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Gather 'round!

Decemberween Food is traditionally prepared and consumed around the festive time of Decemberween. They can be prepared from scratch or purchased in large family sized cans.


[edit] Foods

[edit] Gravied Yams

This consists of yams that have been whipped into a gravy.

[edit] Stuffinged Ham

This is made from a ham, diced and used as a stuffing, then served separately from what it was stuffed into. It also looks like gravy. It is very uncouth to bogart it.

[edit] Roast Bunny

"I wish this one was supersized."

It is unclear if Roast Bunny is a common Decemberween dish or if it is enjoyed only by The King of Town. The practice seems to be widespread enough for it to be mentioned in the Decemberween Song and for Marzipan to create protest signs against it.

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