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Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki!

Hello there, and welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki, a collaborative resource documenting all things Homestar Runner! As you are a speaker of LANGUAGE, we want to extend a special welcome to you! While all of our articles are written in English, we have some volunteers who have translated several Homestar Runner toons so that you can watch them with subtitles in your language! One of our goals here is to bring Homestar Runner to an international audience, so we're glad you found this page and hope that it will help you enjoy our favorite Internet cartoon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, in either English or LANGUAGE. Also, please note that while this article is in LANGUAGE, pretty much all links in this article lead to other pages written in English.


[edit] An introduction to Homestar Runner

Strong Mad, Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner (often abbreviated as HR, HSR or H*R) is primarily an animated Flash cartoon available through, created in 1999 by Mike and Matt Chapman.

The cartoons nominally center on the character Homestar Runner, a somewhat dim but goodhearted athlete. The character Strong Bad, however, is often more popular among fans, mostly through his near-weekly updates of Strong Bad Email, short cartoons in which he answers actual viewer email. Strong Bad works closely with his sidekick The Cheat and uses his brother Strong Mad as the muscle in his operations. Together, the three prey on Strong Bad's awkward and constantly depressed brother Strong Sad. Many of the site's features—music, games, main pages, etc.—are based on things from the Strong Bad Emails.

Several other characters fill out the world: Homestar's environmentalist girlfriend Marzipan, whose answering machine is a frequent target for prank callers, Homestar's best friend Pom Pom, their verbally-challenged coach Coach Z, local concession stand owner Bubs, The King of Town, and his Poopsmith. Rounding out the cast is Homsar, an odd-speaking character created on account of (and in mockery of) a poorly-written email to Strong Bad. Many of these characters have alternate versions.

Another popular feature on the website is Strong Bad's crudely drawn comic series Teen Girl Squad. The comic parodies four archetypal high-school girls and their equally archetypal quest for attractiveness, popularity, and love, which is continually frustrated by their violent deaths in every episode.

The website, built mostly out of Flash animations, is filled with hidden Easter eggs: if a certain area on the page is mouse-clicked at the right time, an additional cartoon or screen will appear. For example, in the Strong Bad Email studying, viewers can view a hidden Web page about a book that Strong Bad mentions. Also, at the end of the e-mail vacation, you can click on one of five postcards to hear what Strong Bad thinks of the particular place he has visited.

Nearly every Monday, some sort of update, such as a short, a longer cartoon, a Strong Bad email, an online Flash game, or real-life merchandise like DVDs and action figures, is added to the website.

[edit] How to watch toons with subtitles

The recommended way to watch the subtitles is using the Greasemonkey All-in-one script. You need to install Firefox and Greasemonkey for this. This script will give you the option to automatically display subtitles when you watch Homestar Runner cartoons. For installation and setup instructions for this script, see below.

If you don't want to install anything on your computer, you can use our local viewer to watch most subtitled toons.

Once you've decided whether to install the All-in-one script or use the local viewer, you can visit the list of toons with LANGUAGE subtitles to select a toon to watch. Any toon on this page has been translated into LANGUAGE. If you've installed the Greasemonkey script, click "play" next to the name of the toon to watch it, or click "local viewer" if you want to use the local viewer. If you would like to watch toons without translated subtitles, you can find them at the toons menu at

[edit] Instructions for using the Greasemonkey All-in-one script

If you choose to view Homestar Runner toons with subtitles in your Firefox browser (recommended), then read this section for full instructions for installation and use.

[edit] Installation

First, make sure that you have installed both Firefox and Greasemonkey on your computer.

Then, just click on this link to install the script.

To upgrade a new version when it's updated, just click the install link again – it'll automatically replace the old version. The script will automatically check for updates for you if the option is enabled.

[edit] Configuring preferences

The preferences menu

Once you've installed the script, navigate to You should see an icon in the upper left-hand corner of the window. Click this to bring up a preferences menu — it should look similar to the one at the right.

The next section will explain what each option does. If you just want to activate subtitles, skip down to 7—Show subtitles.

