Trogdor! LIVE with the Brothers Chaps!

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"Giant peasant to you... giant peasant to you..."

Strong Bad and Mike Chapman play Trogdor!! The Board Game live on Tabletop Simulator with Greater Than Games.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Mike Chapman, Homestar Runner (voice only), The King of Town (voice only)

Date: Friday, April 17, 2020

Running time: 1:00:12


{Game opens with a Trogdor!! The Board Game setup. There are four people with headsets on the side, and Strong Bad is seen standing in Strong Badia in the lower-left corner.}

MIKE: Strong Bad, you gonna take the lead here?


MAGGIE: All right, everybody. We are live.

STRONG BAD: Who's live?

MAGGIE: You're live.


{Chris waves.}

MAGGIE: The whole Internet can see you now.

STRONG BAD: Sweet deals! Hi, whole Internet! Are you sure they're all here? I don't know if this is everybody.

MAGGIE: {laughing} It's close. The number is growing as we speak.

STRONG BAD: We should wait for everyone to show up before we begin. We'll be- we're gonna be here awhile.

{The players laugh.}

ALEX: Hi, I think we have a six-billion to go.

STRONG BAD: Sweet, sweet, all right. {Maggie laughs} Hey, we're commandeering the-the the Greater Than Games tabletop livestream. Why don't you guys tell everybody what you normally do and then we'll tell them how I'm gonna screw it all up?

MAGGIE: I'm Maggie. I'm the marketing director for Greater Than Games. And normally, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we livestream uh... tabletop simulator games. For everyone stuck at home right now. Um... and then Alex, who are you, what do you do? {pointing to the frame below her} I'm pointing to where you're at.

{The players laugh}

ALEX: I-I I am Alex. Below Maggie? Um, {raising hand to the frame above} she's above my head. Just barely. Um... and anyway, I'm an account manager for Greater Than Games.

{The overhead view of the board rotates.}

MAGGIE: And then Chris, {pointing to the frame above} you're above me.

CHRIS: Oh, {looking to the frame below} hello down there. Uh... {Maggie laughs. Chris laughs, too} I'm design community liasion for Greater Than Games and also one of the co-owners, along with uh, Christopher Badell, uh, Paul Binder and Adam Rivitaro.

MAGGIE: {raising hand above} And then, Mike, all at the top. {Mike waves}

STRONG BAD: Who else? Who's... Is N. B. Davis in the center?

{Everyone laughs.}

MIKE: I'm gonna... I'm-I'm Mike, Strong Bad and I made this game together.

STRONG BAD: We did along with James Ernest.

MIKE: Yes.

STRONG BAD: Remember him?

MIKE: I remember him. We're playing a um... the prototype uh, like print-and-play version of the game with my terrible artwork.

STRONG BAD: Aw, looks good, Mike.

MIKE: Thanks.

STRONG BAD: Don't knock yaself.

MIKE: We made like, thirty copies of this game and rounded all the.. there's lots of corner rounding around every card that we printed out.

MAGGIE: Aw, that's nice.

ALEX: Aw. Yeah.

MIKE: I don't necessarily miss that... cutting out. Deck after deck and rounding all the corners.

CHRIS: Oh my gosh. I can't even...

STRONG BAD: I like finding all those tiny little thumbnails, now that are sitting around on our floor.

MIKE: There was a while where those were everywhere.

STRONG BAD: Uh, hey. Let's let the chat people decide which Trogdor meeple we're gonna use. We got...

{The various dragon Meeples are being clicked and dragged from a virtual sack to the board.}

MAGGIE: Oh yeah.

STRONG BAD: Let's pull them all out. We got, uh... {The Strong Sad's dragon meeple is brought to the board} Stupid Strong Sad's wingaling, uh... {the dragon is parked on a tile southwest of center.}

ALEX: Chi-see-ar.

STRONG BAD: Excuse me, chiarascuro... {the meeple is moved to the western edge} uh, Trogdor. We got the {the original Trogdor is clicked and moved closer to Strong Sad's} classic Trogdor here. {Wormdingler is clicked and dragged to the southwest corner} We got creepo Coach Z's Wormdingler.

{The board view shifts a few times. The DAGRON meeple is clicked and moved.}

STRONG BAD: We got the... Strong Mad's DAGRON. {The DAGRON meeple is rotated to reveal the backside} And if we want to get secret, we got the Homsar's Taster's Choice, uh rendition of Trogdor.

{The sketchy Trogdor meeple is clicked and dragged.}

STRONG BAD: Got my notebook paper styles.

{The S is for Sucks meeple is clicked and dragged.}

STRONG BAD: And {singing} the S is for Sucks, the S is for Sucks. Clap Clap!

{Various dragon meeples are clicked and dragged around all at the same time.}

STRONG BAD: Anybody in the chats want to-to make some votes?

MAGGIE: All right, Shot. You're up.

{All the dragons are taken off the gameboard except Strong Sad's.}

MAGGIE: Let's see... Strong Sad's.

STRONG BAD: Strong Sad's?!

MAGGIE: No, I give you a lotta... DAGRON?

STRONG BAD: {cheering quietly} DAGRON! DAGRON! DAGRON!

MAGGIE: One two three.. I'm trying to count, help! ...The Cheat? Somebody just says, "The Cheat".

CHRIS: A bunch of DAGRONs.

MAGGIE: And there's a bunch of DAGRONs.

CHRIS: Yeah.

MAGGIE: I'm pretty sure DAGRON's winning.

{The DAGRON meeple is brought to the game board and flipped around to the front.}

STRONG BAD: All right, here, let's see, let's do this. {The tile with DAGRON on it is out of alignment} Oop, we've got the oops, gotta go back, {the DAGRON meeple falls over} go back.

{Chris laughs.}

MIKE: I'll get the tile. I'll get the tile. {The tile is realigned} I'll get the tile.

STRONG BAD: This is gonna be such a wonderful train wreck, everybody.

MIKE: I know, I'm nervous about wrecking everything.

STRONG BAD: Here, wait. I'm gonna wreck something right now. With the Flick Tool! {picks up and drags the DAGRON meeple} Watch this! {The meeple is dropped} {whispering} Let's do the flick. Turn on Flick Mode!

{A line is drawn from the DAGRON meeple to the edge of the game board. When released, the meeple flies across the game board and knocks over Strong Sad's dragon meeple, along with some peasants in the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG BAD AND MIKE: OHHH! {the Strong Sad's dragon meeple is picked up and placed back on the board} Get outta here!

MAGGIE: I wanna flick stuff.

CHRIS: I wanna flick stuff.

MAGGIE:I didn't know we could do that!

CHRIS: Yeah, seriously. Why can't we do something new every time we do this?

{The DAGRON meeple is being pushed around, messing up the center tiles.}

MIKE: I whuh- I just got the this, and that was the first thing I saw, was the little Flick icon.


{The tiles are corrected.}

MAGGIE: Yeah, don't we... oh, it's a tie probably between Warm-dingler and DAGRON.

STRONG BAD: Well, calling him Warm-dingler is s-so much grosser than Wormdingler.

{All the other players burst out laughing. Strong Bad smiles briefly.}

STRONG BAD: I don't want anyone to say "Warm-dingler" anymore.

MAGGIE: Yeah, Warm-god-dang-dingler, Thomas says. He's...

STRONG BAD: All right.

MAGGIE: ...passionate.

STRONG BAD: Ban him! He's beckin'. {Everyone laughs} No, not really. All right. Let's- we'll start with DAGRON, hey look, we can swap out during the game. It's not gonna be any... we can determine it right now.

MIKE: How about every time we take a hit, we can switch.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. Hey Mike, why don't you start uh... start handing out the Keepers and Items?

MIKE: Yeah. Everybody pick uh... pick a Keeper card and an Item card.

{Cards are picked from the decks and dragged, arranged on the sides of the board.}

STRONG BAD: So, if you'd never seen this game before, everybody will play as a Keeper of Trogdor-

{A stray card accidentally knocks over a knight.}

MIKE: Oops, sorry. Somebody trick the whole deck.

