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"Coach Z, you jerk!"

Coach Z and Marzipan host a parade!

Cast (in order of appearance): Coach Z, Marzipan, Bubs, Pom Pom, Homsar, Homsar, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, The King of Town, The Poopsmith, The Hornblower, The Knight, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, The Cheat

Places: The Field, Bubs' Concession Stand, Strong Bad's Laundry Room (Easter egg)

Date: November 21, 2005

Running Time: 3:28

Page Title: Reign On, Parade! Reign On!



{A leaf logo appears with the words "The 4Tst Annual Fall Float Parade".}

ANNOUNCER: We now return to the firty-tirst annual fall float parade.

{Cut to Coach Z and Marzipan wearing scarves and ear muffs. Marzipan is holding a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and is glaring at Coach Z.}

COACH Z: Okay, den, welcome back. First, please allow me to apologize to my co-host, here, for any inapprapriate comments I may have made while we was at commercial.

MARZIPAN: {nearly under her breath} That's two strikes, Coach Z.

COACH Z: Yes, yes, what fun!

MARZIPAN: {suddenly cheerful} So, next up is good old Bubs.

COACH Z: Yes, good old my favorite type o' guy who I'm just all the time hangin' around and doin' stuff with, Bubs!

{Cut to Bubs on a giant float with the words "COACH Z, YOU JERK" written on it, next to a model of Coach Z's head with a no symbol over it. There is a banner hanging on the float that reads, "Happy Thanksgiving!!"}

BUBS: {through a megaphone} Coach Z, you jerk!

MARZIPAN: {surprised} Ohhh.

BUBS: Coach Z, you jerk!

COACH Z: Oh, I see then...

BUBS: Coach Z—

COACH Z: That's very—

BUBS: {with more emphasis than before} —you jerk!

COACH Z: —overt.

{Cut to a close-up of a giant balloon in the likeness of Pom Pom.}

COACH Z: Oh, now here's somethin' that doesn't appear to be makin' fun of me. It's the Pam Pam b'loon!

MARZIPAN: That's "Pom Pom balloon" for those of you who don't speak Coach Z. Always a hit with the ladies, that Pom Pom.

{Cut to a wide-shot with the Pom Pom balloon being led offscreen by Pom Pom. A pair of fez-wearing Homsars are coming in behind the balloon driving miniature red cars.}

MARZIPAN: And never a hit with anyone, it's Homsar! Oh, and there's another Homsar.

HOMSARS: {both of them in unison} Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!

{A new float enters the frame behind the two Homsars. This float has a big pile of sweatshirts in the center, a giant shooting star on the front, and a bee suspended by a giant spring on the back. "SWE ATSHIRTS" is printed on the base of the float. Homestar Runner is buried in the pile of sweatshirts with only his head visible.}

COACH Z: Oh, now this is just adorable. Homestar Runner's sweatshirt float.

MARZIPAN: {referring to the noticeable space in the float's wording} Looks more like a "swee-atshirt" float to me.

COACH Z: You say tomater, I zader matermorts.

{Cut to a close-up of Homestar buried in the pile of sweatshirts.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Marzipan, help! I woke up in this pile of swee-atshirts and I don't know how to stop it! I'm s'posed to be watching Bubs' concession stand while he's in some ridiculous parade! {looks down} And I'm pretty sure a rat just bit my knee.

MARZIPAN: Oh, that's great, sweetie. Say hi to that bee for me.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {annoyed} Hi, bee.

{Cut back to the wide shot. Strong Mad walks into the frame carrying Bubs' Concession Stand, which has clearly been ripped out of the ground recently, as there are missing bricks and bits of sod still hanging from the bottom.}

COACH Z: Well, it looks like Bubs has come to his senses and entered a proper float in the parade. 'Attaboy, Bubs!

MARZIPAN: I'm pretty sure that's just Strong Mad absconding with Bubs' Concession Stand.

COACH Z: Oh. Serves him right, then.

{Cut back to Coach Z and Marzipan.}

COACH Z: Oh, and here comes one of my favorites: the K.O.T.H.S. Junior Varsity Marching Band!

{Cut back to the parade. The band enters, made up of The King of Town waving The Poopsmith's shovel like a drum major's mace, The Poopsmith playing cymbals, The Hornblower blowing his horn, and the Knight playing a bass drum. The band comes to a halt. Cut to a close up of The King of Town.}

THE KING OF TOWN: A-break it down for me, fell-as!

{Cut to a wide shot of the band again. They face the camera and resume playing, now in a hip-hop beat.}

COACH Z: Oh, yeah! I'm feeling this! {begins rapping} One two, one two, keep it "flond"! Listen to me cause Coach Z's, he's got it goin' on!

{Cut to a close-up of Coach Z as he continues rapping.}

COACH Z: I'm a pretty nice guy with fairly good teeth! C'mon, watch me—

MARZIPAN: {breaking into the frame} No more free-styling. It's really annoying.

