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These discussions took place before February 2005.

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[edit] Nighttime driving thinger

sry. I saw you edited it. -Beepem

It's fine. I don't really care what you do to it. -- FireBird

[edit] Brilliant!

Yea, I saw your name a couple times around the Wiki, and thought, 'hey, my counterpart!'. Although, why stop at New York City? If you've got that covered, I'll cover the west coast from Vancouver BC. At this rate, We'll have the whole contenent covered in no time!

I'll cover Mexico and Cuba for now. -- FireBird

[edit] LOL

sounds good! hehehe. Ya, you like nintendo? -Beepem

Yeah. I've got an old NES system hooked up in my playroom. -- FireBird

awesome! I just won one off ebay like a month ago.... And I have a gamecube and such. NO PS2 or Xbox!

Actually, I have a PS2 also. I ususally play that more than Nintendo. (Oh yeah, try to keep this discussion under one heading. It'd cluter up my comments page if you didn't. I moved it for you this time. Thanks.) FireBird

I've got an NES, SNES, N64, GCN, DC, GB, GBA, PS1, XBOX, and obviously PC. You know... In case anyone is interested...

(And like 10 GOOD games for each, Except minus a few for 64 and add them to NES)

-Thunderbird L17

Wow. I've only got an NES, PS1 and PS2. I've got tons of games for the NES, about ten for my PS1 and only two for my PS2. (Which include The Simpsons Road Rage. I love The Simpsons.) -- FireBird

[edit] Hepling!!

Do forgive me, but I can't make heads or tails (or arms or legs) out of the 'make a table' stuff in the help guide. Please Help??--DeLoreanz1 10:56, 29 Sep 2004 (MST)

Sorry, but I have no clue. Try asking in the Help Desk. I haven't really gotten used to the new wiki. -- FireBird

I immediately went to do that, but I can't find it!!-- DeLoreanz1 10:58, 4 Oct 2004 (MST)

Try this section of the MediaWiki Handbook: Help:Table -- thejesterx 11:26, 4 Oct 2004 (MST)

Good idea. -- FireBird

[edit] Man of Mystery

Hallo, Firebird, itsa me, Mysterious-Stranger. Say, how do I register as a user here?

Hullo there, Mysterious Stranger. It's simple. Click the "log in" button on the top right corner of anypage.
Oh, and I won't find you in any dark alleys, will I? -- FireBird

I mean "How do I get my name into the User list, but something happened. And yes, yes you will, understood? - Mysterious-Stranger

Is the thing that happened bad or good? Do you even need any more help?
And I'll stay out of those alleys from now on.


Well, somehow my name appeared in the user list, and you better. Things have changed around here.


Yes, things have changed around here. In fact, if you noticed, it's a whole new layout. :) -- FireBird

I noticed the new layout. Now everything looks almost exactly like the wikipedia. It's kinda scary. -- Heir_of_Lindeen

[edit] Hey, man!!

Hey, man!! -Mysterious-Stranger

Hey, dude!

[edit] Pretendous

lol, didn't even notice you had deleted that while I was working on it. Sorry, first time I've ever really work with a wiki. If there are militant little rules that need followed, like "don't create a temporary page for 5 minutes" I'll just back off. Sorry if that bothered you. Hopefully your ok with the finish product. I tried to base it off of the other posts.

You didn't bother me. Just tryin' to keep things straight. :)

Sorry! I had no idea there was even a welcoming committee. I'll leave that to you guys from now on :) --Southpaw018 15:27, 6 Nov 2004 (MST)

Hey, go right ahead and join if you want!

[edit] So Cool a Signature

I could help if you would like! ~Hobo|talk

I most definately have the siggy down. Thanks for the offer, though.-- FireBird|Talk

[edit] Commenting

Whatever. I was just commenting. daunrealist

You weren't commenting. You were trolling, and it's not funny. I'd watch it. -- FireBird|Talk

[edit] Comment from Homsar999

I'll add more links in my welcomes, FireBird. Thanks for reminding me!

