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So, yeah. I'm a Homestar Fan. I discovered the site probably two years ago or so when someone on another message board linked the site. I'm also a college freshman.

Along with contributions I've made to the wiki in the past and in the present, I've also been a contributor to the TMBW, a wiki dedicated to TMBG-related things. You can find out slightly more about me on my userpage there.

In my opinion, Homestar Runner is probably the best Flash-based website on the web, though I do have a liking for certain other Flash sites.

Also starting to become exceptionally tired of the Wiki Forums on here for reasons that I do not quite wish to discuss in full detail right now.

Things I Have Done for the Wiki

  • Moved most of the Rejects from the old wiki (which, for the most part, don't even exist anymore), added secondary character pages, a few Teen Girl Squad episode pages, and so on and so forth.
  • Standardized the formatting of most of the transcripts for the SBemails
  • Added page for ultra-secret toon Where the Crap Are We?
  • Added some of the QotWs, Weekly Fanstuffs, and Sketchbooks
  • Added a large portion of the DVD-related pages (so far)
  • Added the page for Main Page 22
  • A ton of other things that I haven't felt like listing, including tons of fun facts
  • Replaced a good many broken/linked offsite/leeched images
  • Added a page for the neglected secret page Happy T
  • Somewhere in the vicinity of 2000 total edits, about 1000 of which were major (note: these are only very rough estimates based on my contributions list)

Transcripts I Have Done

Current Wiki Project

  • None. I have retired from updating the wiki due to several reasons which I won't elaborate on. I did enjoy my time here, though, even if it could get exceptionally trying.

(personal note: be sure to remember __FORCETOC__, as it's quite useful)

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