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[edit] The Paper oddity

The Paper does not come down at the end of the email.

From: japanese cartoon
Posted on: 15:51, 27 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • This is is a rare event and merits mentioning.
  • The article on The Paper reads, "In japanese cartoon, The Paper is replaced with an anime credits list." The fact should be mentioned here explicitly as a cross-reference.
  • The two other times that The Paper is replaced with something else (superhero name and dreamail), it is noted as a Fun Fact.
  • Newcomers would not be aware that this was an oddity unless it was pointed out.

Arguments against:

  • It is not the only such email.
  • It's obvious from the transcript.

Additional comments:

  • The fact is not mentioned explicitly in the transcript. Perhaps the transcript should note that "The Paper does not come down" rather use a Fun Fact.
    • The transcript should mention what actually does occur, rather than what does not occur. Facts that expand on the transcript should be placed in the fun facts section.
    • This occurance is sufficiently rare that it should be mentioned, if not as a fun fact, then explicitly in the transcript.
  • It's really not that obvious from the transcript. The whole section is not very readable and needs cleanup.

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