CHRIS: Whoops.

MAGGIE: That's me.

MIKE: You just gotta... I'm just gonna take a top card.

STRONG BAD: Now swipe quick.


STRONG BAD: Just your base. {whispering} Where am I sittin'? I don't know where I'm sittin'. There we go. Fans, 73.

{The cards are being flipped over.}

MIKE: Flip over.

STRONG BAD: All right, and we can go around the table, oh so I was explaining that everybody plays as a Keeper of Trogdor who are like Trogdor's groupies. And that we all have a special item and these will enhance, alter our abilities on each turn. And as we try and get Trogdor to burninate the entire countryside, eat all the peasants, {singing with a flourish} and all the THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES! {Maggie giggles} Right?

MIKE: Yeah!

ALEX: Yes.

MIKE: I flipped. I'm here for you, Strong Bad. I'm here for you, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: Thanks, Mike.

{Everyone is laughing.}

MIKE: All right, everybody...

STRONG BAD: I'll set the table, and everybody, uh yeah, has a Keeper and item and go around the table, who're we gonna start with?

MIKE: I'm gonna start.


{The card featuring Worchex is displayed.}

MIKE: I am Worchex.

{Zoom in closer to Mike's side of the virtual table. The card reappears.}

MIKE: Which means that knights cannot repair cottages during my turn.

STRONG BAD: {whispering} Stupid knights.

MIKE: And my item {the card is displayed} is the Ring of Voip, where I can jump with- uh, jump to any tile. And items, you can only use- they have to be recharged to use them a second time. Um, and the recharge is when a cottage or cottage tile is burninated.

{The card disappears.}

STRONG BAD: Okay. And remember, you can only use those powers and items on your own- on your turn. Right, Mike?

MIKE: That's right. Use it on your turn, and the items you can only use once per turn.

STRONG BAD: Unless otherwise notèd.

MIKE: Yeah. Who's next?

MAGGIE: All right. I am the... {Keeper card is displayed} Galgabudge?


MAGGIE: Galgabudge. Uh, you may treat mountain tiles as if they were also tunnels. And my shirt says "Go Troggie!". Think I can fly? I think I'm a bird.

{Mike laughs. Maggie giggles. Strong Bad smiles.}

MAGGIE: Things are over.

CHRIS: Think you're... a goat-being thing.

MAGGIE: I think you're a goat-being thing.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, those are- those are Fedlocks. Those are cloven hooves.

ALEX: I mean, obviously, you're a Galgabudge.

{Maggie giggles.}

STRONG BAD: Exactly.

ALEX: Yeah.

MAGGIE: Exactly.

STRONG BAD: Didn't you read the Lore Manual before you started to playing this?

MAGGIE: I also have Two Gross Beans. {the card is displayed} Uh, I can use them to gain action points. And my recharge is when Trogdor visits a forest tile. Delicious.

STRONG BAD: All right.

MIKE: Okay. Next?

{The card for Cranjegg is displayed.}

ALEX: All right, I am... Cranjegg. And I may move diagonally because I cheat.

MIKE: Okay.

ALEX: And I {item card is displayed} also have Ye Flask of Dennis, Use: When you burninate a peasant, add that peasant to Trogdor's health. Recharge: When Trogdor visits the lake.

STRONG BAD: That's a sweet deal. Normally the peasants...

MIKE: {nodding} That's-that's one. That's a fine power.

StRONG BAD: ...go into the void.

ALEX: Yeah.

{The Void card is brought to the table.}

CHRIS: I am, uh, {Keeper card is displayed} Brovelade. {pronounced Bro-veh-LAHD} Uh, I guess that's how you say that. But um...

STRONG BAD: Sure. Close enough.

CHRIS: Peasants- Close enough. Peasants cannot repair burninated tiles during my turn.

{The Void card is displayed. It is set down back on the virtual table.}

STRONG BAD: All right.

CHRIS: Cool.

MIKE: Okay, That's good.

STRONG BAD: That's valuable.

CHRIS: And I have the {item card is displayed} Disk of Healing, which is a, uh, return a peasant from The Void to Trogdor's health.

MAGGIE: Ooh, that's a good one.

CHRIS: And it doesn't have a recharge. Yeah, ooh.

MIKE: Yeah.

CHRIS: No recharge, that's awesome.

MIKE: Only one time. That's great.

CHRIS: Sweet.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, the recharge- {The Disk of Healing is displayed again} that actually means uh, we changed that in the reprint of the game. It doesn't just say "none", it says "one time use only".

CHRIS: Oh. Only one use. Gotcha.

STRONG BAD: Exactly, yeah.

CHRIS: I was gonna say, that's really good.

STRONG BAD: Exactly. It's a being- I mean, the game would be pretty easy.

{The Disk is displayed again.}

CHRIS: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: All right, and I am Yubbitz. {Card is displayed} I may trade action cards with other players, either on their turn or mine.


STRONG BAD: So I'm one of the only Keepers that can do stuff not on their turns. So everybody always paying attention to what I'm holding. I have {Item card is displayed} Distracto's Pouch! Which I wanted to name Distracto's Paunch, but they wouldn't let me.

MIKE: {laughing} They!

STRONG BAD: Uh, yeah. "They" meaning Mike and James. {Maggie laughs} They'd uh... staged a mutiny. The Paunch Mutiny of 2016, as we call it.

{Maggie laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Uh, after the movement card is drawn, if I do not like the direction of the peasant movement, I may move them in a different direction. And the recharge is when Troggie takes damage.

MIKE: Fantastic.

STRONG BAD: All right, now, Mike.

MIKE: Yes.

STRONG BAD: We got- everybody's gotta start with an action card 'cause we all...

MIKE: Yes, everybody draw one action card from the action deck here.

{All the players are taking action cards to their respective sides of the virtual table.}

STRONG BAD: {whispering} Swipe. Swipe it real fast.

MIKE: So this'll be banked, so you'll just- you'll always have one {a Sidewise card is displayed} and then on your turn, you'll draw a second one and choose between those two. Um... the action card has the number of action points that you'll be able to use on that turn.

STRONG BAD: And you were to tell everybody what those- what those actions are, Mike?

MIKE: Actions. So an action... uh, Trogdor can move one tile, north, south, east or west is an action. He can burninate a tile that he's on.

STRONG BAD: Hey, wait a second. Let's let Dumbstar answer for us.

MIKE: {laughing} Oh- okay.

STRONG BAD: Can everybody hear the mu- oh, we can't hear it, is the tabletop simulator muted?

ALEX: Oh it is, yes.

STRONG BAD: Oh, that's okay. Don't worry about it. Uh, let me see if I- lemme see if I can find him.

MIKE: We- we heard a song about his actions.

STRONG BAD: All right, Homestar's voice is gonna come out of my face, it's gonna be terrifying.

{Everyone chuckles.}

STRONG BAD: I don't think I can remember the song.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {gruffly} These are the actions that you can do on your turn when you playing the board game Trogdor!! The Board Game. You can move and chomp and hide or burrow, or even bur-ni-nate! Hey, that's pretty good.

MIKE: Nice job, Homestar.

STRONG BAD: That hurt my- that hurt my soul to do that, so I hope you guys {everyone laughs} appreciate me... letting myself get possessed.

ALEX: I'm- I didn't know that you could do such a good, uh Homestar voice. That was impressive.

MAGGIE: It was a little uncomfortable, but-

ALEX: It was. But it was impressive.

CHRIS: Oh yeah.

MAGGIE: It was.

STRONG BAD: Imagine being my larynx.

