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We use computers... to make video games!

The Videlectrix office is the place where all the Videlectrix game-making magic happens. The Videlectrix Guys do their programming here on an Apple IIe computer. The office is also used for Boardelectrix work, with a page reading "boar" taped over the "Vi" in the logo.

In reality, the Videlectrix office is part of the office space used by The Brothers Chaps to produce Homestar Runner. This portion of their office includes a gaming area with an Apple IIe with a Floppy Disk Container, various Nintendo consoles, and an Atari 2600. Further decor includes a bust of William Shakespeare and a framed portrait of the Videlectrix Guys.

Several decorations hang on the wall:

[edit] Former Office

They used computers... to make video games!

The Videlectrix room in the previous office space was a room with blue walls and a window that looked into the sound room. The Apple IIe sat on a desk in the center of the room, and the walls were decorated with the Videlectrix logo and framed game covers.

Emotion Eric conducted an interview with the head programmer and toured other parts of this "facility".

[edit] Appearances

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