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Tweets for 2021


This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from December 2021.


Note: some links to other tweets may only work on the full year page.

[edit] December

Text / Transcript Date / Link
A thing of beauty. Thanks as always @deater78! You speaka my programming language.
This Tweet quotes @AppleIIBot, which displayed an image of Edgar with "PROGRAMED IN EDGAR'S MOM'S BASEMENT" beneath it. The commands for this to be generated were provided by @deater78.

Fun Facts

30 Dec 2021

Video thumbnail for 29 Dec 2021
Oh, you know, prolly Zeenin' out past space Broiter Grove these days.
This Tweet is a reply to @JoseBer56296540, who replied to the previous Tweet asking how Limozeen was doing these days.

Video Transcript

{Limozeen's Space Machine is flying through space, passing by a road sign reading "Broiter Grove".}

29 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 29 Dec 2021
Now you too can totally reject Mary Palaroncini at the top of the key! The guitar center nerds would never tell you bout that secret secondary use!
This Tweet quotes @FootofaFerret, who shared a picture of a Epiphone Evolution, similar to the one frequently used by Gary Palaroncini (including in the "Because, It's Midnite" karaoke video).
29 Dec 2021

Still waiting for an update. I’ll def let folks know as soon as we gots more info. In the meantime, I’ve been secretly stealing from Strong Sad’s ʎɥsoןs vinyl collection, melting the LP’s down and sending the molten vinyl to @fangamer. Mostly it just caught the mailbox on fire.
This Tweet is a reply to @kyluya, who asked about the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits vinyl being restocked.
28 Dec 2021

Maybe the Kerrek just won a round of MS Solitaire and that’s why he’s leavin’ rainbow trails.
This Tweet quotes @deater78, who posted another update on their fanmade Peasant's Quest Apple II port, with the Kerrek being implemented, however he leaves rainbow sprite trails.
26 Dec 2021

Daaaaaaang! Lookit this hand made Casio-action Cheatsheet (blanket didn’t sound as cool).
This Tweet quotes @LFraleyBAC, who crocheted a The Cheat blanket.
26 Dec 2021

Leaving this link here just in case any of you need Homestar’s refrain “I’m really sorry that I got you bad presents” today.
This Tweet links to Homestar Runner Presents: Presents on Songwhip.
25 Dec 2021

This is Decemberween gift giving at its fine-dangedest!
This Tweet quotes @notweets_mcgee, whose son made a Trogdor mug, a metal Trogdor, and Homestar and Strong Bad Perler Beads for Decemberween.
25 Dec 2021

Sadly, it turns out the algorithm isn’t interested in attracting "multi-severals" of viewers.
This Tweet is a reply to @jeremybyington, who replied to the DNA evidence Tweet asking why Strong Bad hasn't gotten a Netflix special.
22 Dec 2021

It's gettin so a wrestleman can’t tweet a simple DNA evidence gif without rampant speckalations!
This Tweet is a reply to @zeldavxa, who replied to the previous Tweet hoping it wasn't an NFT.
22 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 22 Dec 2021
Dangeresque only takes his DNA evidence hand swirled, not centrifuged.

Fun Facts

22 Dec 2021

Gaze upon the horror of The Coach Z of Townimus Prime!
This Tweet is a reply to @professorhazard, who drew a picture commissioned by @senorbooyah of Coach Z as the "pondering my orb" wizard, with Bubs in the background.
20 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 10 Dec 2021
Looks like Aunt Gert!
This Tweet is a reply to @Alex58304758, who said a ginger root looked like a rejected character.
10 Dec 2021

Video thumbnail for 10 Dec 2021
Last year I got to be a prestigious (short 'i' sound please) guest on those McBrotherMcBrothers' @MBMBaM Candlenights special. Check out my styles then go get tix for this year's in which I don't appear but will still be awesome and raise dollaz4chariteez. bit.ly/Candlenights20…

Video Transcript

{A title card with mistletoe saying "Candlenights by the fake fireside with STRONG BAD". The center of the card fades out and shows Puppet Strong Bad and Puppet The Cheat in front of a fake fireplace. Strong Bad is holding up a drink, and the music from Death Defying Decemberween playing}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Here in the Strong Household, we like to ring in the Candlenights by gathering around the fakest, least sincere fire we can find. {looks toward the fire} Ah!

