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Bubs hasn't changed that much. His evolution is mostly made up of his colors and shading getting better. The only significant change in his appearance has been on his head.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Early Bubs Sketches  ??? Sketchbook (museum)

Top: flashback; origins; alternate universe; The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw; Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold
Bottom: original

First Bubs 1999 Where My Hat Is At?; Marshmallow's Last Stand N/A
Second Bubs 2000 Old Characters Page; Character Cards; Yearbook Character Page (in photo) He's less sketchy, and has a blue pupil in his bigger eye.
Third Bubs 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest; Dancin' Bubs; A Jorb Well Done (silhouette) He has darker colors, less shading, a shorter, more refined look, less pointed armtips, his head is less circular, his body is shorter and wider, and his shoulders are much more broad and no longer slope straight from his neck to his arms. His blue pupil in his bigger eye is no longer centered and his eyes are somewhat bigger. He has a thinner outline and a taller set of teeth.
Fourth Bubs 2000 Theme Song Video; Yearbook Character Page; Homestarloween Party; A Holiday Greeting; The Luau; The House That Gave Sucky Treats; Some Stupid Turkey; 2022 Costume Pack Now Available His head is smaller and his outlines are colored and not just black.
Fifth Bubs 2001 Bubslegum Comics; The Best Decemberween Ever; Where's The Cheat?; various Strong Bad Emails from 1 step ahead to slumber party; Pumpkin Carve-nival; A Decemberween Pageant; The System is Down; Lookin at a Thing In a Bag; 3 Times Halloween Funjob; Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon; Halloween Fairstival; Homestar Presents: Presents; HomestarRunner.com: PAY PLUS!; Bug In Mouth Disease; Senorial Day; Happy Fireworks; Cool Things; A Folky Tale; Halloween Potion-ma-jig; Fall Float Parade; Weclome Back; No Hands On Deck!; Happy Hallow-day; Date Nite; DNA Evidence; One Two, One Two; Ever and More; Quality Time with Cardboard Homestar; Jibblies 2; Toikey TV; Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2 He has much more advanced shading and softer colors. Also, his smaller eye now has a gleam/light reflection. His voice sounds slightly more raspy. His teeth are also a little lighter and move more freely when he talks.

In some toons his legs have some shading as well, and in others from do over onward his belt curves around his stomach more.
Current Bubs 2007 Various toons from Happy Dethemberween to current; various Strong Bad Emails starting with nightlife His arms, instead of moving on a joint, seem to have taken on a bendiness causing them, when moved, to create a curvature, each frame apparently animated individually. They also have less shading and are slightly shorter. His head has less shading, although this had been variable since virus. His belt and legs sometimes have more shading, although they still have none in several toons. His belt curves around his legs in more toons now.
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