Homsar Reservation

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Homsar at his possible domicile

The Homsar Reservation is where Homsar resides in Strong Badia the Free. In it, there are several structures that vaguely resemble Stonehenge, although some of the stones clearly defy the laws of physics (not unlike Homsar himself). There is also a small cave with indecipherable writing on the walls, which Strong Bad uses to draw Cave Girl Squad. Just outside the cave is an unusual relic. When the four ancient Homsarian artifacts (or "Homsartifacts") are placed within the relic, Strong Bad temporarily gains the ability to speak and understand Homsar's unusual language. The effects only apply to Strong Bad (who placed the artifacts within the relic); Strong Sad only observes both characters speaking nonsense. After Strong Bad and Homsar perform a ritual (which is nothing but Homsar's classic wail), the relic is blown to pieces, and Strong Bad can no longer understand Homsar.

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