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In the Homestar Runner universe, many minor drinks periodically appear.

General Minor Beverages

Image Description Appearances
Thinnest can around!
Bull Honkey is an energy drink, and a clear spoof of Red Bull. The can, advertised as the "Thinnest can around!", sports a head of a crazed red bull and the words "Caffeinergy sauce" - a portmanteau of "caffeine" and "energy". The Cheat procures eighty-something cases (or 204 cans) of it in the email road trip. The name comes from record book, where one of the records is "Longest Bull Honkey". road trip, Strong Badia the Free, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Differently Lame! Coach Z Ale is a brand of (presumably alcoholic) ale that is either produced or endorsed by Coach Z. This "Differently Lame!" beverage may be a competitor of the Cold One. The black-and-white ad for Coach Z Ale is printed on a scroll and features Coach Z with a top hat (normally, he wears a backwards baseball cap) proudly holding a bottle of the Ale, along with two blades of wheat and the product slogan. time capsule
"Hot WHAT?" Hot jones, a popular wintertime beverage, is a steaming white liquid with red sprinkles in it. It may possibly be a coffee drink topped with whipped cream. A Death-Defying Decemberween
"Hope it's not too late!" Strong Bad served Hot Choco! to the other characters to fulfill the conditions of his parole. It appears to be a brand of hot chocolate with marshmallows. A Death-Defying Decemberween
The Medium soy latte with carob sprinkles is briefly mentioned drink from Limozeen Live!. Limozeen Live!
Melt Shake
Homestar says he left a jumbo/LARGE Melt Shake in the Gremlin "a week or month ago". By the time Strong Bad discovers it under the passenger seat, it has almost eaten through the cup. In a Quote of the Week, the Melt Shake was used as the "face" of the singers who sing "Jammin' Tunes". road trip, hygiene, Blubb-O's Commercial (mentioned)
Or as we call it around the office, P-Nade Piemonade is composed of a slice of pie stuck in a glass of lemonade with lots of ice cubes in it. Around The Office it is known as p-nade. It may be related to Melonade. other days
Three "fines" of ground muddy goodness Super Mud is a product mentioned in the Strong Bad Email date. It is apparently a type of liquified dirt — packaged in a coffee can — that has a high degree of quality, or at least possesses some exceptional trait. While on a date with Marzipan, Homestar Runner unwittingly drank a mug full of Super Mud (with which Strong Bad had switched his gourmet coffee) and immediately spat it onto his girlfriend's face. After Strong Bad witnessed this occurrence on his New Secret Security Camera Monitor, he was heartily amused: "Marzipan's gotta face fulla Super Mud and I'm feelin' fine." date
Oh my, Suudsu! Suudsu (pronounced SUD-zoo) is The Cheat's favorite bedtime snack. He needs it to fall asleep at night, along with "The Denzel" and other rigamarole. Strong Bad has also taken to it, describing it as "Pure Genius!" and "G-E-W-D, gewd". Some mornings The Cheat, if he is still alive after being subjected to bug bombs, will fix Strong Bad and Strong Mad a big pitcher of this delicious concoction. Simply pour skim milk into a glass and add gummy bears. Pure genius! bedtime story
A tall glass of frosty root beer! When Strong Bad went to the Storybook universe, Tiny-Handed Strong Bad attempted to dig to China with his ears, while our present-day hero "maxed and relaxed". Tiny-Handed Strong Bad "struck it rich" when he found a tall glass of frosty root beer. Old Timey Strong Bad appeared and, calling it a "Sarsparilla swimming hole", jumped into it. alternate universe
Step right up to get your SB20! SB2O is a water brand sold by Homestar Runner in the email rough copy. It's Strong Bad flavored water according to Strong Bad. Homestar sold it at The Field. He claims it is "bottled at the source" and "pure as a mountain goat." The name is a play on H2O. SB2O would actually be a polyatomic ion composed of Sulfur, Boron, and Oxygen. Strong Bad and The Cheat sued Homestar for trademark infringement by throwing water balloons at him. Homestar sponsored another drink called "Malinko Drinko" at the end of the email, which he claims is "crystal clear like domestic beer". rough copy
One of the many strange drink products in the world of Free Country, USA is L'Chaim brand Kosher Tea. Marzipan is the only character known to drink it. Since it is Kosher, it must meet strict regulations imposed by the Jewish religion. "L'Chaim" is a Hebrew toast meaning "cheers", or more literally, "to life". This is a play on words, however, since L'chaim contains the word "chai", which is a popular kind of tea. looking old
"Hey, man. We need you to put these wine coolers down your pants... er, down your headband."
Wine Coola is a alchoholic beverage that one of the Blue Lazors said needed shove down Fightgar's headband. Commandos in the Classroom

Not Quite "Drinks"

Image Description Appearances
"Gotta get those omega-3s!" Cut Me Some Flax! (seed oil) is a brand of vegetable oil made with the seeds of flax. Marzipan pours it into a bowl of unknown contents in order to add omega-3s. Quality Time
"...to the MOOOOOOON!" Strong Bad claims that both he and The Cheat once got drunk off of soy sauce (presumably in an unaired email), causing them both to do strange things with Bubs' Concession Stand (Strong Bad thought he could fly it to the moon, and The Cheat tried to eat it). Based on the bottle design, the soy sauce appears to be Kikkoman brand. personal favorites

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