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"I'm the very strongest! You guys are not very strong!"

Tiny-Handed Strong Bad (a.k.a. T.H.S.B.) is the name given to Strong Bad when he is drawn in the style of the Original Book and cartoons that parody the early work of The Brothers Chaps. Unlike the exaggerated voice Strong Bad talked with in the early Flash toons, Tiny-Handed Strong Bad talks in a bland, monotonous voice. He isn't very good at ten-step foot races or lifting grapes. However, he is good at playing tennis on the moon, beating Coach Z 1,000,000 to 3, and is implied to have graduated from DeVry University. He attempted to dig a hole to China with his ears. While it is not evident whether or not he accomplished this task, he did manage to dig up a giant mug of frosty root beer. He also lost a ten-step footrace against The Homestar Runner, which entitled him to receive an egg containing a The Cheat and a lifetime supply of fish sticks (which The Prince of Town may have later eaten). Instead of having black pants like modern-day Strong Bad, he has red pants.

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