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"On a massive scale that would rival the Aztecs"

Strong Bad Email #97

Strong Bad is asked to create a monument in his own image. He goes on to explain how the arrival of the Thnikkaman distracted him and prevented the completion of the monument.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Bubs/Thnikkaman, Homestar Runner (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Strongbadia, The Field

Date: February 9, 2004

Running Time: 2:06



STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh, traipsing along, traipsing traipsing along, and a email got stuck in my eye.


Hey there Strong Bad!
I was thinking since so many people
and ladies think you're SUPER COOL,
why not build a monument to yourself
for all to enjoy?

Another fan,
Kaitlin G.

STRONG BAD: {typing} I'm assuming the G stands for generally overused girl's first name. Well, generic name, you're really onto something here. Turns out I AM super cool. {He clears his throat.} As for monuments, I already got one. But it's kinda {He clears the screen and continues typing.} only of my right foot. You might know it better as DUN DUN DAAA: The Strongbadia Sign!

{Cut to the Stop Sign, then to a picture of Strong Bad. As he narrates, a diagram of the monument is built.

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Yeah, there were big plans once. It was to be made of the finest materials. On a massive scale that would rival the Aztecs and their...techno-chocolate land.

{Cut back to Compy 386.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Anyways, we lost our funding or public interest waned or something distracted me. Man, what was it? What could possibly have distracted me from {mumbling} humbera hum...

{Cut to Strong Badia, where Strong Bad and The Cheat are building the monument.}

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, The Cheat. That totally looks like my right foot. It's got all the rightness of a foot without all the footdom of a right.

UNSEEN CHORUS: {singing} Here comes the Thnikkaman!!! {These words float across the screen.}

STRONG BAD: No way! Check it out The Cheat. {Strong Bad looks and points off-screen.} It's the Thnikkaman!! {Strong Bad and The Cheat run to meet the Thnikkaman, who is obviously Bubs wearing sunglasses and a "TH" sign taped to his chest.} Hey, Thnikkaman!


STRONG BAD: Can we have some?

THNIKKAMAN: Yeah, okay.

STRONG BAD and THE CHEAT (in Cheat-speak): Thanks, Thnikkaman!

STRONG BAD: {He says this in a low voice, perhaps translating for The Cheat.} Thanks, Thnikkaman.

THNIKKAMAN: Yeah. {takes off his sunglasses} Shut up, kid!

UNSEEN CHORUS: {singing} There goes the Thnikkaman!!! {Now these words float across the screen. Strong Bad and The Cheat look at each other, Strong Bad's mouth is agape.}

{Thnikkaman exits. Cut back to Compy 386.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} So you can see why I got distracted. I'd like to see you stay on task when you're starin' down the barrel of a loaded Thnikkaman. I don't care what you're doin. No one can resist. {not typing} Speakin' of monuments, somebody should make one to the Thnikkaman. Oh the things that man does! Come to think of it, what exactly does that man do? {typing again} Anyways, I'm gonna go try and find some of that Technochocolate. That stuff sounds a-prettypretty good!

{Strong Bad gets up from his seat and leaves. The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on "Thnikkaman" at the end to see Bubs in his Thnikkaman costume with a flashy background dancing to the Thnikkaman theme song.
UNSEEN CHORUS: {singing} {Bubs walks to the left} Here comes the Thnikka— {Bubs walks to the right.} There goes the Thnikka— {Bubs walks to the left.} Here comes the Thnikka— {Bubs walks to the right.} There goes the Thnikka— {Bubs walks to the left.} Here comes the Thnikkaman!
THNIKKAMAN: {faces camera and removes sunglasses} Yeah, shut up, kid!
  • Click on "I don't care what you're doing" at the end to see Homestar Runner being distracted by the Thnikkaman.
{Cut to the field. Homestar Runner is holding a pair of trousers.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, I'll just, uh, put these pants on—
UNSEEN CHORUS: {singing} Here comes the Thnikkaman!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, Thnikkaman. It's the Thnikkaman.
{He drops the trousers and runs off to the left.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {He pokes his head back onscreen, singing.} Here comes the Thnikkaman!
  • Click on "technochocolate" at the end to hear Strong Bad and The Cheat do a chocolate version of Techno. The Cheat throws a one-man lightswitch rave.

Fun Facts


  • During the "technochocolate" Easter egg, the tiny sign above the lower light switch that The Cheat uses says: "The Cheat," as his switch in techno does.


  • Strong Bad forgets his period after "distracted" when he says, "So you can see why I got distracted."
  • The Enter-sound when Strong Bad cuts the e-mail away to answer it does not play completely. It has a dead end.
  • When Homestar is about to put on the pants, his legs are placed in the wrong place.

Inside References

  • Some of the things comprising Strong Bad's monument are from other toons: the "Pie Factory" is from stunt double, the palm tree is from island, and the toilet paper and the fake afro (from Homestar's John McEnroe costume) are from 3 Times Halloween Funjob.
  • The fact that Homestar is attempting to put on pants and then, after being distracted, doesn't put them on, is in reference to the ongoing joke about Homestar not wearing any pants (which is discussed in long pants).

Real-World References

  • Techno-chocolate-land is an attempt to pronounce Tenochtitlan, the capitol city and religious center of the ancient Aztecs (actually pronounced teh-nohtch-tee-TLAHN), built on what is now Mexico City.
    • Also, it could come from a naive description of Aztec life. They were known to be technologically advanced for their time, and they were also the first to discover and grow chocolate (cacao).
  • Big Green Egg is a combination ceramic barbecue/meat smoker.

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