{Everyone giggles.}

MIKE: Um, so... yeah. So moving, burninating a tile, chomping a peasant. You chomp a peasant, it goes up into the Trog-meter, which is Trogdor's health. When you burninate a peasant, we- we put on the flame helmet and... it then, um, kinda runs around and burninates any tiles that it touches. But at the end of that, the peasant goes into the Void. {The Void card is displayed} And peasants that are in the Void, they are no longer potential health. So we don't want peasants going into the Void. {The Void card is displayed again} Um. Then you can hide on the two mountain tiles, uh, with one action. And that makes it be where Trogdor can't take damage on the knights' and archers' movements. Um, and then there's two tunnels. You can, um, {as he speaks, the DAGRON meeple begins to swell in size} warp from tunnel to tunnel, as an action, to get across the board quicker. Um... {The DAGRON meeple shrinks back down} I think that's it, right?

STRONG BAD: Yeah. Yeah I fell asleep.

{Mike bursts into laughter.}

MIKE: Let's- let's start. Let's start playing.

STRONG BAD: All right, who's going first?

MIKE: Maggie, go first.

STRONG BAD: Down with you- Oh, Maggie's going first.

MAGGIE: Maggie's going first.

STRONG BAD: All right so draw-

MAGGIE: So I draw a card.


MIKE: Draw a card.

{A card is taken from the action deck to Maggie's side of the table.}

MIKE: And then...

{Screen scrolls to Maggie's edge of the table.}

MAGGIE: Open it.

{First the backside is displayed, then the front side.}

MAGGIE: So... {The card is "Slantwise"} I've got two actions, and it's {A Sidewise card is displayed} Slantwise and Sidewise.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, those are... those are sisters.

MAGGIE: They're the... that they are. Uh, once during Trogdor's action, he may burninate an... {The Sidewise card is put down and the Slantwise card is pictured} a diagonally adjacent tile for free. And it's got five action points. And then once during my action phase, I get to do an orthagonally adjacent tile for free. Also five actions.

{The screen pans back to the center of the table.}

MIKE: Okay, so that's just pretty similar. Just one's diagonal and one's... yeah.

MAGGIE: Yeah. I think...

STRONG BAD: This is the version where we still thought that "orthagonal"- putting the word "orthagonal" in a game was a good idea.

{Everyone laughs.}

MAGGIE: Well, I was gonna say the same thing. But um... I'm gonna use... slantwise, so I can do diagonally.


MIKE: Don't forget about your Keeper and Item powers that you're also able to utilize.

MAGGIE: {displaying her Keeper card, Galgabudge} Oh yeah, that's true. I may treat a mountain tiles as if they were also tunnels. And... {her Item, Two Gross Beans, is displayed} I can gain two action points. I might gain two action points. Where are we at? Hang on, I gotta move myself.

MIKE: We're in the middle there.

MAGGIE: Okay, cool.

MIKE: And so we're trying to basically, we gotta, you know, really decide which of these three cottages we wanna- we gotta start burninating cottages, so...

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, and in order to burninate a cottage, you have to surround it with burnination, including the tile that it is also on.

MIKE: Yeah, sure.

STRONG BAD: Before you can flip that.

CHRIS: This is a good one, over here in the corner.

MIKE: Yeah, the corner ones are the easiest, 'cause it's only like, four tiles.


MIKE: The one that's right next to it is... got an advantage 'cause we're right there already. Um...

MAGGIE: So... two...

STRONG BAD: I like Kirkman's advice.

MIKE: Yeah. Let's go for the corners. Corners.

MAGGIE: Yeah, I think I'll go that way. So, {moving DAGRON west} one, {north} two, to move me.

MIKE: 'Kay.

MAGGIE: And then... I'm gonna burn this one.


ALEX: No, you don't burn it. You burninate it.

MAGGIE: I burninate it.

CHRIS: Burninate it.

MAGGIE: For... three. And I'm flipping it.

{The tile is flipped. The burninated side is a darker, greyed-out shade of green.}

MIKE: Okay, so that's three.

MAGGIE: And I'm gonna burninate this one for four. Oh no wait, I have to be on to burn.

STRONG BAD: Got to be on it first. Yep.

MIKE: {displaying the Slantwise card} You can use your Slantwise, will get you a diagonal one for...

MAGGIE: Yeah. So I bet I'll go over here, {west} to do... {moving north instead of west, where a knight stands} actually, wait... I'm gonna go over here...

STRONG BAD: No, but that's a knight.

{The other players tell her no.}

MAGGIE: No no no.

STRONG BAD: You'll get sworded!

MAGGIE: {returning DAGRON to the west} Okay. Nope, then I go to the forest. And I flip this one...

{The forest tile is flipped.}

MIKE: Four.

STRONG BAD: I thought it was four, move, five, flippers.

MIKE: And then you got your free move.

MAGGIE: And then my free action is to flip- to burn diagonally.


MIKE: Yes.

{The tile where the knight stands is flipped.}


MIKE: Nice.

STRONG BAD: Give that knight a hotfoot!

MAGGIE: I give him the hotfoot.

{Chris laughs. The Knight meeple is shaken on the tile.}

STRONG BAD: Whah! WHUUHAAAH! My gauntlets and pauldrons!

{Everyone chuckles.}

STRONG BAD: What are the f- what are the feet called, Mike?

MIKE: Uh... the feet?

STRONG BAD: Anyone know in... anybody in the chat know what knights... leggins are called? They're little, they're like booty things...

ALEX: Their booties?


{The other players giggle.}

STRONG BAD: Um... {the Two Gross Beans card is displayed} Okay, that was a pretty good, that uh... cottage is quaking in its boots.

ALEX: Uh, do...

STRONG BAD: In its knightly boots.

ALEX: So I-I do believe though, um... Maggie has Two Gross Beans. {The Galgabudge card flashes briefly before showing Two Gross Beans again} which is plus two actions points. And you recharge when you visit a forest tile, and I believe you were visiting a forest tile {The forest that Maggie burninated is displayed} this turn.

MIKE: Whoa- wait, she can't recharge until she's u...

ALEX: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: She used it already, right?

ALEX: Right, so she...

MAGGIE: Not yet. So I could move over here...

ALEX: She could just...

MAGGIE: {moving north to the corner cottage} I could just-

ALEX: So he's-

MIKE: Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah.

ALEX: Yeah, so if you started your turn by using it, can you save those action points to use them during the turn?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, yeah. So we'll just say that like right, I'm adding two to my total.

MAGGIE: So, move, and then I'm burning here. Burn. {The cottage meeple is flipped.} Burninated.

STRONG BAD: The cottage- you gotta burninate the tile first.

MIKE: Yeah, just the tile.


STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, you can't- we can't do the cottage just yet. {The cottage tile is flipped} So it's one to move, two to burninate, and then we'll- you can go ahead and consider your thing recharged 'cause you did visit the forest.


MIKE: Okay.

MAGGIE: Awesome. It's done.

STRONG BAD: All right. Now we gotta let the bad guys do their thing. Now the countryside is going to fight back.

MAGGIE: "Greaves" are the leg armors.

STRONG BAD: Greaves! That's it!

CHRIS: Greaves.

MAGGIE: Greaves.

MIKE: Greaves, yes.

STRONG BAD: We even used that on one of our bonus cards we gave out at Gen Con,and I already forgot.

{The other players laugh.}

MIKE: Um, okay. So movement, movement card over here with the compass on it.

MAGGIE: Oh yeah.

{The movement deck is clicked and dragged.}


ALEX: Not the deck, not the deck. The card.

{One card is clicked and moved into a designated compass rose space.}

MAGGIE: Got it.

{The card is flipped over.}

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: Flippers!

MIKE: So... Peasants. {The card is displayed} To recharge peasants, there's one peasant up there...

STRONG BAD: Recharge? What are we talking about?

MIKE: To respawn, sorry. I said the word wrong. Reword.

{The card is displayed again.}

STRONG BAD: Spawn. There's no "re".

MIKE: Spawn. Spawn peasants. We don't need to.

MAGGIE: Yeah. No more peasants.

