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Hello all. I just joined after editing some small wikis similar to this one. Enough of that. I first learned about at the relative time the sbemail unused emails was released when a friend of my family was visiting and went on the site while he was here


[edit] What I do around here

Not much. Minor gnome work. Minor contributions. Editing my userpage. Thats mostly it.

[edit] Interesting crap about me


Read my userbox for some of this info

  • I am in Highschool.
  • I like Pie.
  • I did a presentation about Mike Chapman in my graphic arts class.
  • I am in the process of turning Thy Dungeonman into a standalone program (but this might not happen) (I could do it but I'm too lazy. I did get NORTH, SOUTH, and DENNIS working via batchfiles one time though :P).
  • Oh yeah, I just dressed up as a burninated peasant for halloween. I may send a pic to the Brother Chaps.

[edit] But you have to do something else than wasting your time around here

Why yes, I do.

  • I have been playing and editing for doom lately
  • I need to get out of my house more often.
  • I like tech.
  • I program. Just not Java.
  • I waste endless hours at my computer.
  • I construct things from legos.
  • I watch television every once in a while.
  • I waste my other times at several doom communites ( once in a while)
  • I have werid conversations with my friends on google talk.
  • Fix caplization errors at the doom wiki and fill in some blanks.
  • I like ancient computers/Computer hardware/games

And thats mostly it.

[edit] Recent HSR activity

During a long weekend I watched every SBEMAIL 1-200, with bonus features on the DVD.

[edit] Anything else?

Quote of the moment from HSR: "Welcome to Oblivion, Danger-Skew"

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