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w00t! 1,500 views!!


Welcome to my user page!!

SamSF%20sig.jpgFisher (Come in, Lambert.)

Just like you, I'm a devoted Homestar Runner fan. Here's a little bit about me. For one thing, my real name isn't Sam Fisher, it's Ryan Turner. I'm 15 years old and still love Homestar, and that says a lot. I found HRWiki through a Google search after seeing Bug in Mouth Disease. I then ran an image search for The Blue Ones and the first search result led to HRWiki. Since then, I've used the wiki for all my Homestar knowledge-based needs. I joined the Recent Changes patrol hoping that I can help make sure visitors find HRWiki as useful as I did. I'm proud to be a part of what makes a wiki a wiki. (Applause)

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  • I love video games. (Don't we all?) One of my favorite video game series is Fire Emblem.
  • Programming. Not like professional programming, but things like making movie trailers on my computer and little games on TI calculators.
  • Homestar Runner, obviously.
  • Cinnamon rolls. They're freakin' awesome.


  • Favorite Character: Somewhere between The Cheat on coolness and Homsar on hilarity or something.
  • Favorite Toon/Short: Experimental Film
  • Favorite Strong Bad Email: Long Pants
  • Favorite Quote: (Halloween Fairstival) KING OF TOWN: Sure! You gotta feed and feed the hiccups until they mature into liver failure! And then...

Major Contribs

Contributing users:
link_icon.gifThe Joe(Talk) — expanding the Appearances section
Venusy — getting better image and some gnome work
It's dot com — improving image and gnome work
DorianGray and SaltyTalk! — gnome work
  • Creating 23 Main Page redirects. (In 10 minutes! That's the fastest I've ever typed in my life... and a special thanks to Firefox!)
  • Creating the 40 sbemail redirects for the Tandy 400 emails. (Took 18 minutes, which is slightly slower than before...)
  • Transcribing the chair

Current Status

Thanks to Jeppo (TLC) for the thought boxes and wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) for the stress meter.

Got FF VI Advance! Yep, still an FF freak.
Longest word ever.
MAN I need a next-gen(this-gen?) console!!
  • What's up?
    • My wedsite is coming alive, almost! =D Check it out!
    • Wow, I have to actually make a To Do list now! I feel important. :)

To Do

Optimize Featured Articles for 2007; possible candidates for Spoken articles. If you want to pitch in, please do not hesitate!

  1. Image:Done.gif Aliases Used in Prank Calls
  2. File:Todo.gif Strong Bad Lore
  3. File:Todo.gif 1-Up
  4. File:Todo.gif Secret Pages
  5. File:Todo.gif Ye Flask
  6. File:Todo.gif Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer
  7. File:Todo.gif Everything Else
  8. File:Todo.gif Bug in Mouth Disease
  9. File:Todo.gif Homestar Quiz
  10. File:Todo.gif Fortune Cookies
  11. File:Todo.gif Audition with Marzipan
  12. File:Todo.gif Homestar Talker
  13. File:Todo.gif Hairstyle Runnerleft off in Real-World References at the "That guy from Office Space" fact
  14. Image:Done.gif Strong Libs
  15. Image:Done.gif Dancin' Bubs
  16. Image:Done.gif Stinkomanalready spoken
  17. Image:Done.gif Cold Onemay still require some attention

Random Stuff

Random Image Or Something

Mastiffcompany.JPG It's not really a sighting, but this does come to mind.

Random Link

  • 21 February 2007Megatokyo — A hilarious webcomic drawn in manga style. I really can't say much here without spoiling the story, so you'll have to see for yourself. Also, check out the author's art website at
  • Random Link Archive: view old Random Links.


Check out my Quotes subpage!

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