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Tweets for 2021


This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from May 2021.


Note: some links to other tweets may only work on the full year page.

[edit] May

Text / Transcript Date / Link
Looks like Dr. Marvin Rubdown's garfunkle hairdo exploded!
This Tweet is a reply to @diov_g, who posted a picture of a paver that looked like Strong Bad with leaves, dirt, mulch, and rocks to make the face and a few rocks and sticks for the body.
31 May 2021

Human-nosed Strong Sad mallows? Free squeakburger?! I'm on board I'm not bored!
This Tweet is a reply to @TheBlairSwitch, who who posted a drawing of a Homestar Runner themed cereal box called "Sugar Crunchy Homestar Runn-O's" with marshmallows shaped like Homestar Runner characters and a free squeak burger included.
29 May 2021

(psst! mainly I just want the burger!)
This Tweet is a reply to @michaelrianda, who quoted the previous Tweet and confirmed the scene in The Mitchells vs. The Machines mentioned was an homage to Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack.
29 May 2021

Tweet image for 29 May 2021
Look @michaelrianda and @Roweyourboatz, I appreciate the homage in your film but here are my demands given my newfound leverage:
-Dog-geresque crossover film
-a fridge with like a milkshake tap comin out of it
-3 seasons of a Stinkoman show
-exquisitely rendered CG burger
29 May 2021

Sorry, just by owning that bag you've freely invited Marshie into your home. He can come and go at will. See if you can get your hands on a copy of the Marshromicon (which I hear is bound with living marshmallow fluff), it might have a way to protect you!
This Tweet is a reply to @SusanosWrath, who asked if Marshie would break into their house if they use the Stack 'Em to the Heavens bag from Trogdor!! The Board Game for things other than meeples.
28 May 2021

I would NOT let any kids near that thing. You should put up a sign that says "Warning! May result in severed legs, sudden orbital launches, or relinquished pipes!"
This Tweet quotes @Rizzos_Dad, who compared a plastic whale swing to the Drive Thru Whale.
26 May 2021

Lookit me doing some hardcore looming over that countryside! Or perhaps... lording over? Lordinating uponst?
This Tweet is a reply to @iNightfaller, who drew Trogdor in a countryside with a giant Strong Bad looming over.
24 May 2021

There's already a mod for it thanks to @MarcusRaven86! Check it out! He made it from our print n' play version and added meeples of everybody so you can burninate Homestar and Homsar if you want to live the dream!
This Tweet links to The afformentioned mod on Steam.
This Tweet is a reply to @3ternalS0ul, who asked if there would be a Trogdor!! The Board Game mod for Tabletop Simulator.
24 May 2021

And I call them "Poacher's Gold!"
This Tweet is a reply to @RagingLevine, who replied to the previous Tweet correcting Strong Bad that Strong Sad's feet are called Soolnds.
24 May 2021

Tweet image for 24 May 2021
Tweet image for 24 May 2021
Someday I hope that this pre-vis version of CG The Cheat from an old DVD intro could make it onto @lowpolyanimals. I mean technically Strong Sad's feet might make HIM eligible too!
24 May 2021

Tweet image for 24 May 2021

(no text)

This Tweet is a reply to @Foone, who wished to commission The Brothers Chaps to read the Steve Jobs biography as Coach Z.
24 May 2021

Did you know that the website mostly still works? Especially the older stuff? Even on phones and those bigger phones that aren't quite phones! Just click that giant play button. Even the clicky Easter eggs still work (again mostly, it's a WIP)!

This Tweet is a reply to @oO_hellcatt_Oo, who didn't know homestarrunner.com still worked without Flash.
22 May 2021

Tweet image for 21 May 2021
Brains? Cotton candy? Ambrosia salad? All 3?!!
This Tweet is a reply to @yourpaltrace, who replied to the KoT Miitopia Tweet and posted a picture of said Mii without the crown.

Fun Facts

21 May 2021

Tweet image for 21 May 2021

(no text)

This Tweet is a reply to @diov_g, who replied to the previous Tweet asking about Sbemail 209.
21 May 2021

His head looks like a limited edition King of Town Fluffy Puff! And I love how he's holding a glistening uncooked ham hock! Just like most of the times!
This Tweet quotes @yourpaltrace, who put The King of Town in the role of the king in Miitopia.
21 May 2021

Tweet image for 17 May 2021
Since machine learning Strong Bad sounds like Cardgage anyway, here's another neural net generated image of "A Homestar Runner Cartoon of Strong Bad" by @JanelleCShane. A little something I like to call "The Macho Man Cramdy Dog-gage."
This Tweet is a reply to the previous Tweet.
17 May 2021

Video thumbnail for 15 May 2021
Experimenting with fully automating myself!
1. Neural net-generated image of me by @JanelleCShane
2. Text-to-speech Strong Bad voice synthesizer by @__UBERDUCK__
(pasted in the lyrics to Trogdor)
3. lip sync automated by @adobeanimate
What could possibly go wrong?!!

Video Transcript

{the image has a Strong Bad mouth on it, with the lyrics of Trogdor in yellow beneath it}

STRONG BAD: Trogdor!

