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The Brothers Chaps' office/workplace in Decatur, Georgia, has frequent appearances in DVD bonus content. It is a multi-room office residing in the basement of Suburban Plaza, a "depressing strip mall" that they began using around the beginning of 2004.


[edit] The Office

Working at the office.

The Brothers' main office is the room where (presumably) most of the animation and graphics work for Homestar Runner is done. Its walls are painted just like the Basement of the Brothers Strong, and it contains of 2 or 3 Dell laptops on a desk, a TV, and a water cooler just beside the entrance door.

The desk also has a Mac, on which the work for the DVDs is done. It has a Cinema Display and Apple keyboard. What its model is is unknown. Since it uses a first-generation model of Apple's Cinema Display that was sold from late 1999 to mid 2004, the most logical choices are that this Mac is either a MDD Power Mac G4 or an early Power Mac G5, assuming they bought it when they began working on strongbad_email.exe. However, it's uncertain how long they've used a Mac, so this could very well be as old as an original PowerMac G4.

[edit] The Sound Room

Matt Chapman with the Old-Timey filter in the Sound Room.

The sound room is where the vocals, music and other audio for the website are produced. It is "fairly soundproofed", and has about 5 keyboards, a cabinet, a microphone, and one of The Brothers Chaps' Dell computers (specifically, either a 2300C or 2400C Dimension) with A215 computer speakers and a They Might Be Giants mousepad. A window in it looks out to another part of their office.

[edit] Videlectrix Office

Home to Videlectrix, uh, where is everybody?

Videlectrix's office is, as you would expect, where Videlectrix uses computers, to make video games. The blue walls have the Videlectrix logo, with a window leading to the sound room just under it. There are some framed cover artworks of their video games, such as StrongBadZone and Thy Dungeonman. An old Apple IIe computer lays on a wooden table.

[edit] Green Screen Room

Matt and Mike in the green room.

Some of the Puppet Stuff is filmed within this room. The wall has been painted a fluorescent green color, so chroma key software can be used to replace the green with an image or video background. Within it lie a tripod, some various props, and lighting fixtures. The room appeared in various Peasant's Quest bonus content on Everything Else, Volume 1, and in Sample of Style Too. It is not known whether it is a full room in the office or just a part of another room. It has been shown to have an original version of the iMac G5. However, it has not been shown running, so it is not known if it is used regularly, if at all. Also, the puppet version of Tangerine Dreams lies within the floor of the room, which, as it is in animation, an orange slot-loading iMac G3. This was probably bought between late 1999 to mid 2000, when the slot-loading G3 was available in that color.

[edit] Storage Room

A storage room, consisting of many random objects and used props, some extra water bottles for the water cooler, along with a microwave and mini-fridge, is also present in the office. It has so far only been seen in the Emotion Eric Interview.

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