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[edit] BANG! Magazine

The April 2017 Mulberry story, "Planet of the Jerks", includes a part where Mulberry tells a boy, "Good jorb, kiddo!" When the boy asks why she put on an accent, she explains it as a Homestar Runner reference. Adding to her frustration, the boy proceeds to ask, "What's Homestar Runner?"

[edit] Boys' Life

The August 2008 issue called Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People the "funniest" WiiWare game of its time.

[edit] Computer Source Magazine

The January 2004 issue of Seattle-area magazine Computer Source featured a group of people who had determined how many browser windows they could open to before the computer crashed.

[edit] Discover Magazine

In the June 2005 issue of Discover, in the article "A double-blind, random, case-controlled, clinical, and thoroughly unscientific study of MIT nerds" (page 43), a full-page picture shows an MIT student named Amanda Seybold wearing a Trogdor T-shirt.

[edit] Entertainment Weekly

  • In 2003, Entertainment Weekly proclaimed The Brothers Chaps were the "It Web Cartoonists" as part of their annual "It List," which names off who they consider to be the most significant entertainers of the year. They asked Matt whether or not they would ever consider putting Strong Bad and Homestar on TV, to which he replied: "It's more punk rock if you do it yourself." This article also mentioned the upcoming DVDs.
  • made the "100 Sites to Bookmark Now" list.

[edit] GamePro

In the June 2006 issue, it says "Mario Paint was a pretty decent piece of software for the 16-bit SNES. It was educational, artistic and was even used to create the very first Homestar Runner cartoon".

[edit] Game Informer

  • In one issue of Game Informer, during the review of the video game Baten Kaitos, it showed a picture of Kalas with the caption: "Ya gotta have blue hair!"
  • In another issue of Game Informer, in the review of Alien Hominid, it mentioned that the mood of the game was far more reminiscent of Homestar Runner than of Contra.
  • In yet another issue of Game Informer, in the review of Street Fighter, it said "Can I interest you in some light fighting, or maybe a challenge?"
  • In the April '06 issue of Game Informer, Stinkoman 20X6 is named number 10 of the "Top Ten Games You've Never Heard Of", a list of shareware internet games.
  • In the May 2006 issue of Game Informer, the title of a box in the "Classic GI" section on Mega Man 2 is "Are you asking for a challenge?"
  • In the October 2006 issue, Drew Settlemire asked for any suggestions to stop the prerelease jibblies.
  • In the December 2006 issue on page 56, two geeks can be seen swordfighting and calling each other nerds. One of them is wearing a Strong Bad hoodie, the design of which is available in the Store.
  • In the December 2007 issue on page 83, on a review for Godzilla: Unleashed, there is a caption that says, "Burninating the countryside."
  • In the June 2008 issue, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is mentioned in the "impulse" article on page 38.
  • In the February 2009 issue, Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People is briefly mentioned at the end of the WiiWare section in the article "Hardcore Gamer's Guide to the Wii" (pages 12-13).
  • In the July 2009 issue, the Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People Collector's DVD is listed in the Connect|Gear section's Media Shelf, as the number five (of five) item on the list. (page 31)
  • In issue 230, a screenshot from Strong Badia the Free is included in an article about adventure games.

[edit] Game-Now Magazine

Issue 12 of the now-defunct Game-Now magazine featured Homestar Runner as "Hot" in the "Hot or Not" section. (archived scan)

[edit] The Guardian Guide

Gaze-mazing article.
The internet column on September 6, 2008 featured Strong Bad Emails. Strangely, Strong Sad was described as Strong Bad's "sister". The column read:
Strong Bad is an animated Mexican wrestler with boxing gloves for hands and is the undoubted star of surreal cartoon site Homestar Runner. Assisted by a strangely shaped animal-of-questionable-species and hindered by his high-pitched, fragile sister, Strong Bad's main spot is answering reader's emails - which there are hundreds to happily plough through if you've not been here before. Most recently he was asked to perform a magic trick and shared his thoughts on "moneygicians" - people who blow their life savings on "gaze mazing" props - and their strange sub-category, "flowy sleeved moneygicians". Like South Park and Modern Toss, Strong Bad isn't exactly beautiful to look at but he's relentlessly funny.

[edit] Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club

Issue 13 of the Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club magazine gives bios to the Giant Planet Mini-Con Team from Transformers: Cybertron. The three of them are given personalities in reference to The Brothers Strong. Longarm is a reference to Strong Mad, Deepdive is a reference to Strong Sad, and Overcast is a reference to Strong Bad.

[edit] Hyper

  • Hyper, an Australian electronics magazine, gave Homestar Runner the following mention in its special section: "Dear readers, please go to before I beat the everloving snot out of you. Sincerely, Hyper."
  • In one issue, Hyper was speculating on Yetisports on console. On the subject of the internet games being published, they said, "Trogdor the Burninator for PS3 next!"
  • In the October 2005 issue, a special report on Everquest had a picture of a character's behind, and in the character's speech bubble, it said, "Butt Dance, Butt Dance..."