MIKE: Peasants move south. {The peasant at center cottage is moved south} So thid guy moves south. {The tile with the south cottage is clicked} This one wrap- oops. {tile is dropped, then clicked again} No. {the peasant at the south cottage is wraparound moved to the north} This one wraps around and moves south. {The peasant at the corner cottage moves south} This one moves south. And then now, knights move... I can't see that. {Card is displayed. Movement is South-East-East-South-South} South...

ALEX: South.

STRONG BAD: {rapidly} South-East-East-South-South!

{The knights are moved.}

MIKE: South, wraparound east, east, south south.

CHRIS: East, east...

MIKE: okay, I did this guy.

CHRIS: East, south.

STRONG BAD: I'll do this guy. I'll do the archer.

{The archer is moved.}

STRONG BAD: South, east, east... south, south.

CHRIS: Wait, wait, That was wrong. What, three? Yeah, right here.

{The knight errant is placed on the center cottage tile.}

CHRIS: My bad.

STRONG BAD: {rotating the archer} And then...

MIKE: Archer shoots.

CHRIS: {moving knight one more south} And he has, uh, one more. Yeah, yeah,

{One of the cursors shows the path of the arrow.}

MIKE: And so the archer moves, uh, shoots... south. Down the middle column.

STRONG BAD: He's not hittin' anybody.

MIKE: Not hittin' anybody.

STRONG BAD: That's good.

MAGGIE: Somebody asked, when you die, do you respond? Respawn, not respond.

STRONG BAD: Uh, when you die, like in real life? I don't have those kinda answers!

{Everyone laughs.}

STRONG BAD: I mean, I-I kinda hope. I think reincarnation would be great. Re-in-spawn-ation.

MIKE: But the knight has moved through us, we take one damage.

MAGGIE: One damage.

STRONG BAD: Did the knight move through us?

MIKE: Don't think so. I was not... I-I-I wil admit that because we're using DAGRON, I wasn't really paying attention. but there's...

ALEX: Uh, he did not move through us. We are safe.

MAGGIE: No, right, he did not move through us. This guy wrapped around.

STRONG BAD: All right. So we need to swap 'im out, Mike, for-for Grampa, Mike.

{Everyone laughs.}

MIKE: Now I know.

CHRIS: Maybe we should put the Warm-dingler in.

{Wormdinlger is clicked and dragged, but dropped.}


MIKE: Is it time to tag? Tag him out?

{DAGRON is dragged out.}

CHRIS: Tag him out.

{Wormdinlger is swapped in.}

STRONG BAD: I'm gonna flick the worm- the Warmdingler {Alex laughs} off the table. All right, fine.

MAGGIE: This a family-friendly channel, please don't flick your Wormdingler in front of everybody.

{A menu is opened and a color map is brought up. A deep shade of red is selected. Wormdingler turns black and red.}

MIKE: Um, who's next?

ALEX: There.

MIKE: Alex?

ALEX: Yes, he it. And now he is a Warm-dingler.

STRONG BAD: Whoa! How did his color scheme change?

MIKE: What happened?

CHRIS: Whoa.

MAGGIE: Wait, how did that...?

ALEX: Uh, you can right-click on it, and uh, you could do a color tint, and I tinted-tinted him red.


MAGGIE: It's worse.

STRONG BAD: Kind of awesome now. {Maggie laughs} I sort-of want to respect Wormdingler more. He's the Dark-dingler!

{A new action card is drawn and flipped over.}

ALEX: All right, so I got... I uh, flipped a card. {Sidewise is displayed} I have a Sidewise already, much like Maggie had. {A Wingaling card is displayed} And then I also have a Wingaling, which is four action points, but before Trogdor's actions, he may jump to any space.

STRONG BAD: I think... we gotta... yeah, but you can waste, we gotta burninate cottage first.

ALEX: Yeah, right, yes. So, so I think I'm gonna use Sidewise.

{The card is discarded.}

STRONG BAD: {cheering, quietly} Cottage, cottage,

{The Cranjegg card is displayed.}

MIKE: And what are your uh, powers again?

ALEX: So, I can move diagonally. {Ye Flask of Dennis is displayed} And um, I can, when I burninate a peasant, I add the peasant's uh, to Trogdor's health.

STRONG BAD: Ooh boo. That's always fun to watch.

MIKE: Yeah.

ALEX: Yeah.

MIKE: You could probably burninate a peasant.

ALEX: Yeah, so uh, first action, is I am going to burninate this cottage that we're currently on.

{The cottage meeple is flipped.}

MIKE: Yes.


ALEX: Flip. {Strong Bad cheers} Yay, burninated.

CHRIS: Sweet.

ALEX: There are no peasants here.

{Strong Bad starts humming the Trogdor! theme.}

MIKE: Okay, so that's one action.

ALEX: Mm-hm. So second action, uh, let's do some diagonal movement. One.

MIKE: Could move down and go to that peasant and burninate it.

ALEX: Oh, that's true. Hm.

{Wormdingler is moved diagonally again to center tile.}

MIKE: 'Cause otherwise we won't get to one.

MAGGIE: Somebody's asking how...

ALEX: Two.

MAGGIE: Hey, Strong Bad. How would you react if Dumpwad, Homestar, became intelligent?

{Mike laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Um... He'd-he'd I'd done that before. He says "science". He just keeps saying "science" over and over again. {The center tile is flipped} And uh, and it's pretty funny. You can get him to do anything.

{Wormdingler is moved south. The tile is flipped. Maggie laughs.}

ALEX: And then my Sidewise I can use to burninate this peasant, right?

MIKE: Uh, {Sidewise card is displayed} Sidewise is just tiles, right?

ALEX: Uh, uh... yeah, you are right. Yeah, you're right. {The last tile is unburninated} So...

STRONG BAD: Well, you can't walk onto that knight.

{The other two tiles are unburninated.}

ALEX: That seems like a bad idea. Okay. Fine.

{Wormdingler is moved back to the cottage.}

ALEX: Uh, so I was here, cottage.


{Everyone laughs.}

ALEX: Yes. {The tile that was mistakenly flipped is burninated again} There we go.

MIKE: That was... yeah. Yeah so one action,

ALEX: So one action was burninate the cottage. {moving south} Two is over here. Three is to burninate the peasant.


ALEX: Yay.

STRONG BAD: Light him up! {The flame helmet is placed on the peasant} Light him up real good. There he goes. Right.

MIKE: All right, so now we gotta flip a movement card.

STRONG BAD: This guy gets his own movement card. {A card is drawn} Just look at the movement path, not the peasant or peasant direction.

{The card is flipped.}

MIKE: Yeah, right here. So we're going... in... {the card is displayed. Path is West-North-North-East} What did that say? It's upside down from me.

CHRIS: It's over here.

ALEX: West, north north east.

{The peasant is moved with wraparound to the east edge. The tile is flipped.}

CHRIS: Yep, he runs here.

STRONG BAD: West! Flippers!

MIKE: North.

CHRIS: North.


{Tile is flipped.}

MIKE: Flippers.

STRONG BAD: Flippers!

{Peasant wraps around to the southeast corner.}

CHRIS: North.

{Tile is flipped.}

STRONG BAD: Flippers on the la- {tile is unflipped} Oh, wait! But it's the lake, so he extinguishes himself. No!

{Everyone says "No!" The flame helmet is put away.}

STRONG BAD: Doooj! What a jerk!

{The Ye Flask of Dennis card is displayed.}

STRONG BAD: But.. so he doesn't even go into our health, we didn't... we didn't get any of the benefits except the...

MIKE: We got two- we burninated two tiles.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, uh...

ALEX: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: I suppose a net gain of two tiles.

ALEX: Yeah, and I'd- I didn't have to use the Flask, so I still have it.

MAGGIE: Yeah. And the cottage.

STRONG BAD: You still got actions, right?

ALEX: Uh, I have currently used, uh... three. One to move, one to burninate a cottage, and one to burninate a peasant. um... so, I will {moves southeast} go here. I will for four, I will burninate this myself.

