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File:Twitter3DLappier.gif|The [[Lappier]] logo
File:Twitter3DLappier.gif|The [[Lappier]] logo
File:3DPapes.png|[[CGI Paper]]
File:3DPapes.png|[[CGI Paper]]
File:InstagramTrogbuildening.png|[[Trogdor]] 3D-print figure prototype for [[Trogdor!! The Board Game|the board game]].

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Although made mostly in Flash, and usually 2-dimensional, the characters of homestarrunner.com have had 3-dimensional variations as well. The biggest case (so far) is Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, where all characters that appear are in 3D.


SBCG4AP Variations

DVD Menu Variations

Variations Made With Flash

Other 3D Variations

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