{Iris transition into a close up of the fake fireplace}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Just listen to the cozy hum of that electric motor, and the grandma's throat crackle of that orange cellophane.

{Iris transition back to Strong Bad and The Cheat}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: I also like to indulge in a glass of Mulled Ones. You can make them at home.

{A index card with "Great Gammaw's Mulled one's appears on screen}

PUPPET STRONG BAD:' That's 40 ounces of your favorite cold ones with the word "ice" in the name. {"40 oz watery domestic cold ones with "ice" in the name" is written on the index card}

{A 40oz bottle for "Skunk Ones Ice!" appears on screen, with a picture of a skunk with human hands giving a thumbs up}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: {written on index card} A teaspoon of ground cloves.

{A teaspoon of ground cloves appears on screen}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: And {written on index card} a teaspoon of ground CLOVIS points {stops writing} if you can find them.

{A clovis point appears on screen before crumbling, afterwards the index card slides to the right and Strong Bad "drinks" the mulled one}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Mmm, you can really taste the megafauna.

{The doorbell rings before Puppet Homestar walks in with his eyes sideways and tinsel around his neck}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: {monotone} Oh hello, I am the all powerful star king great and small. This year, if you manage to trim some of my tinsel beard, you win a hundred skee ball tickets. {in normal voice} Pretty great!

{Cut back to Strong Bad}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Ew, I'm not trimming that tinsel chinstrap, though I do need a star to decorate my {cut to The Cheat looking at a red shrub} Trogdor's breath Candlenight shrub. {Cut back to Strong Bad} Lemmie see that thing! {shouts}

{Strong Bad lunges at Homestar and tears his star off, which has red string on it. The sting from I Killed Pom Pom plays followed by the Ominous music}

{Cut to Homestar}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Wah, WAAAH! It's like ripping my lungs out!

{Cut to Strong Bad as he shakes the star}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: AHH! I didn't think there'd be guts! WAAAAAH! {Strong Bad shakes even more}

{Cut to Homestar, but now his eyes are normal}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Naw, I'm just messing with ya, it's Tweezzlérs!

{Cut back to Strong Bad}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: {annoyed} Tweezzlérs.

{Cut to another title card reading "It's Candlenights Homestarlie Brown!"}

NARRATOR: It's Candlenights Homestarlie Brown is brought to you by {title card changes to read "Pullintimes Tweezzlérs". With pictures of two shades of red Twizzlers} Pullintimes Tweezzlérs. Available in {with gaps between words} two different shades of red.

{Cut to Strong Bad eating the Tweezzlérs}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: These are pretty good.

{Cut to Homestar also eating the Tweezzlérs}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: {with mouth full} Yeah, good star guts.

PUPPET STRONG BAD: {from offscreen} Don't call them that.

10 Dec 2021

Video thumbnail for 8 Dec 2021
There have been technology tests but the amount of dongles and adapters required to get Vtoobin on my current Lappier caused 12 fire hazards and 2 rashes.
This Tweet quotes @CJDaMocha, who asked when Strong Bad is gonna become a VTuber

Video Transcript

STRONG BAD: I get to play so great comin' up here.

{The game Weird Dreams fades in, with the protagonist falling into a rusty cotton candy machine}

STRONG BAD: Here we go {singing} doletet doo delete det doo, don't forget to duck, watch out for that stick. Get the blood platelets or your head will explode.

