Strong Sad Lookalike Contest

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"I'm simultaneously honored and insulted to be involved in this contest..."

The Strong Sad Lookalike Contest is an annual event where contestants are judged on how closely their appearance, voice impression, and penmanship match Strong Sad's. Anyone is accepted except for Strong Sad himself. It was first seen in the email impression, where Coach Z acted as judge. The Cheat is known to have won sectionals during the years 2000-2003, and for 2003 he dressed as Strong Sad's left elephant-like leg (or "soolnd" as Strong Sad would call it). Strong Bad won the blue ribbon for penmanship in 2003. Homsar's impression was so good, he was mistaken for the real Strong Sad trying to enter the contest and was disqualified. The afterparty was in the Living Room of the Brothers Strong.

[edit] 2003 contestants

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