Homsar "I'm not being sarcastic, just serious" 999 17:26, 11 Nov 2004 (CST)

Thank you for joining the committee. :)

[edit] Note

Just wanted to thank you for being perhaps the only person who has thanked me for my efforts on the DVD materials. It made me feel good about it --TheNintenGenius 13:39, 15 Nov 2004 (MST)

No problamo. Whatever that means.
OK, I have a big question for you: exactly why did you delete those menu commentaries? I mean, if you would've moved them, that wouldn't have been so bad, but when you completely remove them from the page after I spend a couple hours working on them, that makes me pretty irritated. --TheNintenGenius 17:11, 16 Nov 2004 (MST)
I don't remember deleting any commentaries. It might have been a mistake during the artwork move from the main page to the seperate "strongbad_email.exe Artwork", but I don't remember purposly removing any. If I did, I'm terribly sorry. It wasn't intentional. (You can always restore it back.)
They've already been restored. I was just asking for clarification. Thanks --TheNintenGenius 18:33, 16 Nov 2004 (MST)
Okay. Good.

[edit] Question

Just curious which part of what I did isn't allowed (with the Strontium PC thing). I just wanna make sure I keep the other parts of what I did, and not do the part that I am not supposed to do(ie: was it that I put the link on a sbemail page, or the fact that I made a page at all? Also, if it is uncool to put a link on a highly travelled page such as the sbemail page, how do you recommend I "get the word out" about the fact that I posted it on my userpage? Just curious as to how one would create awareness that he posted content to his personal page... --Greg M. College Station, TX 19:20, 16 Nov 2004 (MST)

Well first, remember, this is a knowledge-base dedicated to Homestar Runner, so personal pictures (like the Strontium) aren't allowed, because nobody would know what it is. The pictures is perfectly okay on your user space, because it's yours. But seperate links to pages that don't really have to do with the offical site or the wiki really shouldn't be. It was fine to create the picture, but each picture doesn't need to have it's own page. If you want to get the word out, post it in the Recent Changes summary box when you put it on there, or anything else you come up with.
So to answer your question: You shouldn't make a sperate page for the link or put it on the Strong Bad Email page. But, hey, mistakes are always made. That's why they put erasers on pencils. -- FireBird

[edit] Note (well, rather complaint) from Im a evil wizard

WHY DID YOU DELETE THE PAGE I MADE YESTERDAY? Anyway, I made it again and saved it on my comp, so good luck trying to delete it again, because I'll just recreate Things Noticed-Im_a_evil_wizard 10:50, 21 Nov 2004 EST

It's really not needed. Plus both of the things on there didn't make since. If you just create it over and over you can just consider yourself blocked. -- FireBird

[edit] Character page fixes

Good job cleaning up the main character pages. Have a Congraturation ;). -Drhaggis 13:06, 20 Nov 2004 (MST)

Thanks. It needed it. Badly. --FireBird

[edit] Hate mail

Hey FireBird. I just noticed your comment about hate mail and wanted to point out something. I saw something kind of on this topic the other day on a Wikipedia administrator's user talk page. Raul654 replied to another user's question about the motives of a troll who defaced Raul's user page. He replied, "That's how I tell I'm doing a good job." It made me chuckle. Anyway, I had mentioned this to the other admins yesterday when a similar issue arose on the forum and just figured you could use the laugh. Keep up the good work. -- Tom 14:06, 21 Nov 2004 (MST)

Heh. That's true. It is pretty funny. Thanks. -- FireBird

[edit] Freakin Standards

Thank you for this encouragement, I didn't know that no Flash byproducts were to be described.

