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"I showed up to be on your team, Strong Bad."

On the episode Cult Classics Redux of Screenland, The Brothers Chaps talk about the making of Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold and give insight on the inner working of the Homestar Runner body of work and how it came to be. A 2-minute extra, Homestar Plays Himself, was also released, in which Homestar Runner and Mike Chapman play the unfinished Homestar Runner RPG.

Running Time: 24:34 (Cult Classics Redux), 1:45 (Homestar Plays Himself), 1:44 (Easter egg)

Page title (Easter egg): Slash slash slash!


[edit] Description

[edit] Cult Classics Redux

The internet cartoon "Homestar Runner" and the kid's television show Knightmare both have huge cult followings
that go back decades. Now both are receiving modern day tributes, a testament to their impact on pop culture.

[edit] Homestar Plays Himself

Homestar Runner, of internet cult sensation "Homestar Runner" fame, plays an unreleased video game
starring...Homestar Runner.

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • At about 19:21 into Cult Classics Redux, can be seen on a whiteboard. Going to that URL brought up the following video:
{A clapper loader comes into focus, held by someone}
WOMAN: Run it?
MATT: Yep.
WOMAN: {indecipherable} take one. {Claps the clapper loader. Cut to Matt holding two markers.}
MATT: Hope no one has to use these things. {puts the markers up in his mouth, like tusks, and clears his throat}
MIKE: So, yeah, there's no lines, —
MATT: {in a low, gravelly Dijjery Doo voice} It'll work. Hello, Strong Bad, I— {Mike laughs} I showed up to be on your team, Strong Bad. {says a few more indecipherable things, then the left marker falls out of his mouth; both laugh}
MIKE: That should happen a lot. {Matt laughs, and his other marker falls} His tooth— his tooth should just fall out every scene. {Matt bends over to pick up the markers, still laughing}
{Cut to a re-take of Matt voicing Dijjery Doo. He puts the markers in his mouth again.}
MATT: Um. {in a high-pitched voice} Oh. Hello.
MIKE: {undecipherable}
MATT: {high-pitched and excited voice} Yeah! This is great, Strong Bad! This is— this is gonna be great! {normal voice} Does that sound— that's like, uh, Humidibot.
MIKE: Yeah, that is a little bit like Humidibot— less, uh, sloshing in saliva.
MATT: {Makes some deep gurgling sounds, then says something indecipherable. He leans over and his right marker falls out. He takes the other one out.}
MIKE: {indecipherable}
MATT: ...this is really hard. I'm gonna try caps. Caps up.
MIKE: Okay.
MATT: {turns the markers right-side-up and puts them back in his mouth, putting his upper lip over the marker caps} I think I can get— yeah, 'cause...!
MIKE: Give you some grip! You got a little something to hold on to, yeah.
MATT: Some tooth. Some tooth.
{Cut to Matt re-adjusting the markers}
MATT: I don't know.
MIKE: Or what if you just tried to talk normal like that? What's, like, the...
MATT: Just me?
MIKE: Well, yeah, yeah— -ish.
MATT: {in a fairly normal voice, but sounding more like Dijjery Doo} Hey— hey Strong Bad, I hear— I signed up, real great, to get on your team.
MIKE: {imitating Strong Bad} Do the— shoot him down, come on, Dijjery Doo! Give me something!
MATT: {as Dijjery Doo} I'm trying, I'm trying really hard. But I have these tusks that keep— {tilts his head far to the side and yells in frustration as his marker tusk falls out again; he straightens up and removes the other marker} Come on!
MIKE: You've got hands.
MATT: {both laugh} I know! I'm pretending that I have puppets, I guess...
{Cut to a scene with Dijjery Doo in the storybook field, talking with Matt's sound clip}
DIJJERY DOO: {tusks clacking together} I'm trying, I'm trying really hard. But I have these tusks that keep— {yells in frustration as his left tusk falls out; claps a hand to his forehead}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Inside References

  • Puppet Strong Bad calls Mike a pile, and later refers to the script as a steaming pile.
  • The Negative Zone is where Stinkoman 20X6 Level -0 takes place.

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