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Tweets for 2021


This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from August 2021.


Note: some links to other tweets may only work on the full year page.

[edit] August

Text / Transcript Date / Link
This Tweet is a reply to @Discour00593510, who pointed out that TROGDOR! wasn't playable on the current site.
29 Aug 2021

We gotta get you and Videlectrix in touch with @LimitedRunGames for an official boxed 5 1/4" floppy version! How many disks will it have to fit on (say 12! Say 12!!!)?
This Tweet is a reply to @deater78, who replied to the previous Tweet and explained why the screen transitions were that way.
25 Aug 2021

This is just beautiful! That transition between screens! Videlectrix 1 will be so proud!
This Tweet quotes @deater78, who posted more footage of their custom Peasant's Quest Apple II port, with fade transitions between the different screens.
25 Aug 2021

Tweet image for 22 Aug 2021
"Well, that's a stupid question, Abdi. Do you take off your face and hands before you go to bed? And if so, are you some kind of robot?"

Thanks for kickin off 20 years of sbemails, Abdi, wherever you are.
22 Aug 2021

Oh man! But once you let it age to legit grodalated status, it triples in value!! And pairs great with cured meats or maybe fig jam on lavash!
This Tweet is a reply to @hojukoolander, who posted an old Strong Bad t-shirt from 2004 and mentioned not wearing it too much so it didn't become "grodalated".
21 Aug 2021

Go for the corner cottage first! Don't forget you can use some Keepers' and Items' abilities during the Countryside Phase (I suggest Ring of Voip!). And definitely don't forget the Soundboard and Rulebook Album while you play! Have a fun! Have 2 funs!
This Tweet is a reply to @CollectorClint, who just got Trogdor!! The Board Game and asked for tips.
19 Aug 2021

That's some quality birthdayin' right there! The authentic soundtrack is the best part!
This Tweet is a reply to @Magoogalicious, who set up a party with a "Pin the Beefy Arm on Trogdor" game while singing the Skills of an Artist song.
16 Aug 2021

I know, I know. Sadly now the issue is that the original Stinkosource files for all that Stinkomusic have been lost to Stinkotime.
This Tweet is a reply to @Spat856, who replied to a Tweet from March of last year about a Videlectrix album being released after Stinkoman 20X6 Level 10, which hasn't happened yet.
16 Aug 2021

Aw man. Sorry you lost thems. These were always just leftovers from the Trogdor the Board Game Kickstarter. No plans to reorder. I didn't even realize they sold out!
This Tweet is a reply to @MaggieArdiente, who lost the Enamel Pin Set and asked if they would be restocked.
16 Aug 2021

Yes. Go to HomestarRunner.com and watch the cartoons. They work again. Most of them.
This Tweet is a reply to @LeahAdai, who replied to the World Games Tweet and asked if there was a way to view the website as it was before support for Flash Player was dropped, including the Easter eggs.
13 Aug 2021

I think this might actually just be a copy of "Videlectrix Copy Protection Simulator" which was a short demo designed to get PC gamers accustomed to how frustrating things were going to be for the next several years. Nice find!
This Tweet quotes @deater78, who made a custom Apple II version of Peasant's Quest which featured very little gameplay before going to a copy protection screen.
13 Aug 2021

Tweet image for 11 Aug 2021
And this one!! I mean, come ON!!
This Tweet is a reply to the previous Tweet.
11 Aug 2021

Tweet image for 11 Aug 2021
Every once in a twice I like to look back at this in-process mastery from @SmallBuStudio. Even at this stage, it blows-a my mind!
11 Aug 2021

This is incredible! Is this crocheted? Knit? Latch hook? Slip thatch? Cross cheese? Thortch crimp?! I must know!!
This Tweet quotes @LFraleyBAC, who crocheted a blanket with Strong Bad and Homestar on it.
8 Aug 2021

Video thumbnail for 6 Aug 2021
The only world games you should be following are these gorgeous CGA ones from Epyx Games' 1986 classic World Games! Please insert Disk 4 of 12!

Whole thing here: youtube.com/watch?v=IDUcMB...

Video Transcript

See Disk 4 of 12 - World Games
6 Aug 2021

This is a Retweet of @CarlDoonan, who drew a bunch of Homestar characters on a white board, including the 12 main characters, Marshie, the Drive-Thru Whale, the Jibblies Painting, The Goblin, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes characters, Trogdor, the Teen Girl Squad with Mrs. Commanderson, The Jolly Dumple, Stinkoman and The Cheatball, The Homestar Runner, Senor Cardgage, SeΓ±or with Mr. Bland and The Robot, The Stick, Frank Benedetto, the Visor Robot with The Sad Kids, and Humidibot. 2 Aug 2021
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