I didn't read it the first 3 times I read the Standards page, including after getting your Welcome message, and I didn't read it there this time either. Where is it told, not to talk about Flash byproducts?

beanluc 18:57, 23 Nov 2004 (MST)
Well I'll be darned. You're right. I'll have to add that.
Anydangway, sorry if I sounded intimidating. No harm meant. .swf files in Flash usually leave off things (legs, for this matter) all the time, so we generally don't post things like that here, unless it's out-of-the-ordinary (see Strong Bad Sings). Again, I'm terribly sorry I was un-kind. I beg of your forgivness. :) → FireBird

[edit] Minor

I noticed you mark your votes as "minor" on the STUFF page. I don't really mind, but I don't think you're supposed to do that. ^^; - [[User:furrykef|furrykef (Talk at me)]] 06:30, 23 Nov 2004 (MST)

Yeah. It's almost a habbit, I gnome around so much. I guess I should stop. -- →FireBird

[edit] Discussions with Thunderbird

Awww man, I haven't gotten ANY mail yet, hate or otherwise. Maybe I need to step up my workage. Either way, yea, you're doing great. I had no idea you were only a sixth grader. Makes me feel... Old. And your sig inspires me to one day upgrade mine. -- Thunderbird 00:45, 26 Nov 2004 (MST)  :)
Yep. Just a sixth grader. And you're doing great on your workage. You've been working on a lot of big projects lately (Strong Bad Email By Name of Sender, place), and you deserve some mail. In fact...→FireBird
Oh thank you. I still have to work on the Costumes alot more. I've been kinda leaving the info section adrift this whole time. But yea, I thought you meant ACTUAL in-your-inbox-email. Yea, I've gotten chatter and stuff on my talk page, but still no hate-talk. Still, maybe one day I'll have the priviledge of revert a troll from my Userspace or something... -- Thunderbird 09:07, 26 Nov 2004 (MST)
Oh, no. I really don't think anyone knows my e-mail address around here. But anyways, I noticed that you had a lot of clutter in you talk page, and I was wondering why you said you hadn't had any mail. And maybe you will get the priviledge of reverting a troll from your userspace. Even though it's not really a priviledge. It's more of an annoyance. :) → FireBird

Hey Fire, me again. I saw your awsome sig, and I was wondering... Would you mind if I kind of... semi-copied it? Not exactly the same, just the same kind of format, only in gold color for Thunder. Then we'd be like... The twin birds of power on this Wiki! Anyways, if you don't want me to do it, feel free to tell me and I'll completely change it in like 10 seconds. I don't want to tread on any toes, and if you want a different sig I completely understand. But here it is for now, please give me an answer sometime soon. Thanks.

[[User:Thunderbird L17|→ Thunderbird]] 01:42, 27 Nov 2004 (MST)

'P.S.' If it is okay with you for me to keep it, then how can I get the blue line out from under the arrow. Also, is it possible to exchange the arrow for different symbols? If so how? Just to make it a little less... Copied. Anyways, once again, if it's okay with you for me to keep my sig, then could you give me pointers on just what all the symbols mean and how I can change them to ultimate my sig? Thanks again.

[[User:Thunderbird L17|→ Thunderbird]] The Raw Code: →''<small><tt>[[User:Thunderbird L17|<font color=gold> Thunderbird</font>]]</tt></small>''

Hey. That's a nice sig, and I don't mind if you keep it.
To get the arrow un-linked, the code should look like this:

→''<small><tt>[[User:ThunderBird L17|<font color=gold>Thunderbird</font>]]</tt></small>''

If it does, then I'm really not sure what to do.
And if you want to change the arrow for different symbols, there is a full list in the Editing Help page. →FireBird
What the heck? I can't get the arrow unlinked... Unless... Do you cut and paste your signature each time, or do you have it set in your Preferences and use the ~~~ meathod to display it? Because I have it set in Preferences and the Arrow is linked as well. If I just cut and paste it looks like this:


But if I use the shortcut then it becomes linked.

[[User:Thunderbird L17|⇒Thunderbird]]

So thats probably it. Correct me if I'm wrong. But other than that it looks awsome.

P.S. If you had yours red, then it would be like twin sigs, red for Fire, and Gold for Thunder... :) I don't know if this is gonna be my final sig design, but it looks pretty good and close now. Thanks for all your help. I'm gonna see if I can find a little bird symbol somewhere and cut and paste it, instead of the arrow. But it's pretty close now.

(Oh, and I fixed your spelling on your main page. Put it back if that's the way you wanted it.)

