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Uzi Bazooka

Uzi Bazooka is a robot created by Craig in Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, played by Homestar Runner. He was made to make Dangeresque believe Dangeresque Too had betrayed him. He looks just like Homestar Runner, but after being punctured he is shown with a circuit board taped to his chest.

Uzi Bazooka is quite an evil villain. In the events of Dangeresque 3, he kidnapped both Renaldo and Cutesy Buttons, and murdered Dangeresque's father, Dadgeresque. He was eventually destroyed by Dangeresque, using Craig's diamond-tipped drill.

During extended play, clicking on Uzi Bazooka shows a deleted scene where Dangeresque goes into his hollow body and becomes "Luger Machete".

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