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Strong Bad uses a large number of items to achieve his goals in Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People.


[edit] Homestar Ruiner

Picture Item Description Use Location
Eco-friendly balloons full of helium. Used to lighten the Heavy Lourde. Marzipan's House
Banana Peel
Slippery skin of potassium-rich fruit. Used to evict party-goers. House of Strong
A box of chocolate-covered packing peanuts Used to cheer Marzipan or trap the King. Bubs' Concession Stand
Candy Coupon
A stack of coupons for a free box of candy. Used to obtain free candy. The Track
Float Head
An oversized papier mache Homestar head. One part of a surprisingly effective costume Marzipan's House
Fluffy Puff Jela-Ton
Wobbly, red-flavoured dessert. Race consolation prize. Used to solidify the pool. House of Strong
Hedge Clippings
The leftovers from bush sculptures. Used to cover up holes. Marzipan's House, KOT Castle, The Track, The Field
Cell Phone
Homestar's old school portable telephone. Used to make prank calls, and instrumental to patching Homestar and Marzipan's relationship. The Track
Homestar's Clothes
Red star shirt and tight, white pants. One part of a surprisingly effective costume. The Track
Criminal Record
The only details of Homestar's public nudity charge. Used to get Homestar off your couch. KOT Castle
Homestar Costume
A surprisingly effective costume. Used to impersonate Homestar. The Track/Marzipan's House
Hedge Shears
Power tool used for carving bushes. Used to carve up bushes. Bubs' Concession Stand
Stinky vegetable. Used to make Homestar smell funny. Marzipan's House
The toilet's best friend. Used to reach the ceiling duct. KOT Castle
Long-handled spade for moving objects around. Used to dig up buried treasures. Can also dig holes in Marzipan's yard. KOT Castle
Strong Bad's Clothes
Actually, it's really just a pair of tight black pants. Used to change back to Strong Bad. N/A (replaces Homestar Costume when it's worn)
Metal Detector
Taranchula-brand item that detects underground treasures. Used to find things underground. House of Strong
Total Load
Muscle-enhancing powder of suspicious nature. Used to frame Pom Pom. Can also help evolve moles into a race of mole-people. Bubs' Concession Stand
Shiny statue showing victory in the race. Used to "convince" Homestar he's won the race. The Track

[edit] Strong Badia the Free

Picture Item Description Use Location
3-Ring Binder One of the ancient Homsartifacts, though it looks like an ordinary binder with an image of Homsar on the front. Necessary to converse with Homsar. Buried near the mailbox in front of the Bleak House.
BMW Lighter Though missing its branding in Strong Badia the Free, this is Strong Bad's trusty lighter. Needed to burn various objects throughout the game. Returned after The Cheat agrees to join Strong Badia.
Clockwork Strong Bad Doll A noisy malfunctioning Strong Bad doll that attempts to sing the Strong Badia National Anthem. Making Strong Sad believe he's shaking uncontrollably. Buy from Concessionstan with Quesos.
Fake Sword A padded sword used for Strong Sad's roleplaying sessions. Knighting people, and switching for the katana. Strong Sad's bedroom.
Glowstick A necessary item for any and all glowstick raves. Making Strong Bad's drink extra-glowy. A box on the DJ booth in Pompomerania.
Katana A Japanese sword, owned by the shogun. Defeating the monster in Country. Switch for the fake sword in Pompomerania.
Paper Crown A novelty item from Blubbo's. Representing The King of Town's crown on the effigy. The bookcase in Strong Bad's room.
Pillow Useful for napping, pillow fights, and suffocating whiny little brothers. Representing The King of Town's bulk on the effigy. Strong Bad's laundry room.
Pilot Wings A small badge given to Strong Bad for surviving the flight without crying, saving the plane, and making out with the stewardesses. Given to The Cheat to make him rejoin Strong Badia. A box in front of the Bleak House.
Pottery Shard One of the ancient Homstartifacts, it is a small pottery shard with Homsar's image on it. Necessary to converse with Homsar. Traded for Strong Sad's pretendix at Concessionstan.
Power Strip One of the ancient Homsartifacts, though it looks like an ordinary power strip. Necessary to converse with Homsar. Buried under Strong Badia.
Pretendix Strong Sad's pretendix in a jar. Trading for the pottery shard. The Homsar Reservation, after Strong Sad is convinced that he has pretendicitis.
Quesos Barely-legal tender used in Strong Badia. Actually play money from Maps & Minions with Strong Bad's image drawn on them. Buying the clockwork Strong Bad doll. Game box in Strong Badia.
Red Towel Once Strong Sad's security blanket, now used by Strong Mad. Representing The King of Town's robe on the effigy. The bathroom in the Bleak House.
Stuffing Some stuffing the rip in The Couch. Representing The King of Town's mustache on the effigy. The Couch in the basement of the Bleak House.
Taranchula Black Metal Detector Taranchula-brand item that detects underground treasures, now with a built-in shovel. Finding and digging up treasures buried underground. Strong Bad's room.
Tony Stony Vice president of Country. Weighing down Marzipan's UN model, so that someone useful can be drafted into the Homestarmy. Defeat the monster in Country.
Tuning Fork One of the ancient Homstartifacts, it sounds like Homsar when rung. Necessary to converse with Homsar. Buried near Sticktenstein.

[edit] Baddest of the Bands

Picture Item Description Use Location

[edit] Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

Picture Item Description Use Location

[edit] 8-Bit is Enough

Picture Item Description Use Location

[edit] Party Members

Picture Party Member Description Use Location
Algebros Ryu and Dex, the math-loving stars of Algebros. Can defeat the fiendish Math Equations in Trogdor's Keep. The Brick Wall
Boxer Joe The hero of Snake Boxer, a fighter who hates snakes and will attack any he sees. Used in conjunction with the Snakes to open crates. The pile of crates near The Field.
Gel-Arshie A gelatinous form of Marshie who advertises Fluffy Puff Jela-Ton. Featured in Gel-Arshie's Pro Fruitboarder. Turns everything red, and reacts with red-colored objects. Strong Bad's Room
The Innkeeper An NPC from Peasant's Quest. He owns an inn, but also provides carriage repair. Repairing the Space Machine. Peasantry
Limozeen's Space Machine Taken from Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey, where it would shoot down Nebulons and save "hot babelians". Carting away Marzipan, and defeating Trogdor's minion, Nebulon. The Field
Mista Fixit The Poopsmith, possessed by the spirit of Mista Fixit, from a construction game. Repairing the broken world of Stinkoman 20X6. The pile of crates near The Field
Peasants Cannon fodder from Peasant's Quest, and a preferred target of Trogdor, they tend to live in thatched-roof cottages. Distracting Trogdor (and earning Awesomeness points as they're burninated). Peasantry
Performing Bear A circus performer from Space Circus Catastrophe. Defeating the Space Clown roaming Trogdor's keep. Videlectrix Mainframe
Putchnya Shotski Strong Mad possessed by the spirit of a Russian athlete from Halfathlon. Specializes in shot put. Throwing the Checkpoint across the Halfathlon field. The Track/Halfathlon field
Rather Dashing The star of Peasant's Quest, an adventurer in short pants. Saving Strong Sad from Munchox the Devourer. Peasantry

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