Well I just copy and paste it from my user page, so that's probably the reason. Also, you need to type out "→" for the arrow when you cut and paste. But if it looks like this:

→''<small><tt>[[User:ThunderBird L17|<font color=gold>Thunderbird</font>]]</tt></small>''

with "→ spelled out, it should work out. You do probably need to put it on your user page and copy and paste it every time you need it.
Oh. And I really don't want to make my signiture red because then it might look like a broken link. →FireBird(For some reason, "nowiki" isn't "nowiki"ing the arrow code. So when you reply back, just look here for the code for the arrow.)
I believe the right arrow (→) can be show on a page as "&rarr;". All one has to do is put "&amp;rarr;" in the edit box. You just have to be one step ahead of MediaWiki with those ampersands. Whoa, that's confusing. -- Tom 14:21, 28 Nov 2004 (MST)
I see. Thanks. →FireBird

Yea, you can also just cut and paste the arrow, thats what I did here: → so it seems to work fine. And for your sig in your preferances, so you can do the ~~~~ meathod with the time stamp, it does just link everything, including the arrow. But I've got a remedy of sorts for it so it doesn't look so out of place, and I think my sig looks mighty good now. Thanks for all your help. [[User:Thunderbird L17|⇔Thunderbird⇔]]

Oh great, now it only links the first one... Oh well, it's a work in progress... [[User:Thunderbird L17|⇔ Thunderbird ⇔]] 00:11, 29 Nov 2004 (MST)

Okay, my sig is done. Thanks for your help, and sorry that this conversation kinda spiraled into a huge mass of text. Feel free to condence it or what not now, since this conversation can probably finally be put to rest. What do you think of it?

My New Sig:

[[User:Thunderbird L17|⇔Thunderbird⇔]] 19:24, 29 Nov 2004 (MST)

Pretty dern awesome. →FireBird

[edit] 20x6 Marzipan's name

(Please paste this message into all users' discussion pages and send an answer to this message to me and encourage others to send an answer to this message to me.) I encourage you as 20x6 fan to think up a name for 20x6 Marzipan!

I encourage you to not post this on other user talk pages or else they will get very annoyed. And no. She needs no name unless she has an official name given by the Brothers Chaps. →FireBird

[edit] Factoid Inquiry

Have you any particularly developed reason why you removed my fun factoid of inside jokedom on animal? ("Homestar's love of trees was first hailed in "Sensitive To Bees" from the Strong Bad Sings CD. No word yet on why he loves steep prices, though.") Your removal of it was never fully explained, and yet the factoid certainly seems like a relatively interesting link to me. After all, as per the Easter Egg, Homestar noticeably mentions "Steep prices and trees," and since Homestar has mentioned trees before on the SB CD, and since not all Homestarverse fans have the CD, I thought it worth a mention. If you feel otherwise, of course, that's fine. Small cog. Big wheel. Carry on. -- Queenie-C

I just thought that is was a pretty far stretch to be a reference to the CD. But if you feel that it needs to be put back, maybe you could stick it in STUFF. (At least, I think you can. I'm kind of confused about that place.) Oh, and thanks for asking me nicely, and not throwing a hissy-fit like most people. -- →FireBird

Aww. Trees, man! It's all about the trees! And the ants! Fine, fine, I guess it is a bit of a stretch.
And say, incidentally, I had a hissy-fit once. But then I baked it into a cake and ate it. -- Queenie-C

Cakes are good. Especially chocolate. →FireBird
And cherry chip. [[User:Thunderbird L17|⇔Thunderbird⇔]]

=== Word === (2004-12-07)

The speed with which you checked and fixed my comment was just amazing. I will debate that since my comment was a quote from strongbad himself in the movie, it can be considered a funfacthood. However, it's ok.
It looks like people like you do a great job at keeping this place sweet and I'm sure there'd be a lot of garbage around without you.
I think HSR Wiki is da bomb and really adds to the HSR series. My faovrite use of it so far is using it to locate secret stuff :-).
--- Homestar Runner Wiki. It's dot ORG! ---
-- Brandon
Thank-you very much. It's comments like that that keep me going. :) There are a lot of other people out there that bulldoze a lot of garbage, also. Just trying to keep the wiki clean. Besides, it's fun! →FireBird

