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Video Type: Social Media Compilation
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"I will do it nine times!"

Compilation of videos from social media and PAX East, demonstrating The Brothers Chaps' Homestar-themed microgames made with the Nintendo game WarioWare D.I.Y.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Dangeresque, Bozar, The Jolly Dumple, Trogdor, Rather Dashing, Strong Bad

Places: Outer Space, Crazy Go Nuts University, Peasantry, Smoky Office, The Field

Date: Monday, May 4, 2020

Running Time: 2:11


[edit] Transcript

{The video opens on a blurred shot of The Field with yellow text that reads "WarioWare D.I.Y. Styles" slowly approaching the screen as a jingle plays.}

[edit] Become a MAN

{The WarioWare screen pops up, yielding to a microgame giving the command "Become a MAN". A sleepy Homestar Runner in a night cap is holding a jar of cinnamon. The jar is clicked by a hand, sprinkling it onto Homestar's chin with a "POOF," a "PAFF," and finally a "PUFF." When done three times, Homestar's chin is stubbled, his eyes brighten up, and confetti falls down. Wario approves.}

[edit] Jump in Car!

{The next game's command is "Jump in Car!". A silhouette of Dangeresque is standing on a silhouetted building against a yellow-orange-red gradient sky. The Gremlin is parked below. There is an X on the street. Strong Bad jumps off the building onto the X before the Gremlin begins driving and crashes onto the street below. Wario groans at the failure.}

{Game restarts. The gremlin backfires and starts going. Dangeresque jumps off the building and lands safely in the car. Wario approves as the car drives off.}

[edit] Shoot Eyes!

{The next game's command is "Shoot Eyes!". A giant Bozar hangs in space as the Limozeen Space Machine is flying and fires several lightning-shaped blasts at Bozar. One hits the eyes, causing Bozar to flash red and small explosions appear on his body.}

[edit] GO DUMPLES!!

{The next game's command is "GO DUMPLES!!". The Jolly Dumple is dancing next to the CGNU scoreboard. An NES, boombox, and trophy appear on the field. A golf club moves back and forth, smashing the objects. The boombox is hit twice and breaks in half. Wario approves.}

[edit] Trogdor

{The next game has no command. Trogdor is breathing fire at a thatched-roof cottage in the shape of four star-shaped flames. A WarioWare version of the Trogdor theme plays. Nothing happens. Wario groans.}

[edit] Jump Roofs!

{The next game's command is "Jump Roofs!" A silhouetted Dangeresque is running on a silhouetted skyline against a purple sky. Windows on the buildings are illuminated in yellow. He runs off the building and tumbles, but lands back up. Wario says "bye bye". Dangeresque does a running jump off the next building, but fails to land on the one in front of him, tumbling down below. Wario steams at the failure.}

[edit] Cross river!

{The next game's command is "Cross river!" Rather Dashing is walking toward a river in Peasantry as Peasant's Quest music plays. The words "bridge", "pinecone", "get" and "build" are floating above. "Get" and "Pinecone" are selected. A window reading "You got a pinecone & then fell in the river You dead." appears as Rather Dashing falls in the river and drowns.}

{Game restarts. This time, "Build" and "Pinecone" is selected. A window appears reading "Build a pinecone? That's your big plan? You dead." Rather Dashing drowns again. Wario groans.}

{Game restarts. This time, "Build" and "Bridge" is selected. A bridge appears on the river and Rather Dashing crosses safely with fanfare. He does a victory dance as a window reading "Somehow you make a bridge even though you failed out of bridgemaking school." appears. Wario approves.}

[edit] Smoky Office

{The next game has no command, and takes place in Dangeresque's office. The hanging lamp swings. Nothing happens. Wario groans.}

[edit] BURNINATE!!

{The next game's command is "BURNINATE!!". Trogdor is on a wooden table with three board game tiles and two dice. The tile in the center is green, while the other two tiles are burninated. Trogdor music plays. When the tile is clicked, Trogdor moves and breathes fire, burning the tile. The tile flips over to the blackened side. Trogdor stands on the tile with chomping noises. Wario approves.}

[edit] Don't drown!

{The next game's command is "Don't drown!" Rather Dashing is walking past two cows on a cliff. The words "meat", "cows", "talk" and "hold" float in the air. "Hold cows" is picked, and a window reading "Holding cows isn't how mama raised you. You dead." appears as Rather Dashing walks off the cliff in to the water below.}

{Game restarts. This time, "talk meat" is picked. The window reads "Meat doesn't have ears." Rather Dashing drowns again.}

{Game restarts. "Talk cows" is picked. The window reads "The Cows tell you not to walk off the cliff. You don't listen." Rather Dashing drowns again.}

{Game restarts. "Hold meat" is picked. Rather Dashing stops and holds up meat. A window reads "A bold eagle flies down and snatches the meat. Hold on!" Rather Dashing is picked up and carried away by a large bird.}

[edit] Nine Times!

{The next game's command is "Nine Times!" Strong Bad jumps up to kick Homestar Runner in the face. Each time he does, Homestar says "ow!" and a number appears below. When 9 appears, Homestar's head disappears in smoke and Strong Bad does a smiling victory dance with majesty. Wario approves.}

{The "WarioWare D.I.Y. Styles" title screen is shown at the end.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • WarioWare D.I.Y. is a video game released for the Nintendo DS in 2009, starring the Mario character Wario as part of the WarioWare series. The game lets players create their own "microgames", the franchise's signature rapid-fire minigames. The videos are shown in the companion WiiWare title WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase, which content from the Nintendo DS game can be transferred to and from via wireless connection.

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this compilation is "Almost 10 years too late, Mike and Matt decided to make mini games with WarioWare D.I.Y. Here are the rotting fruits of their efforts!"
  • These videos have previously been shown elsewhere:
    • "Shoot Eyes!" was shown in a February 11, 2018 Tweet.
    • "Nine Times!" was shown in a March 1, 2018 Tweet.
    • "Become a MAN" was shown in a March 9, 2018 Instagram post (albeit with the name "CINNABEARD!!" and no confetti) and a March 29, 2018 Tweet.
    • "Jump in Car!", "GO DUMPLES!!", Trogdor, "Jump Roofs!", "Cross river!", Smoky Office, "BURNINATE!!", and "Don't drown!" were first shown at PAX East in 2018.
  • "MAKEROMANCE!", as well as the incomplete StrongBadZone and Thy Dungeonman microgames shown at PAX East, are not compiled here.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • An eagle picking up Rather Dashing is similar to one collecting King Graham in Sierra's King's Quest V.

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