{Cut back to the parade route. A new float enters. Strong Bad is on the float standing between two snowmen and beating them with nunchaku. The base of the float, which appears to be a mattress on a wagon, reads: "Celebrating 04 Glorious Seconds of Nunchucking Snowmen." The "04" is a digital sign that counts up as the scene continues.}

COACH Z: Ah, and here's Strong Bad's annual not-even-remotely-fall-related float.

MARZIPAN: Is it just me, or does one of those snowmen look suspiciously like Strong Sad?

COACH Z: Nah, Strong Sad's yellow.

{Cut to a close-up of Strong Bad and the snowman on the left, who is in fact Strong Sad. He spits out the carrot that had been in his mouth.}

STRONG SAD: Ptooey! Strong Bad, I thought you said our float was going to be "Celebrating Our Nation's Covered Bridges!"

STRONG BAD: No, I said our float was going to be "Sticking-You-in-a-Fake-Snowman-and-Beating-You-Senseless-With-Nunchucks... Covered Bridges."

STRONG SAD: Well, how on earth did I misunderstand all that?

STRONG BAD: I don't know, man. You hear the words "covered bridges" and you just go into a trance.

STRONG SAD: {eyes widen as he goes into a trance} Ohhh, covered bridges...

{Strong Sad starts moaning, but snaps out of it when Strong Bad resumes beating him with the nunchaku. A looming shadow crawls across the scene and ominous music plays.}

MARZIPAN: And, as always...

{Cut to a close-up of a giant balloon in the shape of Marshie.}

MARZIPAN: ...bringing up the rear, it's the Marshie balloon!

COACH Z: Man, that thing has got to frighten some children!

MARZIPAN: Is anyone guiding that balloon?

{Ominous music plays again as the camera pans down and The Cheat can be seen hanging from one of the balloon ropes, clearly not in control of the balloon. Cut to a wide shot of the platform Coach Z and Marzipan are standing on.}

MARZIPAN: Run for your lives!

{The Marshie balloon collides with the platform, knocking Coach Z and Marzipan off.}

COACH Z: Argh! I regret everything!

{The television signal cuts out as the platform collapses. It is quickly replaced by a technical difficulty screen with a turkey pulling a plug. The caption at the top reads "Pardon our problems..." and "The End" appears at the bottom.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click the top left question mark at the end to see what happened to Bubs' Concession Stand.
{Strong Mad and Strong Bad are in what seems to be their laundry room, as there's a dryer nearby. Strong Mad is still holding the concession stand.}
STRONG BAD: No, you can't keep it. Now go put that thing back.
STRONG BAD: Uh, yeah. That's not true.
  • Click the top plug outlet at the end to see an additional scene with Homestar Runner.
{Homestar is standing in what seems to be the Field.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Homestar Runner, you have truly outdone yourself!
{Pan out to reveal Homestar in a box labeled "blue face man's store" over the removed Bubs' Concession Stand's foundation.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Old Mr. Bubs will never know the difference!

Fun Facts


  • Marzipan requested that Homestar say hi to the bee for her because she is very sensitive to bees.
  • K.O.T.H.S. stands for "King of Town High School". Most American high schools have marching bands.
  • A covered bridge is a bridge with enclosed sides and a roof, usually made of wood. These single-lane bridges are found throughout rural areas of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States.


  • Due to a discrepancy between the names of the HTML file and the Flash file, this toon didn't load properly when it was first released. A corrected version of the HTML file became available about two hours later.


  • Marzipan's smile reverts to an earlier form temporarily while Coach Z is announcing the K.O.T.H.S. Marching Band.
  • Although the Hornblower seems to be playing when the K.O.T.H.S. Marching Band "breaks it down", there is no sound of the horn.
  • While the foliage in the background of the parade has changed to fall colors, it is still green in the Homestar Easter Egg.
  • The text on the "blue face man's store" box is in Strong Bad's handwriting font, AhnbergHand, even though it is Homestar's work.
  • Either Bubs' Concession Stand does not have a basement (contradicting geddup noise), or Homestar's box is covering the hole that leads to it.


  • At the end when the Marshie balloon crashes into the stand, and Strong Bad's float is visible in the background, the seconds counter showing how long he's been "celebrating glorious seconds of nunchucking snowmen" has nothing on it.
  • After Marzipan drinks from her hot chocolate, the mug is still full.
  • Strong Sad spit out the carrot in his mouth before speaking, but when we see him in the background of the shot as the Marshie float threatens the platform, it is in his mouth again.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The theme of a "Fall Float Parade" is a reference to many holiday parades, most notably the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades in New York.
    • In a striking coincidence, an errant balloon knocked over a light pole and injured two people during the 2005 Macy's Parade, just three days after this cartoon was released. A similar event also occurred in the 1997 Macy's Parade.
  • The fez-wearing Homsars in the little cars are modeled after the Shriners, who also appear often in parades.
  • Pennzoil is an American motor-oil company, which has sponsored many holiday parades and sports events.
    • Homsar's line "Sing a Song of Pennzoil" is a reference to the old nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence," also commonly known as "Four and Twenty Blackbirds".
  • "You say tomater, I zader matermorts" is a reference to George and Ira Gershwin's 1937 hit song "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off", which compares the pronunciations of several words, including "tomato" ("to-may-to"/"to-mah-to").

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