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"Compy" redirects here. For the company, see Compy, Inc..
A spectacle of graphics and sound.
The Compy 386 logo.

The Compy 386 was Strong Bad's second computer, and in his words, "a spectacle of graphics and sound." He used this machine to answer his emails after the Tandy 400 was thrown out at the beginning of invisibility. This machine was built by Compy, Inc. and seemed to have something against The Cheat. Strong Bad checked 78 emails on the Compy, more than double the number of emails he checked on the Tandy. If seen from the side or from the far front, it is noticable that the keyboard is wireless even though all other features of the computer are of lesser technology. Every Compy 386 email had Easter eggs, with the exception of lures & jigs, which didn't have any when first released, but had some added to it later.


[edit] Quick Facts

Debut: invisibility

Interactive Feature: Click on the wheels on the bottom of the computer repeatedly to change the screen contrast gradually from black to blue and then back to black again. There are 18 levels of contrast.

Virus Death: Damaged by Bubs's shotgun after being infected by 423,827 viruses in the email "virus." Bubs later sold it to Homestar Runner as seen in the Broken Compy Menu. Strong Bad replaced the Compy with the Lappy 486.

Retirement Death: The damaged Compy later appeared with the Tandy in retirement, lappynapping the Lappy 486 in order to check one last email. It was killed and presumably fully destroyed when it was eaten by Strong Mad. Its ghost lives on.

Font: Commodore 64

Error Screen: The Compy had a blue Flagrant System Error screen that appeared when it encountered a major problem. Resembling the Windows '9X famous Blue Screen Of Death, it gave Strong Bad some vague information as to what went wrong. This screen first appeared in "50 emails" when Homestar's many failed attempts to delete an email crashed the system. It later appeared in "virus" after Strong Bad learned that the Compy was infected with 423,827 viruses.

Emails checked on the computer: 81

[edit] Commands

  • dir/p — a DOS command used to list all the files in a directory
  • run
  • faq.txt

[edit] Programs

The programs Strong Bad used on the Compy 386, most of which were started by typing the filename only after the prompt. Most end in ".exe". Some programs are also run by typing "run" with the filename in quotes, like the Tandy 400. In the latter case, the file usually doesn't end in an extension.

[edit] The Real Computer

The Compy (or at least an Apple II monitor and a Dell keyboard) appearing in Puppet Time.

Like the Tandy 400, this was an almost-reference to a real computer. There was a 386 processor made by Intel, which was very popular in its day, but there was no company called "Compy" that made a 386 version of their computer. The "386" logo in "invisibility" is most likely a reference to the IBM logo. The blue startup screen is a reference to the IBM PC-XT, which ran DOS like the Compy 386, but did not actually have a 80386 CPU.

The design of the computer itself seems to be a take on the old Compaq Deskpro 386, which has a similar monitor and keyboard. It also seems to spoof the IBM Personal System/2 Model 25 due to its generation and that the PC is integrated with the monitor. However, the monitor in the Puppet Time movie is an old Apple II monitor. The keyboard is a recent model of the Dell QuietKey keyboard that came with earlier Dell computers.

Interestingly, both the exploded Compy 386 and Tandy 400 contain identical gears and fans, despite being built by different manufacturers and being different generations of computers.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The hole in it has been greatly downsized between virus and retirement. This is so they could fit an email on the screen.
  • According to Strong Bad in Baddest Of The Bands, the Compy came with a free album entitled "Left-Shift Alt Delete".
  • When the back button appears on the Compy 386 screen at the end of all emails from invisibility to 2 emails, the clickable area extends to the left significantly further than the word "back", off the left side of the screen itself.
  • Strong Bad was emotionally distraught after the Compy was shotgunned; however, he seemed to have no problem destroying it in retirement.
  • In April Fools' 2014, the Compy 386 used the Commodore 64 Pixelized font.

[edit] Variations

[edit] Appearances outside Compy-era Emails

The following Compy 386 emails are only available on strongbad_email.exe Disc One and Disc Four respectively and are outside the normal numbering scheme:

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