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A wide range of websites have appeared in the Homestar Runner body of work, mainly as Easter eggs in Strong Bad Emails. Few of these sites genuinely exist in real life, as these pages are hosted on and its sister websites. However, The Brothers Chaps and some fans have registered some of the website URLs and created websites similar in content.

Image Description Appearances
Favorite part of the insect Thorax Corporation, LLC,,. is a fictional company created by The Brothers Chaps, primarily Matt Chapman, as a joke website. The URL to this site can be found in one of the Fortune Cookies. They are a crudely run company offering "Total Stardom", though this is not always the subject on some of the pages. The site is filled with typos and misspellings. Through its division, Thorax Legitimate, Thorax Corporation does frequent business with Lem Sportsinterviews. The movies he has written for them include Litigation Jackson and Peasant's Quest: The Movie. Fortune Cookies
Better than 4th base even?! is an online bookstore which spoofs The website first appeared in an Easter egg in studying and sells less than reputable books such as This Book is Better Than 1st, 2nd, and Quite Possibly Even 3rd Base by Lem Sportsinterviews and The King of Town's Adventures in Giant Cockroachland by Ronmartin Realdude. studying, diorama
Vera High Prices!!! is a shopping website offering various items for extremely high prices. Strong Bad used Homestar Runner's credit card details in the Strong Bad Email credit card to purchase a spaceship, two killer robots, a rocket launcher and a robotic dog/shark.

A fan recreation of this site was previously available at (archive link).

credit card
WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!! Strong Bad's Website is Strong Bad's personal website about The Cheat. It was first seen in the email website as an example of website design and content fundamentals. It sports a long Flash intro and lots of animated GIFs. This is a parody of many very poorly executed and ultimately pointless websites that were common on free webservers like Tripod and GeoCities. website
"I haven't updated it in years!" Strong Sad's Lament (or Strong Sad's Litany of Crushed Hopes and Dreams) is Strong Sad's personal weblog. It originated in the email website, in which it could be accessed by clicking on the "F10" image at the bottom of Strong Bad's website. In his lament, Strong Sad expresses his frustrations with life, complains about Strong Bad's constant practical jokes, and describes his bizarre relationship with Homsar. website, email thunder (mentioned)
Some kinda wrestleman Some Type of Online Auction is an online auction website which parodies the auction site eBay. It is occasionally used to sell items such as Homestar Runner's Breakfast Burrito and a page from the instruction booklet for Where's an Egg?. english paper, Videlectrix website
its not finished. Homestar Runner's Website is an Easter egg in the Strong Bad Email 2 years. It is a poorly-designed website made for "Nedscape 1.0 or lower". 2 years
Not Associated with Bubs: Naormal Investigator!! bubs.bubs is the domain where Bubs's paranormal investigator email is hosted, as seen on his business card. ".bubs" is not a valid top-level domain. Bug In Mouth Disease
Coming Soon(ish)! CGNU Online e-Niversity, located at, is the online website for Crazy Go Nuts University. It offers an assortment of courses online, which require only four clicks to get a "shady online degree".

The CGNU website does not actually exist, as .edu domains are only available to higher education institutions. A fan recreation of the website shown in theme song was hosted at (archive link).

theme song
"Hey, man, can I get a slice of p-roni?" is The Pizz's website and enables customers to create an anthropomorphic slice of pizza to interact with other customers in a simulation. Customers can acquire "Pizz points", which they can exchange for virtual decorations and furnishings for their simulated residences. However, exactly how to acquire pizz points is never explained. In this manner, Strong Bad decorates Strong Badia and engages in a flame war with Homestar Runner and The King of Town.

A fan created a website at shortly after pizza joint was released. Originally a recreation of the login screen where clicking "Login" would lead to pizza joint, the URL currently simply redirects to that toon.

pizza joint
Dead links to HyperLinks! The Deleteheads Website, located at, is the official website of the Deleteheads, Strong Bad's fan club. It recently moved from Geofire to Angelcities, and all of its dead links were upgraded to hyperlinks. It is a member of the Strong Bad webring, and contains links to "our friend Scott's website". fan club
W... T... PF whatthepfargtl.egg appears at the end of the "theatrical trailer" for Strong Bad Email 169: the deleted scene, as a parody of how movie trailers of the time would regularly provide a link to the film's promotional website.

".egg" is not a real top-level domain. The domain was registered by Harmless Junk, Inc. on the day this toon was released; however, no site was set up and the domain expired April 30, 2008.

Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene
"All my client!" Tompkins' Hot Lady Escort Service, located at, is a website owned by Tompkins. In 4 Gregs, Open Source Greg mistook the site for the concession stand at the varsity football game and launched a denial-of-service attack against it in the hope of getting free food.

A fan recreation was available at (archive link) shortly after 4 Gregs was released. It contains only the background and image from the toon. Clicking on a button displayed the "haxxored" version from the toon, and clicking on any button again would take you to the toon itself. Clicking on "2.4" in the normal image took you to the toon, and clicking on it in the "haxxored" version took you to the Homestar Runner Wiki article for 4 Gregs.

4 Gregs
Official Partner of! is introduced as a site that the Brothers Chaps have partnered with to raise awareness and donations, before Homestar Runner interrupts their voiceover to reveal that the toon is actually a Halloween teaser.

.gov URLs are reserved for the United States federal government. Although is not a real website, several government sites include Halloween safety pages such as the ones found at or

Halloween Safety
How's that for hot tape? is a website featuring guidelines for school safety. A representative from the site, Tucker Donaldson, hired Cool Tapes to perform at a student union; when the band ended up inciting a riot, he angrily called Marzipan and left a message. At one point, Donaldson angrily jumbles his words and refers to the site as "".

Just like, this is not a real website. The closest real-world equivalent is the US Department of Education's page at

Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
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