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Image of the week: I have honestly never seen this one before!

Hello, mostly peoples. This is not Pants 3000. This is a person talking to you about Pants 3000. Yes, strange name. Please don't ask as it is a long story. And I'm also not very good at telling stories. I have twouble with my awes. So, Pants 3000 is not the best at making pages so don't laugh at this page! It's not done yet, cuz he has to go to soccer........and.........thats all I have to say.


Favourite Email: replacement Non-stop lol-ing and rotfl-ing!

Least Favourite Email: looking old He's bound to get angry complaints about not liking it...

Favourite Long Tooon: Strong Bad is in Jail Pretty sweet

Fabourite Short Toon: Meet Marshie Oh my crap! Hilarious!

Favourite Hobby: Throwing nickels at people in the Food Court...from that up above (See email haircut)

Favourite Song: Strong Badia National Anthem

Favourite Game: Peasant's Quest Took him like 5 hours to finish (non-stop, without walkthroughs)

Dream Job: Poopsmith or Proffessional Email Checker

Dreamail: Strong Bad actually replying to, like, the fifty he sent to him!!! (See email dreamail)

First toon he watched: email old comics...Yup, and thats when it was the newest one on the list.

He's not to fond of Teen Girl Squad, although the song in Issue 9 was hilarious!

Doesn't have any merchandise...yet. He's been thinking about getting a The Cheat Beanie, but he's not sure.

Ooh, and if any users live in Canada, Great Britain, or any other countries that get Doctor it!!! He thinks it's the best show ever made!!!


[edit] The History of Pants 3000

  • His name:, you should completely ignore the above comment about him not telling you where his awesome (HAH!) name came from. It all happened one fateful day in Grade 6. He was sitting in his French class (that was mandatory in his school) thinking about some MMORPG of which he can't remeber the name. Pants needed a sweet name that would make people laugh. It ended up being Pants 3000; 'twas that most random name he could think of. His character ended up being a bald girl with some ugly dress. He's not a girl, by the way. He has long since forgotten to log on to his account. He thinks his friend stole the account. So there. Happy? Jeez, you guys!
  • He first became a user at exactly 00:21, 21 March 2006. Sweet...
  • Yes, Pants 3000 is Dutch. And very proud of it too. SO for all you Dutch people out there:

Indien u dit kan lezen, vertel hem op zijn gesprek pagina. Hij zal aan u van de heme best vriend ooit maken en zal aan u 100.000.000 gehijg geven bedekken.

Or even:

Indien u het Gehijg 3000 houdt van, geef aan hem $100.000.000 zo dat hij zijn weg van gevangenis kan opkopen.

[edit] His Contributions

So far:

...and more to come (if people stop removing his comments cos they "don't make sense"!)

[edit] Cool People!

  • TheYellowDart(t/c)-- Helped him with his signature, and put him on his coolest people ever list (woot woot)!
  • Trey56-- Also helped out with the sig. Yay!
  • --Dacheatbot · Communicate-- Welcoming committee. They're always nice. Yay!
  • Zerlock1124-- Question of the Week, and Pants got it right, and Zerlock put him in the hall of fame, and he got a userbox. Yay!
  • Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing!-- He's in his T(w)een Guy Squad club thingie. Yay!
  • Qermaq - (T/C) Image:Qermaqsigpic.png-- His list of only-said-once-words is sweet!

[edit] Favourite Quotes

Yes, I said favourite quotes with a U. He's from Canada, eh! So don't go around chanjing his spellng mistaks. They're probly jst the Canadian wey of splling itt.

"Well, hello, chocolate cake!"- email strong badathlon

"No, ma'am, I am not in India."- email isp

"Breakfast, lunch, munch, and pinner!"- Meet Marshie

"It's in a better place, Strong Bad. Or rather, it's in the same place but now it's got a big hole through it!"- email virus

"Ugh! I'm so sick of you people!"- Shopping for Danger

"DELORTED!!!" Bleeeooeeoop!- email replacement

" can't feel my parts!- email the chair

[edit] Trivias, Quotes, and lots of Fun Stuffs

Guess (or get it right; I'd go for the second one) and you get a PantsCake. Way better than a Grumblecake or even a The Cheatcake. Or a cupcake, Lord Quackingstick! Post the answers on his talk page. Now let's get on to buisness!


1. "I've lost the bleeps, I've the lost the sweeps, and I've lost the creeps."

2. "Not allowed? Me? I'm allowed everywhere!"

3. "I don't want you to worry about your jobs while you're away. That's why I'm firing you now."

4. "She's married to the Muffin Man..."

5. "Oh, my God. I gotta call my brother, my housekeeper, my lawyer. Nah, forget my lawyer."


1. Any ______ can last longer without water than a camel can.

2. ______ is the first character to speak in Star Wars.

3. Donald Duck's middle name is _______.

4. The moons of ______ are named after Shakespearean characters.

5. Banana oil never saw a banana; it's made from _______.

People who have earned a PantsCake:


[edit] Wicked Awesome Things you Should See!!!

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