{Tile is flipped.}


{Alex laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Burning Wormdingler.

ALEX: And... uh, let's burninate this {the tile to the east is flipped} this tile, right here for my um, my free burninate.


MIKE: Okay.

CHRIS: Nice.

STRONG BAD: All right, now the bad guys, let's see what the countryside does.

{Movement cards are drawn and flipped. A movement card is displayed.}

ALEX: All right, got... three peasants.

MIKE: Three peasants. There're only...


MIKE: There're only three on the board, so we're good.

ALEX: Right.

{Movement card is displayed again.}

STRONG BAD: That's right. 'Cause that guy got incinerated.

MIKE: He got extinguished.

ALEX: Mm-hm.

MIKE: They all move southeast.

ALEX: So... I'll grab this one.

{The peasants on the board are moved to their respective tiles.}


{Movement card is displayed again.}

ALEX: And then we have west-west-north-east-north.

STRONG BAD: {quietly} Oh dang.

{The knights are moved.}

ALEX: West, west, north, oop, east, north.

{During the movement path, the knight has passed through Wormdingler.}


CHRIS: Take a hit!

MIKE: West, west, north, east, north.

STRONG BAD: I'll do the archer. {The archer is moved} West, west, north, east, north. {The archer is pointed directly at Wormdingler} Oh, n-no!

ALEX: Oh no.

STRONG BAD: Pchew! Arrowed! It's a double hit!


MIKE: So we took two hits?

ALEX: Two hits.

{A peasant is taken from the Trog-meter and placed on The Void.}

STRONG BAD: One peasant into the Void. {Another peasant is moved} Two peasants into the Void. Hang on, I'm gonna flick them, 'cause I'm angry at them.

{Strong Bad flicks the peasants. The peasants go flying.}

STRONG BAD: Stupid peasants! Pchoo!

MAGGIE: Somebody wants to know how Strong Bad can use Tabletop Simulator with boxing gloves.

STRONG BAD: {mocking} How do you start it with boxing gloves? {peasants are restored to the Void} I'm like to turn this blah-blah.

{Maggie giggles.}

STRONG BAD: It's my answer to that.

{Everyone chuckles.}

MIKE: All right, are we ready?

CHRIS: Uh, yep, I'm ready. Here we go.

MIKE: Here we go, all right. You can...

CHRIS: {drawing a card and flipping it over} ...flip that over there.

{The card displayed is Invisibility.}

'CHRIS: All right, em- ooh. Let me see what that does. Invisibility, Trogdor can't be hurt by knights during his actions this turn. Or Slantwise.

{The Slantwise card is displayed.}

MIKE: Invisibility.

{As Maggie speaks, someone is drawing Strong Bad and other character meeples from the red sack.}

MAGGIE: Oh, somebody's asking if... if the peasant who was entered into the space with the burninated cottage should have caught fire.

STRONG BAD: Oh, did a peasant walk onto a burninated cottage?

CHRIS: Oh, right here, yeah.

MIKE: I haven't been paying attention.

STRONG BAD: Oh, man!

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: How could we forget the best part? And that was on your turn too, right?

{A movement card is displayed.}

ALEX: Uh, it was.

MIKE: It just- it just happened. Yeah.

ALEX: He did.

STRONG BAD: So we could save this peasant. Let's light him up!

{A flame helment automatically appears on the peasant in the corner.}

STRONG BAD: All right, so wait. Before we move forward, Kirkwin, pause.

CHRIS: Sure. Pause.

STRONG BAD: We're going back- we're half-half Mulligan.

CHRIS: Okay.

STRONG BAD: {flipping a movement card} Let's see. We're gonna flip this guy over. {The card is displayed} All right, who wants to do the honors and move this peasant?

MIKE: I'm gona move him.

STRONG BAD: All right, So he's gonna go, Mike.

MIKE: Yes.

STRONG BAD: He's going West. {The peasant is moved with each direction called} West.

MIKE: {flipping a tile} All right, flippers.


MIKE: {moving peasant and flipping tile} South.

{Once the tile is flipped, the peasant already on that tile catches fire.}

ALEX: Oh no.

MIKE: It's a chain reaction.

STRONG BAD: Chain reaction!

{Maggie rubs her hands together with glee.}

MIKE: Okay, let's finish this one.

STRONG BAD: All right, and then east-south.

MIKE: Uh, east-south.

{The last tile is flipped.}

STRONG BAD: All right, that... he goes back to the Trog-meter. Because... {The Ye Flask of Dennis is displayed} you're gonna use flas- Flask of Dennis, right? Because you're awesome.

ALEX: {deactivating his item card} Yes.

{The peasant is taken to the Trog-meter.}

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: Sweet. All right, like turn off his little... munchins.

MIKE: All right, now this guy.

STRONG BAD: Now the second one. Light him up! Here we go, another one. {A movement card is flipped and displayed.} You guys, this is fantastic.

{Chris laughs.}

STRONG BAD: All right, this one's gonna go east-east-north-north.

ALEX: He'll be fine. Oh no.

MIKE: {moving peasant} East, east, north north.

{This movement path causes the peasant to cross a burning cottage.}

STRONG BAD: Wait, didn't he... no wait, if he ends his turn on a flaming cottage, right? Is that when he gets re-ignited?

{The tile that the peasant stands on is flipped.}

MIKE: Eeh... yes.

{Strong Bad begins to sing absently. Maggie is jamming to the song.}

MIKE: This one does go into the Void, right?

{The Ye Flask of Dennis is displayed.}

ALEX: Ah, yes. Because, uh...

MIKE: Can only do it once.

ALEX: My Flask is not recharged.

CHRIS: Your Flask of Dennis.

ALEX: Yes.

STRONG BAD: Wait, but does it- no wait, it's just once per turn?

ALEX: Uh... When you burninate a peasant, add that peasant to Trogdor's health. And then recharge when Trogdor visits the lake. I did not visit the lake.

MIKE: Oh, it's all burnination, yeah yeah yeah.

{Ye Flask of Dennis is flashed. The peasant goes into the Void, then into the Trog-meter.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, I think we made that clearer in the final game. Than this.

ALEX: Cool.

STRONG BAD: Than this jank. Than this jank-o-vision game version.

{Alex laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Jank-o-vision version.

{Coach Z's meeple is taken out from a sack and planted next to Wormdingler.}

ALEX: Well, I'm not complaining.

MAGGIE: Someone wants to know if Trog- oh, if Strong Bad, do you ever take off your boxing gloves, or are they literally just your hands? Also...

{As Strong Bad talks, Wormdingler's color scheme is messed around with.}

STRONG BAD: Look, I ans- I addressed this in the very first Strong Bad Email that I ever made in 2002. {Wormdingler's color returns to default} These are my hands. I have biological boxing gloves, ad they biological wrestling mask for a face and head. All right? {Maggie and Alex laugh} You guys have to deal with it. Have you noticed how like, nobody in my world has arms, or legs? Or mouths? I feel like I'm the less- the least... like...

MAGGIE: Alarming?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, exactly.

{The Coach Z meeple is being played with.}

STRONG BAD: I'm trying to get Coach Z to ride Wormdingler, but he won't stay on.

{Everyone laughs.}

MIKE: All right.

STRONG BAD: Let's do it like this. {zoom in on Coach Z and Wormdingler} He's gonna surf on him. It's just gonna surf on him.

MAGGIE: Can you "go Dennis" in a game?

STRONG BAD: Uh, yes you can go Dennis in this game. There's actually...

MIKE: One card. There's a secret card, yeah.

STRONG BAD: A Dennis card, that uh... that we may, we may draw at some point.

{Wormdingler is now stacked on top of Coach Z.}

STRONG BAD: Actually, I don't know.

MIKE: I don't think it's in this version.

STRONG BAD: It's not in the print-and-play.

MIKE: Oh no.

STRONG BAD: In the final game.