{The stick hits the protagonist and his head expands before exploding}

STRONG BAD: WEEEE! {game fades out}

8 Dec 2021

I’m not doing the “I’m not crying, you’re crying” thing YOU'RE doing the "I'm not crying, you’re crying” thing!!
This Tweet quotes @DeakSheb, who drew a Teenage Strong Mad, Li'l Strong Bad, Li'l Strong Sad, and a young The Cheat sleeping together
6 Dec 2021

I didn’t ask you for that. That misspelled imposter account did. But it still rules/is horrifying.
This Tweet is a reply to @JamesCh80826048, who drew a Transformer of The Cheat turning into Trogdor, asked to do so by a fake Strong Bad Twitter account.
6 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 6 Dec 2021
Hmm. Not ignoring. Just never sold any Pom Pom blankets so I wasn't sure what you were talk'n'bout. There's this ancient Pom Pom desktop wallpaper tile. Might make some good sheets.
This Tweet is a reply to @Terdle08, who was complaining about Strong Bad ignoring his fans from 2000, and asking if he could resell a Pom Pom blanket that they claim to have.
6 Dec 2021

You can totally play it solo! That’s mostly what Strong Sad does! If you’ve got Tabletop Simulator you can try out @MarcusRaven86's awesome mod to see if you like it.
This Tweet links to the Trogdor! The Board Game mod on Steam Community.
This Tweet is a reply to @Valtgaming, who replied to the previous Tweet and said they want to play Trogdor! The Board Game but have no one to play it with.
3 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 3 Dec 2021
3rd day in a row of merch-related crap but Trogdor!! The Board Game is finally BACK IN STOCK!

Image Transcript

ARCHER 1: So are we supposed to be hiding behind rocks, or, like popping out of the ground of summat?

ARCHER 2: Shut up and get arrowed-ing!

3 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 2 Dec 2021
You mean like this? The other side has Homestar's "everything is fine. nothing is ruined" note on it.
This Tweet is a reply to @KyLeggiero, who replied to the Teespring Tweet saying they wished there was a Compy 386 pillow with the flagrant error from the email virus.
2 Dec 2021

Fixed it. Should be back up for sale again!
This Tweet is a reply to @HigHurtenflurst, who replied to the Teespring Tweet and lamented that the Strong Badia flag was out of stock.
2 Dec 2021

Fixed it! Flag should be back up for sale. Take that, print-on-demand interface weirdness!
This Tweet is a reply to @KyLeggiero, who replied to the previous Tweet saying Strong Bad is an expert of the supply chain.
2 Dec 2021

Weirdtime. Trying to figure this out. It’s print-on-demand! Nothing’s even supposed to be “in stock” until you order it!
This Tweet is a reply to @TheTeacher26, who replied to the previous Tweet and stated the Strong Badia flags were out of stock.
2 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 2 Dec 2021
More gift crap ideas! Use code HOLIDAY15 today only for 15% off everything in my print-on-demand store. Pillows, pint glasses, ugly Decemberween sweatshirts!
2 Dec 2021

Trogdor is locked in battle with the Global Shipping Crisis but we're hoping he will make landfall soon! (meaning more have been printed/ordered. anybody's guess when the shipping container will show up)
This Tweet is a reply to @alternateshade, who replied to the Decemberween free shipping Tweet and asked if Trogdor! The Board Game would be restocked.
1 Dec 2021

Sadly the vinyl reprint is a continuing casualty of the global vinyl shortage. I'll holler real squealie-like as soon as we know any details. But man, was that one great day of having a purchasable vinyl version of my record a year ago!
This Tweet is a reply to @goodolmkymccor and @CorndogNinja, both replying to the previous Tweet, the former of which asking if there is any news on the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits vinyl, and the latter saying Fangamer is better to ask.
1 Dec 2021

Tweet image for 1 Dec 2021
Get the Strong Bad fan in your life some official crap this Decemberween! 8 years of cartoons on 6 dvds! CCDO's pvc figurines! Meeples!
Use code FREESHIPPINGTODAY! for free US and Canada shipping today and tomorrow!
1 Dec 2021
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