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'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Strong Bad}}, {{Film|The King of Town}}, {{Film|The Cheat}} (Easter egg), {{Film|The Announcer}} (Easter egg)
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Strong Bad}}, {{Film|The King of Town}}, {{Film|The Cheat}} (Easter egg), {{Film|The Announcer}} (Easter egg)
'''Places:''' [[Computer Room]]
'''Places:''' [[Computer Room]], Press Conference (Easter Egg)
'''Computer:''' [[Tandy 400]]
'''Computer:''' [[Tandy 400]]

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Anarchy in the UK
The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is sb_email 22.

Strong Bad Email #22

Strong Bad is asked by Mark from England what he thinks of the English. It's a disaster in the making.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The King of Town, The Cheat (Easter egg), The Announcer (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Press Conference (Easter Egg)

Computer: Tandy 400

Date: September 2, 2002

Running Time: 0:33

Page Title: The Lost Email!



Strong Bad: {singing} Do, du, dadada do, du, dadada do... {stops singing}

STRONG BAD: Uh, gee, Mark, if you're really from England shouldn't you have some kinda unneccessary vowel at the end of your name? {adds an "e" to the end of Mark's name} And what is this "Thank you"? Whatever happened to "Cheers" or "Cheerio" or "Nevermind the Bullocks"? {changes "Thank you" into these words as he says them} Call yourself "English". But anyways, what do I think of the English, huh? Oh, I'll tell you what I think of the English!

{A big red sign with white letters appears across the screen saying "BANNED IN THE UK." Cut to a picture of an issue of The Guardian, which gives the following article about Strong Bad on the front page.}

Strong Bad Offends The Royals!

In this Monday's edition of U.S. based "Strong Bad Email," the title character, Strong Bad, an odd little bloke with a Mexican wrestling mask for a head and boxing gloves for hands made such comments that warranted the Queen to ban the edition from UK shores. Strong Bad has been charged with "verbal crimes against the crown" and the Strong Bad Email, now simply being called the infamous "sbemail22," has been removed from broadcast in both the UK and the States. At a press conference held on Tuesday,

Easter Eggs

  • After the newspaper comes up, click the words "press conference" to see the press conference.

THE ANNOUNCER: Strong Bad, how do you respond to claims that your comment brought the entire royal family to tears?

{The Cheat whispers a response to Strong Bad. Strong Bad clears his throat and speaks into the microphone.}

STRONG BAD: Screw all, y'all.

{Gasps are heard from the crowd.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Cor blimey!

{A black-and-white photograph snaps Strong Bad and The Cheat.}

MAN: {off screen, in a Liverpudlian accent} I can't believe he said that.

(The Paper comes down.)

  • After the press conference, click on the stack of papers to see what The Cheat told Strong Bad.

Fun Facts


  • The reason why this is called "The Lost Email!" is because after The Brothers Chaps made email 21, cartoon, they went ahead and made email 23, little animal, skipping over number 22. Between vacation (#40) and invisibility (#41), The Brothers Chaps made email 22.
  • "Bobby" is English slang for a policeman, hence the joke about a policeman actually named Bobby.
  • The article on cricket is a reference to the rest of the world's stereotyped attitude to the sport of cricket which the English are renowned for embracing.
  • "Some kinda unnecessary vowel at the end" refers to differences between American English and British English (especially archaic British). Examples include words like annexe, programme, shoppe, olde, pointe, towne, and grille, and famous names such as Locke.
  • According to The Guardian: "The King Of Town Eats Treacle". Although the King of Town is known for his proclivity for strange food items, treacle is not all that strange. The word is odd-sounding to American ears, but it's really just molasses.
  • "Bollocks" literally means "testicles" in Britain and Ireland. However, it can also be used in the same general sense as "crap" or "nonsense". That said, Strong Bad misspells it as "bullocks", which refers to young bulls.


  • This is the first email with an Easter egg that opens on the same screen as the Strong Bad email. (However, little animal was the first one that was created that contained such an egg.)
  • This is the shortest Strong Bad email, weighing in at 33 seconds.

Real-World References

  • The song Strong Bad sings in the beginning of the email is from the original Donkey Kong game.
  • "Never Mind the Bullocks" is a reference to the Sex Pistols album of similar name ("Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols"), which was also banned in the UK.
  • The paper that appears is a very faithfully reproduced version of UK broadsheet The Guardian, including references to that paper's supplement, G2. Also referred to are B2, a class of bomber used by the USAF, and F7, a type of rail engine.
  • In the corner of the photo of Strong Bad, a classic London bus can be seen. There is also an advert on the side of it for EasyJet, a British airline.
  • Somebody sounding suspiciously like Ringo Starr says "I can't believe he said that" at the end of the press conference. This could be in reference to the infamous John Lennon quote stating that The Beatles were "bigger than Jesus" and the uproar that ensued.

Fast Forward

  • The Cheat's whispering to Strong Bad is one of the quotes on the "Learn to Speak The Cheat" record in cheat talk. It translates as "Check it out, this is going to be great! Just say, 'Screw all y'all!'"

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