MIKE: These cards are from the game, though. The movement cards, like are from the game.

STRONG BAD: I don't know. All right.

MIKE: Anyway.

STRONG BAD: Back to curtain.

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: We got side-tracked.

CHRIS: There we go. Uh, well our hair-elth looks pretty good. Uh, I don't think I'm gonna use Invisibility this turn. I think I'm gonna use Slantwise.

{Slantwise is briefly flashed, then discarded.}

STRONG BAD: Listen to that strategizing. {Chris laughs} He's actually thinking about it.

{Everyone laughs.}

CHRIS: It's amazing.

STRONG BAD: I'm totally phoning this in.

CHRIS: {laughing} If I was to burninate this tile with the knight on it, it doesn't do anything, right? It just burninates the tile.


MIKE: If you use it... yeah.

STRONG BAD: You're using your...

CHRIS: I would use my Slantwise for that. {flips tile to northeast of Wormdingler} Yes. And burninate. Okay, that's my free burninate and I got five left, so let's go... {moving Wormdingler east} one, {south} two, {flips tile} burninate, {east} three. {flips tile} burninate, four... hang on, I did one, two, three, four five. That's my movements. Okay. Um, and then we do the thing.

{A movement card is drawn, flipped and displayed.}

CHRIS: The bad guys. All right.

MIKE: Four peasants, so... what are there, only one on the board?


ALEX: Yeah.

MAGGIE: Someone standing in the lake. She has boat shoes. We decided. {Chris laughs} We need to...

MIKE: They can only spawn at unburninated cottages, so only two can come out. One at each of the unburninated cottages.

{Peasants are spawned. One peasant is spawned from the Void.}

MAGGIE: Oh. {picking up the tile with the cottage and the mis-spawned peasant} Oops.

ALEX: That's not out of the Void.

CHRIS: Not out of the Void. Not out of the Void, sorry. Excuse me.

ALEX: The Void is the Void once you're in the Void.

{The peasant is returned to the Void.}

CHRIS: The Void is the Void.

MAGGIE: Yeah, you can't leave the Void.

ALEX: You cannot leave the Void.

MIKE: Although... who could- somebody can bring it back from the Void right? One...

STRONG BAD: Kirkman!

ALEX: Yes.

MAGGIE: Kirkman?

STRONG BAD: But only one time.

CHRIS: Uh, one time, yes.

{The Disk of Healing is displayed.}

MIKE: Uh, okay. So... then where do they move? They move east.

{The card is displayed.}

CHRIS: East, yeah.

{The peasants are moved.}

STRONG BAD: Oh man, Mike. It's... Oh wait, that's the wrong way direction.

MIKE: Not yet, not yet.

STRONG BAD: Not yet. I'm so close.

MIKE: We need this guy. This guy's been moved.

CHRIS: Oh, he's been moved. Yep.

MIKE: Okay, so all three of them have been moved.


MAGGIE: So, the designer of this um... tabletop simulator setup wants to know if you could shout out his for his birthday? Birthday shoutout?

{As she speaks, one of the peasants swells dramatically in size.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, that's right! Everybody. Marcus made this awesome mod that we're playing and he's even tweeted for this uh, stream specifically and added like, all the Trogdor meeples, and all the Homestar meeples, and it's his birthday! So everybody in the chat say "Happy Birthday Marcus thanks for making such an awesome tabletop simulation modded... thing"!

ALEX: Happy birthday, Marcus. {The other players wish him a happy birthday as well} Thank you for making such an awesome tabletop simulation thing!

STRONG BAD: Good job. Alex, I think you nailed that.

{Everyone laughs. The peasant continues to grow bigger.}

MIKE: Um, okay, so knights move, right?

STRONG BAD: {singing to the tune of "Happy Birthday"} Giant peasant to you. {The peasant is now half the size of the game board and is pushing the nearby cottage aside} Giant peasant to you. Let's see if we can crash the mod. {The Trogdor meeple is briefly brought in} Giant peasant to yooooouuuu!!

{As the song ends, the peasant starts to shrink back down with the Trogdor meeple on its head.}

STRONG BAD: All right, I'm bringing it back down.

MIKE: Are you done, Strong B'd?

STRONG BAD: I'm done. I'm done. {The displaced cottage is restored to its tile} I wanted to say thanks. I'm so sorry I took so long, Marcus. You rule.

{The peasant continues shrinking. The Trogdor meeple on its head comes tumbling down. The Trogdor meeple is set aside.}

MIKE: Um, so knights move. What is this?

STRONG BAD: Mike is all business. Look at him, he's right back in the game.

CHRIS: Uh, north-north...

STRONG BAD: No fun for Mike.

MIKE: All right, I'm gonna move this knight.

CHRIS: Yep, north-north.

MIKE: {the knight moves} North, north, west.

CHRIS: West, west.

MIKE: West.

CHRIS: North.

{A color editor is brought out. Strong Sad's dragon meeple turns red.}

MIKE: North. Okay, and then this guy...

{The second knight is moved.}

CHRIS: North-north.

MIKE: North, north.

CHRIS: West-west.

MIKE: West-west.

CHRIS: North.

MIKE: North. Okay, for the archer, {the archer is moved. As it is, Coach Z is randomly planted on the game board} north-north, west-west, north. And he shoots. Up and down. Along the bottom.

CHRIS: Sweet.

MIKE: So hide kong. Okay, so no damage. I can't remember where we are. Oh, right, we're Wormdingler.

{A flick line appears on Coach Z.}

STRONG BAD: Get rid of Coach Z here. Sorry, everybody.

{Coach Z is flicked all the way off the game board to the very corner edge of the table. He knocks over the red meeple sack along the way.}

MAGGIE: Somebody wants to know where The Cheat is? He's- he's right here.

{The Cheat's meeple is picked up and planted on the game board.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah. There he is. Come here little buddy. Come here little buddy.

{The Cheat is moved off the game board. Maggie laughs.}

ALEX: Yeah. Uh, Kirkman, did you- do you want to use the Disk of Healing before you end your turn?

CHRIS: Uh, no. Oh, well. Oh well, well we're down to three, but... I don't think we're quite there yet.

ALEX: I mean, but...

STRONG BAD: {motioning to two peasants adjacent to Wormdingler's tile} These guys are close by. We could probably do some chompin's.

CHRIS: Chomping.

ALEX: Yeah, yeah that's true.

STRONG BAD: All right, so everybody's done. Is it my turn, finally?

MIKE: Yep, your turn.

STRONG BAD: All right, sweet deals.

{A card is drawn.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Doot-doot-doo... {flips card} Let's flip it over. {The card displayed is a Block card.} Oh, let's flip it over. {The image grows bigger} Mike's gonna flip it over. I got Block. That one's four, and oh yeah, we always- we forgot to tell everybody, that if you don't like either of your cards, you can always discard, have no extra powers, and uh, you get five action points.

MIKE: Five action points. Yeah.

{A Smell the Daises card is displayed.}

MAGGIE: So, Neato King Zero-Four-Two says the Troghammer card should be shuffled into the action deck after Trogdor took damage.

MIKE: Yes! We took damage.

STRONG BAD: Aw, man I wanted to play with no Troghammer!

MAGGIE: {shaking her head} That's too bad.

STRONG BAD: All right, fine. {Maggie giggles} We shoulda done that like... turn, many turns ago.

{Everyone chuckles.}

STRONG BAD: It's okay.

CHRIS: Two turns ago.

ALEX: Two draws ago, yeah.

STRONG BAD: Oh, just two. Okay. Um, should I put my card back in case I- in case I draw a Troghammer?

MIKE: It's up to you, Strong Bad.

{Strong Bad's Block card is placed on a virtual tablet with the Trogdor!! Rulebook EP on it.

STRONG BAD: I'll be- I'll be honest. {putting the card back into the action deck} You go back in. Drop back in there. {Two of the corner tiles are messed up} Shuffle around.

MIKE: Oh no! I started shuffling those cards.

