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[edit] Some of my Favorite HR Things

[edit] Origin of Screenname

I wanted something HR-related, and my recent most favorite email is pizzaz. But I still wasn't too keen on just naming myself "pizzaz". So I said I would grab something from whatever came up after I clicked the random page link on the wiki. Coincidentally I got rock opera, and my favorite line from it is "positate without pizzaz"! So how could I resist? :) Uh, but since it IS so long, you can just call me Sakka, my other nickname. :P

[edit] Contributions to the Wiki

I added the font Porky's to the Fonts page, and before I contributed to the the show. I made the Marshie userbox, too. I'm still figuring out how to make things look so good in Wiki code, so bear with me. :)

[edit] Homestar Merchandise I Own

I received strongbad email.exe for Christmas a year or two ago. Along with it came a Homestar Runner star keychain, which I have sadly lost somewhere along with my house key... *sniff* I hope I can get a replacement for it, someday, with the Stop Sign keychain.

[edit] Other Stuff

I love old games, web design, drawing, Stepmania, and writing. And feel free to talk with me on my user talk page! Thanks to Mibluvr13 for letting me snag some questions from her userpage.

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