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[edit] Last (and I mean LAST) update: 21 February 2007

[edit] 7 August 2006

Xiao Xiao Movies — Slow loads, but awesome stick figure fights! I recommend No.3.

[edit] 21 August 2006

The Super Flash Brothers — Really just a directory; all the movies and games are hosted on Newgrounds. I recommend the Decline of Video Gaming series, mainly to game fans because I'm one myself... ^_^;

[edit] 25 August 2006

VGCats — Not even a Flash site, and still worth seeing. No recommendations; there's a lot to see and pretty much all of it is good. Chris Boe is working on a Flash animation series starring the cats, click here to see the first episode; that's all there is for now.

[edit] 2 September 2006

GotOrioN — A cornucopourri of Flash toons and games from around the net. This site includes a featured video, Flash toon and game that changes daily.

[edit] 9 September 2006

Legendary Frog — (Now in blue!) Old site was redirected here as of Sept 4, 2006. I recommend anything in the Video Game Parodies section as well as "One Ring to Rule Them All".

[edit] 9 September 2006

The Swain — Not much to say; a well-designed Flash site with hilarious toons. I recommend the Blockhead series.

[edit] 2 October 2006

DragonFable — A rather new web RPG website. This game is adveritsed on several other sites, including Newgrounds. There is more to Artix than this one game; links to their other games can be found on this homepage.

[edit] 7 October 2006

OverClocked ReMix — The "Unofficial Game Music Arrangement Community". Good site for downloading remixed video game music. Also links to and

[edit] 15 October 2006

SonicFolle — Sonic the Hedgehog-themed Webcomic site created and managed by RFalcon. Be sure to join his forum!

[edit] 1 December 2006

Will It Blend? — "Will it blend? That is the question." Ever wonder what shredded Thanksgiving dinner really looks like? How about a DVD with popcorn and a Coke in a blender? Yes, it blends!

[edit] 21 February 2007

Megatokyo — A hilarious webcomic drawn in manga style. I really can't say much here without spoiling the story, so you'll have to see for yourself. Also, check out the author's art website at

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