{The other players all laugh as the tiles and meeples are set back right.}

STRONG BAD: Man, you can shuffle the whole countryside! {Everyone laughs} All right, {flipping over a new action card} now I got this guy. What've we got? Okay. Block. Did not draw Troghammer.

{The Block card is displayed.}

STRONG BAD: {placing card with his item cards} Thanks for telling us how to play our own game since we clearly don't know. Thank you, everybody.

{The other players laugh.}

STRONG BAD: We're trying to make it fun times. Uh, let's see, so I got Smell the Daisies or Block. Um, I can trade action cards, uh, with other players. So if anybody's got something they want to give me. Mike, you got...

MIKE: I got Shot Put.

STRONG BAD: Shot Put, that's a pretty good one. Um, {the Ring of Voip is displayed} we could get very close to burninating uh, {indicating central cottage} this cottage this turn if I {the Shot Put card is displayed} had some more actions to- to work with.

MAGGIE: I got Sidewise. {The Wingaling card is displayed} Which is five action points.


CHRIS: Yeah. Mine is not gonna help you.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, let's see. Sidewise I could get this stump {indicating stump tile adjacent to Wormdingler} or the uh... possibly...

CHRIS: Yeah.

ALEX: Oh yeah.

MIKE: If you get that stump with Sidewise you can definitely go for that cottage.

ALEX: Mm-hm.

STRONG BAD: All right, Maggie. Let's see, what do you want? I'm gonna give you Smell the Daisies.

{Cards are exchanged across the table.}


STRONG BAD: All right. Sweet. And I'm gonna play my Sidewise, here. {The action card is discarded. The Sidewise card is displayed} And, where am I? Okay, so I'll- oh, {indicating adjacent stump tile} should I go ahead and do this one? For free?

MIKE: Yeah. Yeah.

STRONG BAD: At the beginning? {flips tile} All right, we'll flip it that one, and now I got five actions. So... {moving Wormdingler north} I'll just go one, {flips tile} two, flippers, {flips cottage meeple} three! Burninate! {east} Four over here! And then, uh, I dunno. What've we got? Three...

MIKE: Chompers.

STRONG BAD: He should eat some peasants, right?

ALEX: Yeah. Yeah.

MIKE: It's all burnination around him.

STRONG BAD: {whining} Okay, if everybody wants to play it safe.

{Everyone laughs. The peasant is taken to the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG BAD: All right, fine. I had a fine meal of peasant.

MIKE: Okay, don't forget, you got, um, Distracto's Pouch here.

{Distracto's Pouch card is displayed.}

STRONG BAD: Yes, so I- if I don't like where the peasants are goin'... all right, let's see what we've got. Flip 'ems.

{A movement card is displayed.}

STRONG BAD: All right, no peasants! That's sweet! And the one that's there moves west and repairs, but {moves Peasant to the lake tile in the southeast corner} that will just be to the lake.

{The other peasant is moved to the unburninated southern cottage.}

MIKE: There are two here.

STRONG BAD: And to this.

MIKE: Uh, yeah, yeah.

STRONG BAD: Gotta add this, too. Um, this guy is uh, he's gonna dive. {The peasant meeple is flipped upside-down} Dive!

{Maggie giggles. Alex giggles too.}

MIKE: We could have, um, Strong Bad?

STRONG BAD: What could we have done, Mike?

MIKE: You could have-

STRONG BAD: What did I do wrong this time, coach?

MIKE: You- you could've made a peasant go into the burninated cottage {a color editor is brought up, changing the palette to blue} and light itself on fire.

MAGGIE: That's true.

STRONG BAD: Mulligan! Mulligan! Quick! {moving the peasant from the lake back to the southwestern corner} Quick, everybody!

MIKE: You can manke them move north. Or wait, south, I mean. Right?


ALEX: Oh, yes.

STRONG BAD: Let's do it.

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: All right, so... yeah, I'm going to...

MIKE: Okay, wait, let's move both peasants south.

{The peasants are wraparound-moved to the northern border. The Distracto's Pouch card is displayed.}

STRONG BAD: Use my Distracto's Paunch.

{Two Distracto's Pouch cards are displayed.}

MIKE: South... and this guy goes south... so he goes to that and lights himself on fire.

{The peasant gains a flame helmet.}

STRONG BAD: Okay. All right, see. Thank you, Mike. You saved us, I thought I was gonna have a boring turn.

MIKE: I know. {Everyone laughs} You usually have got boring moves.

STRONG BAD: Now it gets... gets to be great.

{The next movement card is displayed.}

STRONG BAD: All right, let's see. Now he's gonna go. What is that? East, south-south, east.

{The burninated peasant is moved, but none of the tiles are flipped.}

MIKE: South, south, nothing!

ALEX: Nothing. Aw...

STRONG BAD: That was the most boring thing I've ever seen! {Alex laughs} And he goes to the Void!

{The peasant is taken to the Void.}


STRONG BAD: Well, Mike! Now how would we doin', Coach of the Year?

{Everyone laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Don't listen to Mike anymore.

MIKE: All I did was make a suggestion, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: You made it, you- you- you forced my hand! {Mike laughs} This is live! With an audience! You thought they were gonna revolt {the Yubbitz card is displayed} if I didn't do it! {Everyone bursts into laughter} This is all your fault!

MIKE: We're still in good shape.

STRONG BAD: All right. So wait, we gotta- we gotta- we forgot to look at this guy. {Strong Bad recovers a previously discarded movement card} We still have to move the knights in everybody's...

{The movement card is displayed.}

MIKE: Oh, that was uh, right. I forgot you were drawing another card.

STRONG BAD: So now, what are we doin'? North-north, east-east. For knights and archers.

{The knights and archers are moved.}

MIKE: North-north, east-east.

MAGGIE: I heard the meeple peasants taste like cornflakes? Can Strong Bad confirm?

MIKE: North, north, east, east.

STRONG BAD: Uh, they taste like Captain Vitaman. Or King Vitaman. 'Scuse me. Captain Crunch and King Vitaman had a baby and {cracking up} his name is Captain Vitaman Cereal.

{The other players crack up.}

STRONG BAD: It's the cheapest cereal ever made.

{Everyone laughs.}

MIKE: All right. Archers shot, knights moved, no damage, correct?

ALEX: Yes.

STRONG BAD: We're good.

{The movement card is discarded.}

MIKE: Um, okay. So my turn?


ALEX: Yeah.

{An action card is drawn and brought to Mike's side.}

STRONG BAD: Well, you go, Mike, I'm-a set up um, some uh... Homestar bowling over here if that's okay with you.

{As he spoke, four of the dragon meeples have been grouped together in the rear, while the Strong Bad, Strong Mad and Strong Sad meeples are set up in front of them.}

MIKE: Summon the Troghammer.

{The Troghammer card is briefly flashed. Then the Worchex card is displayed.}


MIKE: That means Troghammer just comes out.

{The Summon Forth Yon Trog-Hammer card is displayed as the Troghammer meeple is taken from the Trog-meter.}

MIKE: {as the Troghammer is spawned in the center} So he comes out to the middle tile.

{The DAGRON meeple is moved to join the other dragons. The Troghammer meeple is displayed. The card is then discarded.}

MIKE: And... gotta put that there. {As Mike is speaking, Strong Bad flicks Strong Mad, knocking down all the other meeples. Another action card is drawn} And I draw another one. {The card is flashed too quickly to see. The Ring of Voip card is displayed.} And it is wraparound. So I have Shot Put and {the Wraparound card is displayed} Wraparound. Wraparound gives me wraparound movement {the Shot Put card is displayed} which might be helpful because we're right here on the edge. And Shot Put...

MAGGIE: {as the red Strong Sad dragon meeple vanishes} Put it back in the bag, I'm sorry.

MIKE: {reading the Shot Put card} After all Trogdor's actions, he may burninate from up to 2 tiles away.

