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Hello and welcome to my LEGITIMATE USER PAAAAAGE! This page. Yeah. Still in the editing process.



[edit] Favorite Quotes

"I like music. ...and cloth." - What's-her-face (Teen Girl Squad Issue 12)

"TECH-NO-LOG-I-CAL RO-MANCE!" - Strong Bad (Teen Girl Squad Issue 12)

"The good times are over!" - Homestar (Bug In Mouth Disease)

"I guess I never really used it all that much. After I put on all this weight, I could only hover a couple of two or three inches off the ground anyways." - Bubs (lunch special)

"I am legally obligated to ask you to proceed." - Strong Bad (looking old)

"And I'm the mayonaise, 'cuase I'm as smart as peanuts!" - Homestar (Summer Short Shorts)

"Take a trip to the mooouuntains!" - Marshie (retirement)

"Hide some in your pocket for SECRET EATING!" - Marshie (Meet Marshie)

"Kick you in the grill!" - Bubs (replacement)

"DELORTED!" - Coach Z (replacement)

"We just call that one blue." - Marzipan (coloring)

"I WANT PRESENTS! I WANT PRESENTS!" - The Ugly One (Teen Girl Squad Issue 6)

"Let's see... Lion's mouth plus Decemberween present divided by peer pressure times height equals... TRIPLE SALCHOW!" So-and-So (Teen Girl Squad Issue 6)

"Oh, now here's somethin' that doesn't appear to be makin' fun of me. It's the Pam Pam b'loon!" - Coach Z (Fall Float Parade)

"You say tomater, I zader matermorts." - Coach Z (Fall Float Parade)

"Oh, I can handle it, why I can even swear a cuss myself! A-hem. Diaper biscuits." - Reynold (Commandos in the Classroom)

"I think my rhymes are truly broke. Broke broke broke broke broke broke broke!" - Crackotage (Commandos in the Classroom)

"Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!" - Homsar (Fall Float Parade)

"Hey, my birthday was last week. I don't see anyone making any Stinkoman shaped pancakes!" - Stinkoman (Happy Trogday)

"Andy H-S-I-A-O, and sometimes Y..." -Strong Bad (looking old)

...with more to come.

[edit] Top 5 Favorite Characters In Thier Respective Order and Why

My very favorite character.

1. Bubs

-Bubs is my Verah Favorite Charactah. His jokes aren't usually based around anything except the topic at hand, and the occasional Concession Stand Joke, which are usually subtle. On a side note, I've been told I imitate him quite well.

2. Coach Z

-Although most of his jokes are infact based around his accent, some of them are hilarious. One of my favorites is in Welcome Back when Coach Z says "Come on Glorten camp!" and in 3 Times Halloween Funjob when he says "Trick or Trort!" and then Bubs says "C'mon, man!" and then Coach Z replies with "Okay, Trick or Treat."

3. Homsar

-Homsar is the most random character on the site, in my opinion. Constant incoherent babbling is, for some reason, a total plus in my book. His derby hat's movements are funny, as well, especially the totally random spinning or moving around in shapes and patterns and stuff.

4. Marzipan

-Marzipan's old hippie-ish jokes are still hilarious, her other jokes are hilarious, and even her Halloween Costumes are funny. The funniest part of her character in my opinion is her on-the-rocks relationship with Homestar. ...which is the perfect segway for...

5. Homestar

-Homestar is entirely stupid and dumb and pretty funny. His "ignorance is bliss" policy jokes always crack me up and...that's about it.

Honorable Mention:

6. Strong Bad

-Woah, I'm probably one of the only members who's top 5 favorite characters didn't include Strong Bad. He's really funny and you just want to watch emails over and over again...but there's a few of his jokes out there that I couldn't stand to hear again.

The other characters I don't really care for. Strong Sad might be next, but his jokes get old kinda fast. The Cheat's personality is really straightforward and I don't really like his total in-your-face-edness. Next is Pom-Pom, who turned into a secondary character, which I don't like. Next is the King Of Town, who's meat jokes get old. Next might be Strong Mad...not my favorite...yeah. Last would be the Poopsmith, who has little personality.

[edit] I am...

I'm Pom-Pom. ...but the image went Red X'd. Yeah. Pom-Pom.

[edit] Emails I sent

Just for the record, here I will record all the emails I sent. (Note: Any mispellings done purposely)

1.what would happen

D-E-A-R S-T-R-O-N-G B-A-D,

hello i was wondering if what wuld happen if all of the people u made fun of magically disapeared

from lightbulb

[edit] Unofficial Quote of the Day

Credit to Venusy, used with permission from Doriangray . All rights reserved 'n' stuff.


Updated Mostdays.

[edit] Past Quotes

Quote From
Homestar Runner:Extra-size, Pom Pom! Lemme see ya pour on that extra sauce! That strangest man in the world contest ain't gonna win itself! Strongest Man in the World Contest
Doreauxgard:Well, that was hilarious. (Special April Fools Edition) dna evidence
The King of Town:Had a head like a big ol', round ol', red ol', nasty ol' egg, and hands like biscuit dough! Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Homestar Runner:This juice box is gonna roast up good and plenty! Dark and lovely! Bed, Bath, and Be-yond! 4 branches
Bubs:Hey, Bubs... this is Marzipan! Oh, snap! I mean... hey, Marzipan, this is Bubs! Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 7.0
So-and-So:I love the Mall. I wish the mall could be my ringtone. Teen Girl Squad Issue 11
Old-Timey Strong Bad:Says here in the news-papper that the encapturement of the new apparition garners a top reward of 26 and one pennies. That A Ghost
Strong Bad:I'm gonna go interrogate the toilet for about eight minutes. See if he knows anything. Happy Hallow-day
Fightgar:Ah-ha ha ha! You're deep-dish! Ah-ha ha! And you've got extra cheese! Ah-ha ha ha ha! Oh, pepperoni! Commandos in the Classroom
Distorted Coach Z:Strong Bad had me over for Gumbo one night, and I don't know what kind of doodoo meat he was using in there, but I had to puke! couch patch
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