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"Why, Lord Quackingstick, how nice to see you."

Hello! This is LordQuackingstick. I've been going to since... hmm... I'd say since about guitar. I created the Stong Bad page, the Racquet Games page, the French Fries page, the Acknowledged Email Delays page, and possibly most importantly, the Ages of Characters page, and have made a whole buncha other contributions. I do all kinds of work, but I don't see nobody makin' me any LordQuackingstick shaped pancakes!

The main reason I think that Homestar Runner is popular is because it contains a healthy dose of absurdist humor, and because, as the Brothers have stated, it's kinda like Saturday mornings.

My favorite line is "My internet's crawlin' along like... something... funny..."-isp My favorite character is either Strong Bad or Strong Sad.

My favorite email (lappy) is either isp or... a different one.

I apoligize for the fact that most of the stuff that follows is not really relevent; I'm trying to think of something original to put on here the relates to the wiki. Please bear with me!

Yes, I know you've seen quote contests before, but mine has the distinction of being just about the hardest ever. There're a coupla easy ones, but they're mostly hard. For example, good luck with the one about thunder. Anyways, ten bucks per quote† to anyone who can identify the source of at least one of these quotes (put your answers on the talk page; if they're too hard, tell me that, too)(no cheating with google, wikiquote, etc- be honest!):

  • "If you were hit with the thunder of salvation, you would be saved, wouldn't you?."
  • "Mister Death Die! How I've missed you, Mister Death Die!"
  • "I thought you were one of those freaks handing out tissues."
  • "General Fishhead, you be the fish wing."
  • "It's only a matter of time before they figure out the automatic doors."
  • "Why Spike?"
  • "This departure from truth on the part of a most honest hobbit is a portent of great significance." Figure this one out, kai lyn!
  • "Yepper."
  • "Not quite milk, but not quite a milk shake, you know what I mean?"
  • "But everything's sepia, so we must be in the past!"
  • "Don't thank me. Thank the little boy-cat."
  • More to come!

†Not really.


[edit] Trivia Styles

Blah blah cupcakes. Blah blah answer the question.

  • What publisher in what game misspelled their own name on the title screen of said game?
  • What is a common affliction of NESes?
  • What is the first weapon in The Legend of Zelda?

[edit] Recipients of the Prestigious Cupcakes

  • For Quotes:
  • For Mangled Homestar Quotes:

[edit] Guess the Homestar Quote!

I'll type a quote from everybloody's webtoon with my eyes closed; guess what it is (answers on talk page) for cupcakes!

  • "Hry dtivkluy mdnn!"
  • "Ug, did yiu jusy sah dkj g?"
  • "Like rivjt judt noe!"

[edit] Links!

  • Nintendo Wiki - It's really boring there 'cause no one's there and none of the articles are done. So how 'bout signing up and helping out? PLEASE! I'll be there as Enviroinments. Get it? Enviroinments! Ha ha! You don't get it, do you?
  • Zelda Wiki - I'm Enviroinments here, too.
  • Forum Thread - I has mine own Webcomic? Please visit. I want my webcomic to be loved... Comments appreciated.

I wanna be a sysop!


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