[edit] Question from DeLoreanz1

Howcome no one will answer my question abut the Wecloming Comittee? I've been waiting for an answer since October. --DeLoreanz1 09:57, 20 Dec 2004 (MST)

Where is your question posted? It would help if I knew. →FireBird'

On the Wecloming Comittee Talk page. Between InterruptorJones' comment and the "AIEEE! I didn't realize I wasn't logged in!" --DeLoreanz1 10:08, 20 Dec 2004 (MST)

[edit] "You should correct spelling, too"

You said "constits" instead of "consists" and "faovrite" instead of "favorite". I didn't change thems for you, of course.

You should sign comments, too. :) Thanks. I'll change it. →FireBird
FireBird, please:
Were you four when you learned the word grammAr or when you learned that grammar is a whole different thing from capitalization and spelling?
Your own comments are no better than what you corrected. Why do you have to lecture? You have nothing to feel so superior about. I see this attitude all the time from you. --beanluc
I sure am sorry you feel so strongly about something so small. Let's not start a flame war- but why do you feel so strongly? It was just a little something I said- I really didn't mean that anyone would learn that at age four. I'm also sorry you feel that I'm rude on my summary boxes. If you think I am, all you had to do was tell me that maybe I shouldn't be.
But anyways- is that why this wiki is here? To bicker and argue? →FireBird

=== Word === (2004-12-07)

The speed with which you checked and fixed my comment was just amazing. I will debate that since my comment was a quote from strongbad himself in the movie, it can be considered a funfacthood. However, it's ok.
It looks like people like you do a great job at keeping this place sweet and I'm sure there'd be a lot of garbage around without you.
I think HSR Wiki is da bomb and really adds to the HSR series. My faovrite use of it so far is using it to locate secret stuff :-).
--- Homestar Runner Wiki. It's dot ORG! ---
-- Brandon
Thank-you very much. It's comments like that that keep me going. :) There are a lot of other people out there that bulldoze a lot of garbage, also. Just trying to keep the wiki clean. Besides, it's fun! ?FireBird

[edit] BALEETED!

(2004-12-23) I say, monstwosity, do you know why my userpage is getting BALEETED?!

sincerely, Megacheat 2.0

Because it's at USER:megacheat 2.0, not just Mega Cheat 2.0. You must have "User:" in front of your name, first. (Or just use tildes - ~~~~ - that will display your user space link.) →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] Hi!

Just saying hi. Poit! -Skunk

Hello there, Skunk. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] Stop

(January 5th, 2005)

Stop talking to me on my user page. If you can identify the things in the sketchbook, that's great for you, but GO AWAY I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU. Correct tihs!


Excuse me? If you would just appologize for insulting me I'd be glad to stop talking to you, if that's what you're asking. Not that there's anything wrong with talking to you... right? →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]
Hah. Sixth grader.⇔A~N⇔
Have a problem with me being in sixth grade? →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]
Maybe I do. I'm in seventh. Beat that.⇔A~N⇔
Bring it on. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]
  • Er, that sounded too mean. It wasn't intended to be. It just sounds kind of funny from my end...

Knock it off. This kinda stuff has no place on this Wiki. -- AgentSeethroo 16:29, 11 Jan 2005 (MST)

Wait. Both of us? Or just him? I'm very confused. We're not actually "fighting" if that's what you think. At least, I'm not.→[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] Special Task

(January 1st, 2005)

Hi Firebird! Thunderbird here again, with a special task for a few of my fellow users. On the Sketchbook page, in the Museum section of that page, the last picture is a bunch of rejected halloween costume ideas. The caption gives the challenge '10 bucks to anyone who can identify them all'. So what I propose is to identify them all. I've already set up a basic 'top left to bottom right' type list under the 'Description' section, with the two most obvious costumes in it. But can we get the other costumes, and win ourselves $10? Any costumes you know would be a help. Thanks. [[User:Thunderbird L17|⇔Thunderbird⇔]] 02:10, 2 Jan 2005 (MST)

