Homsar Evolution

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Being the newest main character, Homsar hasn't changed a great deal, the biggest difference thus far being that his hat has shrunk.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Early Homsar sketches 2001 (?) Sketchbook 07 Jul 2005 N/A
Homsar's Debut 2001 homsar; Theme Song Video (DVD version only); The House That Gave Sucky Treats; email thunder (Easter egg); Doomy Tales of the Macabre (Easter egg); 2022 Costume Pack Now Available N/A
This is Homsar's current design 2002 Toons from Where's The Cheat? to current; Homsar Main Page; various Strong Bad Emails starting with your friends His hat is smaller, sits a bit higher, and flies off higher when he speaks. His legs are less slanted and are closer together. His feet are closer to his body.

His underbite also juts out more. His voice is lower and richer. His shading at his right appears to be bit lighter.

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