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NEW WAY TO PLAY SQT (at least for this round...) SEE BELOW!


Which Homestar Runner character are you?

this quiz was made by jurjyfrort


[edit] Tada!

Cool tapes! I mean things!

[edit] 'Bout T3h name

Go watch The Luau. Marzipan sings "ookoolaylay, ookoolaylay". So, jah.

[edit] 'Bout Me

I'm a girl!

Umm... My real name's Madeline, I'm 14, and have been a Homestar Addict since December '04. My first experience was the Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, which is fairly ironic considering I was grounded. Meh.

My favorite characters are Strong Bad, The Cheat, Pom Pom, and Homestar Runner. Oh, and Fat Dudley.

I love the fact that Pom Pom is a ninja!

[edit] I watch WAY too much H*R...

-The other day, I was telling my sister something, and I was talking about some truck or whatever, and I said "Trork... I mean truuork?... TRUCK! I MEAN FREAKIN' TRUCK!". So my sister said "Shut up, Coach Z!" which made me laugh, because it reminded me of Happy Fireworks when Homestar tells Cardboard Marzi "Shut up, Marzipan."
-Today, in history, we learned about Martin Van Buren. 'Nuff said.
-My favorite insult is goatface
-My FCAT book was Book 22, and I started laughing.
-My math teacher, honest to God, said rigamarole exactly, EXACTLY, the same way SB does.
-DUDE! not cool. Check out the URL.

[edit] Spanish Quote-Type Thingmabob

That wasn't funny, man! That'll hurt a guy's feelings.

Previous Winners

Bluebry(cinco veces)
Heimstern(cuatro veces)
Benol (aka Coach B)(dos veces)
LePorello(cinco y un media veces)
Lapper(dos veces)
The thing(uno y un media veces)
Qermaq(cuatro veces)
Has Matt?
E.L. Cool(dos veces)
Mibluvr13(+extra prize for TYPING out "Strong Bad is a Bad Guy" for the quote.)

Winner gets a CHALLENGE!!! No, sewiously, you shall get some Fluffy Puff Bite-Size Nibblers.

02.21.06- Bluebry, you're welcome to answer again.

03.09.06- New one!

03.12.06- From now on, you will NOT receive Nibbles. You will, instead, receive some good ol' Suudsu. Mmmm, Suudsu.

3.13.06- LePorello, No MORE until somebody else gets at least 4, or until Bluebry gets another one.

5.16.06- Forever since I did these, huh? LePorello, you can enter again.

6.01.06- It's a long one! Wanna know why? It'sa song! So, instead of typing all that out, jsut gimme the song title.

8.09.06- New one! Ding! EDIT- Wow, this was number 30. To commemorate (a little late, yeah, sorry) I'm switching it up. I'll put a quote up, in English, and you have to translate it into Spanish. Your reward? You get Three Gold Bars!

11.01.06- I am lazy. So, yeah... same deal as with numbo 31! Good luck. PS- You don't get Three Gold Bars this time.

[edit] Thankies to-

JoeyDay and all the SysOps- For running this wiki as well as they do.
E.L. Cool- For the signature! Thankies אוקאלייליי (Ookelaylay)
Whoever made the ASCII- For making it! It's suh-weet!
Heimstern Läufer- For allowing me to copy his German Quote Thing!
Trey56- For fixing my Babel Tower!

[edit] My Babel Tower

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