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'''Icon:''' Bowling ball and pin  
'''Icon:''' Bowling ball and pin  
'''Page title:''' "The Comeback Kid!! Also known as Homestar Runner!"
'''Page Title:''' The Comeback Kid!! Also known as Homestar Runner!
==Button Effects==
==Button Effects==

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Mr. 300!

Homestar Runner is in a bowling alley.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Places: A bowling alley

Icon: Bowling ball and pin

Page Title: The Comeback Kid!! Also known as Homestar Runner!


Button Effects

  • Toons — A bowling ball with Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstrat" stripe scheme bowls a strike.
  • Games — A watermelon-colored bowling ball gets a 7-10 split. Scroll again and the ball hits both pins for a spare.
  • Characters — The lights dim, some lighting effects come on, and "The System is Down" is played.
  • Downloads — Homestar holds a ball that looks like Strong Bad's head, twirls it and puts it back.
  • Store — A bowling ball that looks like a globe falls through the floor.
  • E-mail — The globe ball rolls down the gutter.

Fun Facts


  • The 7-10 split, as seen in the "games" option, is the hardest spare to pull off in bowling.


  • For a while a sample from Renegade Master by Fatboy Slim was played when "Characters" was rolled over. (See Secret Pages for the loop.)


  • When you scroll on Store, the falling bowling ball makes no sound.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The 4-pointed stars on the back wall are similar to the stars seen in the main bowling alley in The Big Lebowski.

Fast Forward

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