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[edit] Strong Badman

I am Strong Badman. Me and my sidekick Stiny are making a death ray and can give you awesome cheese danishes and crossants. Only... It looks like coffee. I have expanded basic cable stollen from my friend. I waste water for my appartment is... RENT CONNTROLLED!!!!!!

[edit] Sbemail 200 First-Run transcript

Well well well. Thinkin' you're goin to find a secret? Ok.... View this!

This was not long ago...the first run of the Sbemail 200! A clip was shown and this is the transcript!

Page headline: c:/run/strongbad_email_no.200/test.exe

Reading "Danny P., IN" as Danny Peed inside

Strong Bad: (typing) AUHGG! Peoples just won't stop! Alright, I'm only gonna do this once! To show all you peoples who's boss....HUHHHHH(pulling off mask in FULL VIEW.)!!!!!

Up close shot of his laces tearing apart. Then suddenly his mask ripps off revealing Matt's head on Strong Bad's body. But before he can even say anything Strong Sad walks in the room.

Strong Sad: I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!!! (Picks up the lappy, throws it on the floor and stomps it to shreads.) (Breathing heavily).....TAKE THAT! (walks out of the room.)


Screen fades to black and in yellow print we see "To be continued in '07".

Clip end.

[edit] H*R h.q.

I have a service for those who want to know EVERYTHING about!!

Just: 1. Email me. 2. Subject the email as "Join the hq!" 3. Include a username and password (NOT your wiki ones!). 4. Ask your question wth your email. 5. I will email you within 1 day. 6. If you need to know more email you question about our service with the subject "ask the hq".

[edit] About Me

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