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"Poodonkis must be stopped!"

Poodonkis is Strong Mad's stuffed Dromiceiomimus that rests behind the Jibblies Painting in Strong Mad's closet. He has pink skin and yellow, purple and blue spots. He has googly eyes and a tongue that sticks out. In the toon Jibblies 2, Homestar wrongly accuses Poodonkis of giving everyone the jibblies. Poodonkis was later used in Baddest of the Bands as a prop for Strong Bad's Limozeen contest entry.

Dromiceiomimus (considered by some to be a species of Ornithomimus) was an actual dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period in what is now Canada. Unlike Poodonkis, Dromiceiomimus had no teeth and has been shown to have feathers, even possessing large bird-like wings. The unusual pose in which Poodonkis stands is a nod to the character Dromiceiomimus from the webcomic Dinosaur Comics, who stands in the same pose.

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