1—Resize flash to full-screen (Resize flash to full-screen)
Choosing this option will enable you to maximize the size of the Flash player to fill your browser window, rather than view it at its original, smaller size.
1a—Show outside-the-frame action (Show outside-the-frame action)
Choosing this option will remove the black border from the toon and show you some extra animation unintended for viewers.
2—Show seek bar (Show seek bar)
Choosing this option will activate a seek bar below the flash player, enabling you to skip to any point in a toon.
2a—Show frame counter on seek bar (Show frame counter on seek bar)
Choosing this option will create a display on the seek bar showing you the current frame of the toon and the total number of frames.
3—Add HRWiki link (Add HRWiki link)
Choosing this option will add a link in the upper right-hand corner of your browser which will lead to an article on this wiki about the toon you're watching.
4—Show previous/next buttons (Show previous/next buttons)
Choosing this option will add links in the lower left-hand and lower right-hand corners of your browser that will link to the previous and next toons in the series, respectively.
4a—Check if next exists (Check if next exists)
Choosing this option makes the script check to see if the next Strong Bad Email exists when you are viewing one.
5—Turn everything upside-down (Turn everything upside-down)
Choosing this option will flip the toons upside-down, as they appeared on April Fools' 2006.
6—Plain HTML navbar (Plain HTML navbar)
Choosing this option will replace the navbar below the flash player with an HTML version that has the same links. With this option, you can specify which categories of toons from which you want the "rando" link to select a random toon.
6a—Include Big Toons in rando (Include Big Toons in rando)
Choosing this option will include Big Toons in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
6b—Include Shorts in rando (Include Shorts in rando)
Choosing this option will include Shorts in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
6c—Include Holiday toons in rando (Include Holiday toons in rando)
Choosing this option will include Holiday toons in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
6d—Include Puppet Stuff in rando (Include Puppet Stuff in rando)
Choosing this option will include Puppet Stuff in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
6e—Include Powered by The Cheat in rando (Include Powered by The Cheat in rando)
Choosing this option will include Powered by the Cheat toons in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
6f—Include Strong Bad Emails in rando (Include Strong Bad Emails in rando)
Choosing this option will include Strong Bad Emails in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
6g—Include Answering Machine in rando (Include Answering Machine in rando)
Choosing this option will include Marzipan Answering Machines in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
6h—Include Teen Girl Squad in rando (Include Teen Girl Squad in rando)
Choosing this option will include Teen Girl Squad toons in the pool from which the "rando" link selects a random toon.
7—Show subtitles (Show subtitles)
Choosing this option will enable subtitles for the toon you are watching, if they exist. If someone has translated subtitles for that toon, they will then automatically appear after you click Save and Apply. If no subtitles have been translated for that toon, none will appear. This will also add a link in the upper right-hand corner of your browser leading to the subtitles' code page on the wiki.
7a—Subtitle Language (Subtitle Language)
Click the arrow on this menu to select LANGUAGE from the drop-down list.
7b—Show captions (Show captions)
This option shows subtitles for important sound effects, as well as for speech. It is intended to make viewing easier for the hard of hearing.
7c—Use colours (Use colours)
Choosing this option will cause different characters' lines to appear in different colors.
7d—Show speakers' names (Show speakers' names)
This menu has three options: (i) "Never" ("Never"), (ii) "On voiceovers" ("On voiceovers"), and (iii) "Always" ("Always"). Select the option that corresponds to the circumstances in which you would like a character's name to appear alongside his lines.
7e—Test subtitles script (Test subtitles script)
This option is for writers of subtitles only. If you check it, a larger box will appear in which you can paste your own subtitles script to override any ones already defined for that toon. In this way, translators can test their subtitles without editing the subtitles page on the wiki.
8—Check for updates (Check for updates)
This option will make the script regularly check to see if there is a new version of the script available.
9—Save and Apply (Save and Apply) or Clear subtitles cache (Clear subtitles cache)
When you have finished configuring your preferences, click the button on the left to save them and apply your changes. If you would like to reload the subtitles from their page on the wiki, click the button on the right.

[edit] Translating subtitles

If you are fluent in English as well as LANGUAGE, we would love to have your help translating subtitles for Homestar Runner toons. Please visit HRWiki:Subtitles for extensive details about the subtitles project and how to get involved!

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