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The web has finally produced something worthwhile with this whole Homestarrrunner empire. Don't get me wrong, a spam-laden inbox full of viagra deals and low mortgage rates is just FANTASTIC, but on the whole, I much prefer a goodly dose of fictional characters who exist merely to make me laugh. Long may you wave, Strong Badia. Long may you wave. Whatever that means.

In a more personal nutshell, well, I'm Christa, a rather tall college girl who eats up words and hums while driving and cavorts about in a humor-seeking manner. I do like a good cavort. I also like a nice piece of chocolate cake and a healthy dose of classic cinema. And so does your momma. You AND your momma can usually find me at Because remember, babycakes, Paris is nothing. We'll always have pluggage.

[edit] Contributions With Majesty, a.k.a. Huff n' Puff n' Stuff

Apparently we Wikifolk are supposed to trumpet our favorite contributions here, or else risk looking like we don't do anything but sit on our bums and stare slack-jawed at the screen. So, mostly from the beloved n' mighty Inside Jokes category, here are a few of my own personal favorite additions -- which insofar don't amount to much due to the vast majority of HRWiki-types being way too fast for the likes of moi:

  • Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 (transcribed with fervor and screenshot'd with aplomb)
  • Homestar vs. Little Girl (provided the cutest screenshot in the whole wide world)
  • Witches' Brew (correctly spellorized and constantly re-organized in a near-obsessive manner)
  • Big Knife (completely refurbished and topped off with a suitably obscure screenshot)
  • Tooty-two (updated, refurbished, and screenshot'd: the triple threat)
  • Tape leg (wrote a new introduction, fully explained the sightings, and shot o' the screen)
  • Fourth Wall Breaks (everybody loves a rule-breaking screenshot)
  • Batman (holy screenshot, Batstar!)
  • Grumblecakes (screenshot of cheatcakeish doom)
  • Van Buren (added a screenshot of "The Rudely Thrown Bust of Martin Van Buren," a phrase which requires no further embellishment)
  • Nebulon (located an amusing interview anecdote; not important, perhaps, but highly enjoyed nonetheless)
  • Ongoing: the proper-grammarizing of darn near EVERYTHING. Bow to me and my grammatical sceptre of grammatical doom. Bow I say.
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