I'll try my best, captain. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]
Update: The good Doctor Haggis was far faster with that task than I could have ever expected. All the costumes are done with the exception of one: The full body Marzipan. Many think that she is in fact Belle from Beauty & the Beast, but we're not quite sure about that. What are your thoughts? Any better ideas as to who this mystery Marzipans could be, or even just your opinion as to weather or not she's Belle? [[User:Thunderbird L17|⇔Thunderbird⇔]] 12:11, 2 Jan 2005 (MST)
I wouldn't have been much help even if the good Dr. Haggis didn't wipe us all out. I only knew the Oompa, Comic Book Guy and Marge.
But anyways, I really have no idea at all. I'll have to watch Beauty and the Beast again... →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] To Be Delorted

(January 5th, 2005)

If you're wondering why I created that page which you so blatantly described as "to be deleted", it was a joke. I, unlike you, have a sense of humor. -Fhqwhgadshgnsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf ( )

It needs to be in your user space, not a whole page itself. You have only two pages that is yours; that you can edit however you wish- your user page and your talk page. "not expanding it" is not one of those. Every page on the wiki either has to do with Homestar Runner or the wiki (aside from user spaces). But, you can make it a subpage of your user talk page.
And really, was there any reason to insult me? Please. I get enough of that already. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] Get a grip

Since i put up The Price is Right page, i've had messages from 5 people so far thinking it was hilarious and in relevant taste. If you want to delete my page, then you might as well delete every other page here since they all make very little since to an outsider. -- olene

You're page served no use to the wiki. It had nothing to do with Homestar Runner. That stuff belongs on your user space, not an actuall page itself.
And if you have a complaint about something I do- don't come to me whining and mad. That solves nothing. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] Question from Troll

What's the purpose of a wiki if people (like me) can always change it. That doesn't seem very permanent to me. Don't you get tired of reverting back to previous versions. Anyways. Later.

No. I don't. We have many users here who are happy to do good deeds, and though it's not permanent, they always try to do what is best for this place. You, however, apparently do not. So please. Leave. The less of your kind the better. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]
I hope you don't mind me chiming in here, FireBird. Anonymous troll, the fact is that for every troll with too much spare time, there are 100 users with just as much spare time ready and eager to undo that troll's (un)work. The fact is, the trolls always get bored before the users do, because the users are emotionally invested in what they've created and the Wiki moves fast enough that the average trolling only lasts about two minutes before it's reverted. A troll's work is hardly ever noticed by anybody, but a legitimate user's work is always noticed and appreciated. That's why wikis work. — InterruptorJones[[]] 15:37, 17 Jan 2005 (MST)
He's got a point there. A~N
And like a million jogging suits. A~N

[edit] Sub-pages

FireBird, as you know, sub-pages are prohibited on our wiki, and that includes userpages. Please find another way to display your archives without subpages and add the sub-pages to Category:To be deleted. Thanks. — InterruptorJones[[]] 19:11, 11 Jan 2005 (MST)

Oh. Okay. I've just heard people say that sub pages are allowed in User Talks, and User:Kilroy had them, so I assumed that they were allowed. I'll "To be deleted" them right now. Sorry for all that. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]
Thanks for understanding. I've left Kilroy a message as well. — InterruptorJones[[]] 19:33, 11 Jan 2005 (MST)
No problem. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] T.R.O.L.L.

Hey, just wanted to let you know, I agree with you're TROLL opinion. It is pretty worthless. -Wierded out by TROLL

Okay. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]

[edit] Re: Modules

From your comments, you seem insulted that people have "copied" the module idea. The module is a great idea; it's no wonder that it's spread. Given the cooperative nature of the Wiki, I'm sure no one who borrowed it meant any offense. Quite the opposite, in fact. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. -- FortyTwo 18:48, 21 Jan 2005 (MST)

I didn't mean it in the form of insultance. Guess it did kind of look like it though, I should have said something else. Oops. →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]
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