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"DAAaaAA, hey, CatDog! I'm a song from the sixties!" — Homsar (line from virus 2, one of my fan sbemails)


[edit] Intro

Oh, hello! I'm Homestripe Runner! Welcome to my user page! It's dot com!

Just kidding. Homestripe Runner is one of my Homestar Runner fan characters and is based on me. He sounds like a combination of me and Homestar (which ended up sounding somewhat like Teenage Homestar from highschool).

[edit] Username info

You may notice that my username has nothing to do with Homestar Runner. I know this, and I also know that neither does PlasticDiverGuy's (from underlings). My username references Mr. Men because I am also a big Mr. Men fan (I am also somewhat of a CatDog fan, as you'll see in the quote at the top of my userpage).

[edit] How some jengaships were shanked

  • First of all, I shanked Homesar's jengaship when he mentioned the word "boardwalk." Homestripe (which is me as a Homestar Runner character; see above) said he had Park Place and then threw Monopoly money at Homesar.
  • Coach Q (who, like Bozar, was inspired by Q from the Star Trek series) shanked my jengaship by not giving Homestripe those powers like Coach Q has.
  • Homesar and Coach Q are also some of my Homestar Runner fan characters.

[edit] My Favorite Characters

I like almost everybody everybody, but here are some of my favorites.

[edit] Main Characters

  • Homsar
  • Coach Z

[edit] Minor Characters

  • Senor Cardgage
  • Marshie
  • Stinkoman
  • Saddy Dumpington

[edit] Fan Characters

  • Coach C
  • Coach D
  • Homestripe Runner
  • Homesar

[edit] My two most favorite fan characters

I have made up a lot of Homestar Runner fan characters, 26 of which are Coaches (because I have a Coach Pi). Of those 26, 2 are my most favorites. They are Coach C and Coach D, and they are literally joined at the hip. Now, it "may not make a whole lotta sense," especially if one takes into consideration that Coach D is older than Coach C, but that's how they are (and have been since virus 2, one of my fan sbemails). The quote at the top of my user page is Homsar's line in virus 2. He was talking to these two Coaches (can you see that by the quote?). Homsar's calling these Coaches "CatDog" earned the two Coaches a nickname that refers to them both: the CatDog Coaches.

[edit] About Coach C

Coach C is 11 years old and very, well, quirky. She likes to draw (a trait Coach C and I have in common) and is known for her hyper jumping. Her best friend is Coach D (they do see a lot of each other, which makes sense because they're joined together), and they sometimes go on wacky adventures that take place in Coach D's imagination.

[edit] About Coach D

Coach D is 14 years old and extremely nervous. He and his sister, Coach C, sometimes go on wacky adventures that take place in his imagination.

[edit] My Hallrunner Outcomes

I've been into the Hallrunner game a lot lately, and I've even made my own outcomes. You can see them here.

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