{As Mike is speaking, the meeples are being set up again on the side of the board.}

MIKE: So I sort-of shoot a fireball from up to something else. A tile or a cottage or peasant. Um... let's see. Maybe you should just go down to this cottage, right?

CHRIS: Seems good.

STRONG BAD: I'm-I'm busy.

MIKE: Now... let's see. {Chris laughs} Wraparound's not gonna... no, Shot Put. I think Shot Put would all be good.

{The red meeple bag has been moved out of the way as the character meeples have been set up in formation.}

STRONG BAD: We'd love to listen to you think, Mike. If you could just continue doing that for a while.

{The other players giggle.}

MIKE: Oh! I've got Ring of Voip. {The Ring of Voip card is displayed} I could start on any tile. So, I forgot.

ALEX: Oh, that's true, yeah.

MAGGIE: Strong Bad, did you ever get around to finishing your amusement park?

MIKE: Let's see. Ring of Voip...

STRONG BAD: It's sort-of- what are you talking about? It was awesome! The Riverquest Safariventure was the crown jewel!

{Wormdingler is moved to the same tile as the Archers.}

MIKE: I'm gonna Voip... 'cause we need this one to get that cottage. And I don't take damage if I'm on the same tile as the Archer.

CHRIS: Mm-hm.

MIKE: Um, so. Let's see. I'm going to flip my...

STRONG BAD: {Riverquest Safariventure voice} Everybody watch Mike, Mike's about to play a turn. What is it gonna be a really good turn, it's called turn of Trogdorrr.

{A card is discarded.}

MIKE: And I'm gonna use Shot Put. {The Shot Put card is displayed.} Five actions.

STRONG BAD: {Riverquest Safariventure voice} He's gonna use Shot Put. EVerybody get ready to experience the fury of... Shot Puuut.

MIKE: {flipping Wormdingler's tile} This one.

{Everyone mumbles "one". Wormdingler is moved south, and the tile is flipped.}

MIKE: Three. Wait a minute.

{Pause. Seven of the character meeples are in formation and are being adjusted.}

STRONG BAD: Somebody listening to music?

MIKE: I'm gonna not do that.

{The tile is reverted to green.}

MIKE: Got one, two. Then we're gonna go... {Wormdingler is moved East to the cottage.} three.

CHRIS: Sounds like... sounds like a crowd cheering.

MAGGIE: It does.

{Wormdingler is moved east.}

MIKE: Four. {Tile is flipped} Five, burninate this, and then shot put, I'm gonna go over back to this tunnel and burninate that for my Shot Put.

{The tunnel tile previously unburninated is flipped. Now, nine of the character meeples are in bowling pin formation. Bubs and Strong Bad are not there. Pom Pom is in front of the rest.}

MIKE: So I'm settin' up... Maggie for that cottage.

CHRIS: Yeah.

ALEX: Ooh.

MAGGIE: Heck yes.

MIKE: Yeah, we were- just got that tile and the cottage.

{Homestar is put at the front of the formation, with Bubs now taking his place.}

MIKE: To go. Okay, so, movements. {A movement card is drawn} Of the knights and archers and... {The card is flipped and displayed} Let's see. Um... There are what? Just one on the board?

ALEX: Just-just one on the board, yeah.

MIKE: So three want to spawn, but he can only spawn on the unburninated cottages {indicating the single cottage in the south} so only one spawns. {A peasant is spawned there} Right there. Okay. And they... {the movement card is displayed again} both move northwest. {The peasants are moved} So he will go here. This guy... will go northwest up to there.

{The peasant is wraparound moved to the southern cottage tile. When planted, it lands on the cottage meeple, falling over and knocking down Wormdingler.}

MIKE: Oops.


CHRIS: Oh, no.

{Wormdingler is set upright again.}

MIKE: And the knights will move east-east, {movement card is displayed again} north-north-north. Is that right? It's small for me.

ALEX: Yes. East-east, north-north-north.

MIKE: {moving knight} East, east, north, north, north. {moving second knight} And east, east, north-north-north.

ALEX: Uh-oh.

MIKE: {moving archers} Archers. East, east, north north north.

ALEX: Uh oh.

CHRIS: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: Oh, dang. {the archers finish moving} Oh dang!

MIKE: Then he shoots east-west.

STRONG BAD: No. He went north-north.

{The archer is rotated. It is pointing directly at Wormdingler.}

MIKE: North. Yes. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Yeah. Um... so we hit.

STRONG BAD: Everybody go- everybody, on the count of three everyone yell "arrowed"! One-two-three.


{A peasant is removed from the Trog-meter and moved to the Void.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, dang.

MIKE: Takes another hit.

ALEX: {displaying the movement card again} And uh, Troghammer still needs to move as well, right?

MIKE: Oh. And the Troghammer moves.

STRONG BAD: The Trog-ham. {singing} He's the Trog-HAM-A!!

{The Troghammer is moved.}

MIKE: North... {The Troghammer's first move is east, which leads him to a burninated cottage} Normally, the Troghammer would repair this cottage, but I'm Worchex. And knights cannot repair cottages during my turn. So.

CHRIS: Nice.

ALEX: Nice.

MIKE: {Continuing movement} East. North, north, north.

STRONG BAD: We are paying some attention. A modicum of attention is being paid.

MIKE: All right. Maggie.

{The Troghammer, which is on the lake tile, is flipped upside-down.}

STRONG BAD: Wait, hang on. Can I- can we take a time-out to do a us...uh...

CHRIS: Oh, here we go.

STRONG BAD: A frame or two of Homestar meeple bowling over here on the side-yard.

{The frame shifts to the edge of the board. Ten of the Homestar meeples are set up in a triangular formation like bowling pins. The other two, Pom Pom and Strong Bad, are lined up at the edge of the table.}

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: I don't know if you guys could focus over here.

ALEX: Yes, we are focused over there.

STRONG BAD: All right, it's the tenth frame, and Strong Bad is bowling. He switched to a Pom Pom-pound ball, for this final frame. And uh, he's going to see if he can uh, pick up- he needs to pick up a spare in order to win the championship.

{A flick line is drawn.}

STRONG BAD: Let's see. Come on, come on... {Strong Bad's voice sounds distant, as if he dropped his mike} Whut-hut- hang on... hang on...

{Alex laughs.}

STRONG BAD: There we go. Ready?

{Pom Pom is flicked into the meeples. All the meeples are knocked over except for Coach Z on the left edge.}


STRONG BAD: Coach Z's the holdout! All right, hang on.

{The knocked-over meeples are picked up and placed further away.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, Mike, you're my pin-setter.

{The Pom Pom meeple is dragged back to the Strong Bad meeple's location.}

MIKE: Here are these off. All right, just gotta get Coach Z.

STRONG BAD: All right, I'm gonna put a little English on Pom Pom. This time.

MIKE: Is that the seven or the ten?

STRONG BAD: Uh, I-I don't know, Mike. Ask the chats.

CHRIS: The seven.

MIKE: We'll say seven. Yeah.

{A flick line is drawn.}

STRONG BAD: I trust Kirkman. The Kirk-Manatee. Here we go.

{Pom Pom is flicked. Maggie giggles. Coach Z is knocked away. Everyone cheers.}

STRONG BAD: Picks it up! Strong Bad wins the Homestar meeple bowling championship! That was totally worth me not paying attention for like the last five minutes!

{Everyone bursts into laughter.}

MIKE: Uh, it's Maggie's turn?

STRONG BAD: Now it's Maggie's turn. Sorry, Maggie.

MAGGIE: Oh yeah, now it's my turn.

STRONG BAD: Extra man.

MIKE: Yeah, so...

MAGGIE: Someone just called attention to the shark behind me. Don't worry, he's, uh, domesticated. So, there's no worries there. And...

STRONG BAD: He's creepin'. He's totally creepin' on you.

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  • The YouTube description for this video is "Join us as we burninate the countryside in Trogdor! with special guests the Brothers Chaps!!!"

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