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The art of Japanese paper... crinkling.

Strong Mad's room is where Strong Mad can usually be found. Strong Mad has been seen working on several artistic projects in this room, such as origami, a macaroni rendition of Strong Bad, and his claymation short, Doug the Dino. He also keeps his bass and his dumbbell in here.

The room's most distinctive feature is its orange wallpaper with overlapping circles, which The Brothers Chaps, in the DVD commentary for "the facts", stated that they really like and would like to have in their own rooms. The closet contains a horrible painting that has allegedly been present since The Brothers Strong were little, a stuffed dinosaur named Poodonkis, a "Ruskie flag", and on it is a sign that says Strong Mad Rd. To the left of the closet is a Time Magazine Man of the Year mirror almost identical to one seen in the film The Big Lebowski. There is also a small wooden dresser which Strong Bad once put pasta salad in. Occasionally, a large wooden table is seen, on top of which is Strong Mad's computer. There seem to be two entrances to the room: one that leads to a hallway, and another that leads to the bathroom.

Strong Mad was quarantined here in Sick Day due to his foul-smelling sickness. The smell was so bad, Strong Bad referred to the room as "Rotten Egglünd."

This room does not appear in either of the first two episodes of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. However, in Strong Badia the Free, Strong Bad remarks that the room is off-limits due to a crate full of bug bombs that has been detonated in his closet, and that it should be cleared in about a month. Episodes are released monthly, and, as predicted, Strong Mad's room was open to explore in the next episode, Baddest of the Bands. Interestingly, the only way to access Strong Mad's room is to go through both Strong Sad's room and the bathroom.

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