STRONG BAD: Trogdor!

STRONG BAD: Trogdor was a man


STRONG BAD: He was a dragon-man

STRONG BAD: Or maybe

STRONG BAD: He was just a dragon

STRONG BAD: But he was still Trogdor

STRONG BAD: Trogdor!

STRONG BAD: Burninating the countryside

STRONG BAD: Burninating the peasants {pronounced as "pee-sants"}

STRONG BAD: Burninating all the peoples

STRONG BAD: In the thached-roof cottages

STRONG BAD: Thached-roof cottages

STRONG BAD: Whoa! Listen—

{the rest of the dialogue is incomprehensible, but the lyrics of Trogdor continue}

CAPTIONS: —to those wicked dueling guitar solos!

CAPTIONS: It's like squeedly versus meedly over here??

{the captions attempt to decipher what is being said}


CAPTIONS: A Trogmack {appears after} should not {appears after} retrivowed gluh

CAPTIONS: ??!!?!?

CAPTIONS: A Trogdorvey?

CAPTIONS: After the night

CAPTIONS: Check Ed in the name

CAPTIONS: Alleviate

CAPTIONS: A sogbah


CAPTIONS: I've turned on

CAPTIONS: And relented your

CAPTIONS: ????!?!


CAPTIONS: I imagine denaturally relieve you


CAPTIONS: Rotunted the dewy air


CAPTIONS: I can read

CAPTIONS: Brulee you're

CAPTIONS: There you go


CAPTIONS: I dreamed one ZZERP!

CAPTIONS: It don't mean


CAPTIONS: Vroo money

CAPTIONS: May burnadeal



CAPTIONS: I found her


CAPTIONS: That you made

CAPTIONS: That you may



CAPTIONS: Orchard life

CAPTIONS: Is there even Rhud?

15 May 2021

As soon as I can get past the first freaking level!! That game is hard! And the map makes no sense!
This Tweet is a reply to @HeroicJRA, who replied to the previous Tweet and asked if an Axe of Rage playthrough would be released.
14 May 2021

Tweet image for 14 May 2021

This Tweet was pinned.

A new stuff to watch! Gazemaze in wonder as I get ancient PC game Sea Battle working again thanks to DOS-savvy commenters!

14 May 2021

Ahhh!! I wanna see it in action!!
This Tweet is a reply to @ChelleDoggo, who made a Homsar Mii in Miitopia.
12 May 2021

Tweet image for 9 May 2021
Unused 20X6–style Sad Kid from Stinkoman Level 10. He and his sis were gonna be in a cutscene but I can't remember the context. Prolly should stay unused.

Image Transcript

A 2-frame GIF of the 20X6–style Sad Kid opening his mouth and crying.

9 May 2021

Sadly Videlectrix lost the source files and samples from the original tracks years ago. So it's either super compressed mp3 quality audio or recreating them from scratch.
This Tweet is a reply to @kotektoad, who asked if the Stinkoman 20X6 soundtrack would ever be available on sale or on music streaming services.
9 May 2021

"Hey Homestar, I really like your pipe cleaner Jamiroquai costume."
This Tweet quotes @ADDollhouse, who replied to the figurine Tweet showing their own Homestar figurine made of pipe cleaners.
8 May 2021

Did you ever get the figures you wanted? Or did you have to just melt down all your extra Cheat Commandos into a discolored lump and manually shape them into my style? And if so, can I buy that monstrosity off you?
This Tweet is a reply to @Antipilor, who replied to the previous Tweet with the latter correcting himself that it was series 1 rather than series 2.
8 May 2021

Oh no! When was this and who did you deal with? Bubs?!
This Tweet is a reply to @Mipader and @Antipilor, who replied to the previous Tweet with the latter saying he recieved Cheat Commandos figurines instead of Homestar Runner Series 2 figurines.
8 May 2021

Tweet image for 7 May 2021
Found a time capsule with a few lost series 2 figurines in somebody's basement! What should I do with these? THEY'RE RUNNING OUT OF AIR!!
7 May 2021

Tweet image for 6 May 2021
Does this mean I can finally make a worthy sequel to Dangeresque: Getaway Car Jump Into-er?!
This Tweet is a reply to @Sparkster2600, who quoted the Game Builder Garage trailer and told Strong Bad that it's like WarioWare D.I.Y.
6 May 2021

What a shrine! All this video needs is Homestar singing a warbly a cappella version of the Jurassic Park theme laid over top of it to really cram the wonder and majesty home.
This Tweet is a reply to @empletonZe, who posted a video of her bathroom with various pieces of Homestar merchandise in it.
2 May 2021

Tweet image for 1 May 2021
I nominate Humidibot and Schrab's Oswald to the Robot Roll Call.
This Tweet is a reply to @RobSchrab, who said he'd watch it in response to @TheBrettzo, who asked if there was ever a crossover between Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Homestar Runner.
1 May 2021

Restocking this summer hopefully!
This Tweet is a reply to @kyluya, who replied to the previous Tweet and asked when Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits on vinyl and the DJ Teh Cheat slipmat would be restocked.
1 May 2021
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