque lyrics

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (30 Jan 2018)
so dangerous,
so dangerous
he fights the law, but
he also fights the crime
but not as much
dangeresque! is dangeresque his
name? or is it just
what they call him
cause his shirt says
dangeresque? dangeresque! cool glasses
cool glasses that guy is dangeresque
the mighty oak has
fallen, the long buffet
is calling

[edit] Fun Facts

  • These are alternate lyrics to The theme from DANGERESQUE II: This time, it's not Dangeresque I. The new version is mostly the same, except:
    • The verse about his name has been replaced with a verse about Renaldo.
    • The "cool glasses" line has been moved to later.
    • "The long buffet is calling" has been replaced with "if the movies have taught me anything, he'll get the girl".

[edit] Sbemail 208

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (30 Jan 2018)

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Peasant's Quest Death

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (29 Jan 2018)

{Cut to the "Outside mysterious cottage" screen from Peasant's Quest. The score is 2 out of 150. Rather Dashing walks up to the cottage. "move stone" is typed into the command bar, and the stone is moved.}

You slide the stone over to
reveal a little hole. If
only you could cut off your
arms, legs, and head you
might be able to squeeze

{"cut off arms legs and head" is typed into the command bar.}

Very funny. You have
trouble cutting out coupons
in the weekly 'Peasant
Penny-Pincher' circular.
I'd like to see you try.

{"try" is typed into the command bar.}

Okay, fine. You try to cut
off your hard-earned
extremities. It doesn't
work. You dead. Thanks for

{The Game Over screen is shown.}

[edit] Stinkoman's 15th birthday

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (6 Jan 2018)

{Cut to Stinkoman, silhouetted, standing at the entrance to the castle. The post-boss music from Stinkoman 20X6 Level -0 plays. The camera pans up to show all of the castle. When it reaches the top, the sky darkens and lightning strikes repeatedly along with thunder. The lightning flashes and cuts to a close-up of Stinkoman with his eyes closed.}

STINKOMAN: {subtitled} ZZZ...MMMM. STUMMY FULLA {cut to full view of the castle} PRAWNS...ZZZ... {lightning strikes twice}

{Cut to the shadowy figure in his lair.}


{Pan right to 1-Up and Pan Pan. 1-Up has a long yellow beard and hair under his hat. The music abruptly stops.}

1-UP: {subtitled} I GREW A PRODIGIOUS BEARD! {closes his eyes as the beard shines}

{Small Pan Pan-like creatures suddenly appear around Pan Pan. The music resumes.}



{Cut to Stinkoman, who is nodding off.}

STINKOMAN: {subtitled} ZZZ...

{Lightning flashes and he suddenly jerks awake. The music stops again.}

STINKOMAN: {subtitled} {shakes his head back and forth with audible sound effects} HUH-WHA?

{Mushroom clouds appear around his head and he closes his eyes. The Level 1 music begins.}


{The mushroom clouds disappear and he opens his eyes.}


{Cut to Stinkoman in his double deuce pose against a blue gradient, surrounded by moving white lines.}


{Cut to Stinkoman, silhouetted, standing at the entrance, similar to the start of the video. The music stops again.}

STINKOMAN: {subtitled} COMIN' UP HERE...

{Cut to a full view of the castle. Pause.}


{Cut to a dark gray screen. The Level 1 music plays as white text appears. The first line appears letter by letter, similar to the subtitles, and the rest of the text fades in all at once.}



{Stinkoman's sprite runs from the right side of the screen to the center, running in place as he is slowly silhouetted. The music fades out.}

STINKOMAN: {jumping in the air; unsubtitled} 20X6!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] FHQ Airport

See @StrongBadActual Tweet (3 Jan 2018)
Welcome To
Int'l AiRPORT!
North Parking Lot:
South Parking Lot:
Security Wait Time:

[edit] Fun Facts

  • This Tweet refers to that day's xkcd comic, listing "FHQ" for "Fhqwhgads" in a list of parody airport abbreviations.
  • "Airport" is spelled with a lowercase i in the image.
  • "TO THE LIMIT!" refers to the music video based on Fhqwhgads, Everybody to the Limit.
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