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Generic and non-existent
"I guess if he lived in Cubeland, it might work, but... Cubeland is a place I just made up."

There are many times where characters (presumably) make up places. Strong Bad often makes these places up while recalling history that may or may not be true, or to cover up the real truth, usually unsuccessfully. Other characters will have fantasies take place in these made up locations.

[edit] List of Made-up Places

Place Mentioned in Context
Bumdumbourge secret recipes A region near Totalslava in which Strong Bad claims he grew up, and where his "poopaw" taught him to cook "the Chekt". Strong Bad invents this place to cover up his supposed recipe to cook The Cheat.
Big Ol' Tree different town What Strong Bad would change The Stick to if he could make the town different.
Cory, North Dakota cheat talk The email author forgets to put his name and his state on separate lines, so Strong Bad imagines a whole town emailed him.
Cubeland the facts A fictitious land of cubes that Strong Bad makes up. It is a place where Strong Mad is momentarily envisioned, and apparently would have fit in well, due to his square shape.
Folk Tale World A Folky Tale A product of Strong Sad's imagination with some embellishments from Coach Z, which is the time of Saddy Dumpington.
Meadowbrook Chase Two Hills Fan Costumes '06 Where Strong Bad and his friends terrorized the streets as kids on Halloween.
Moses MaloneLand bedtime story A place where "The Ch8t's Cheatventures in Moses Malone Land" takes place.
Mundelow Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 The place where What's Her Face lives, as well as the headquarters for the Thorax Corporation.
Place different town A vacation destination to which Strong Bad supposedly went at the end of different town. A postcard for Place features Monkey D against the Seattle, Washington skyline, but according to a map in modeling, it is located near the Nautical Ocean (which also borders Haggleston and Land).
Rotten Egglünd Sick Day A land Strong Bad compares Strong Mad's room to when his disease causes unbearable stenches.
Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA theme park The theme park Strong Bad imagines when asked if Strong Badia had a theme park.
The Sweet Sweet Rainbow Bridge flashback The path connecting the moon to Free Country, USA.
Totalslava secret recipes A region neighboring Bumdumbourge.
Visitation Room your funeral One of the places where Strong Bad would not like his remains to be displayed.
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