[edit] The Magazine

  • In the November 2004 issue, the phone tag section has a reader who says that Homestar would make an awsome guest host. They responded to this with a picture of Homestar and a quote from First time Here?.

[edit] Muse Magazine

An article about dragons, included in the November/December 2003 issue, contained links to TROGDOR! and dragon.

[edit] New York Magazine

In the November 19, 2007 issue, Homestar Runner is featured in the Animation section. [1]

[edit] NGamer

In issue #33, March, they featured a two page review of SBCG4AP's "16 Top Best Moments"

[edit] Nintendo Power

"...and the humor is... well, unique."
See also Nintendo Power Interview - July 2008
  • In the April 2007 (Volume 214) issue of Nintendo Power, Viidelectrix is featured in the Community section's "Websites" column (page 95). A screenshot of Population: Tire is also shown.
  • In the May 2008 issue (Volume 229), there was a little column on SBCG4AP.
  • The July 2008 issue (Volume 230) featured an interview with Strong Bad about the game.
  • In the September 2008 issue, they discussed Strong Badia the Free and Baddest of the Bands.
  • The section "The Future is Now" in their June 2010 issue (Volume 225 page 55) featured a small article about 8-Bit is Enough.

[edit] The Official Australian Nintendo Magazine

  • In the December 2008 Issue (the first), Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is mentioned in the Wiiware section as the top WiiWare game and a rating of 88%.

[edit] Official Playstation Magazine

  • In the Reviews section of the January, 2006 issue of this popular gaming magazine, the voice of Pac-Man in Pac-Man World 3 is described as "reminding us a lot of the Homestar Runner character Stinkoman, which fans of the site know is not a compliment."
  • In an article about Final Fantasy, a character's name in a screenshot is Fhqwhgads.

[edit] Official Xbox Magazine

  • One issue has a picture of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Carl performing air guitar, with the caption "wheedlie, wheedlie, wheddlie, waaaah. Don't sue us."

[edit] Owl Mag

Mention of "Alligator tied to a shark"- as in, bear holding a shark. One of the April issues had this caption on the cover: PRANK'D. This is a reference to Teen Girl Squad.

[edit] PC World

  • Homestar Runner is featured in the November 2008 issue's article 10 Ways to Waste Time on the Web, with a screenshot of the Index Page. It is also featured on its website.
  • On the PC World website, a poster for the Wii game Homestar Ruiner is featured in a screenshot from the underrated Paint.NET on the 8th page in the article The 10 Most Overrated Products. (Although that article is also featured in the November 2008 issue, the screenshot is not.)
  • Homestar Runner is also mentioned in the 40 Fantastic Time-Wasting Web Sites article. [2]

[edit] PluggedIn

The Focus on the Family media magazine "PluggedIn" featured an article on Flash content and commented on, saying its content consisted mostly of "sophomoric silliness".

[edit] ReadyMade

The August/September 2005 issue of ReadyMade, a DIY magazine, features a picture of a dragon with the caption "Trogdor" scribbled onto a wall with crayon. The small article includes tips on removing crayon from one's wall. (Scan)

[edit] SBC Skateboard

In an issue last year, Ryan Stutt said that he totally ripped off Strong Bad for a "Sick Of It All" review.

[edit] Star Wars Insider

In Star Wars Insider #66, the short story "Elusion Illusion" written by Michael A. Stackpole features a cantina called "Homestar".

[edit] Super Play

In #122 (April 2006), the Swedish gaming magazine "Super Play" had two pages about Homestar Runner. The magazine gives a brief introduction to the site as well as examples of emails sent to Strong Bad and mentions the following games: Stinkoman 20X6, Trogdor, Peasant's Quest, Secret Collect, Dungeon Man, Strong Bad Zone, and Rhino Feeder.

[edit] Time Magazine

On June 30, 2003, Time Magazine ran a short feature titled "A Star Is Born - On The Web" which featured a picture of Homestar from Where's The Cheat?, and said he was part of a funny cartoon website, The article also mentions Strong Bad (the article claims he is Homestar's "pal"), and compares Homestar and his friends to a post-modern Peanuts gang.

[edit] Total Gamer

In an article on Wii (specifically on Wii Sports) from Issue 26, on page 38, there is a picture of Cam wearing a Strong Bad hoodie.

[edit] Tucson Weekly

Tucson Weekly had an interview of They Might Be Giants in their August 19, 2004 issue that included information on their relationship with The Brothers Chaps. Of particular note was the corroboration that a special Experimental Film video was being made for MTV. However, a new development is that the current internet version "is getting played on MTV in England, so it is finding some legitimate video life."

[edit] Wired Magazine

  • They Might Be Giants were interviewed and talked about Homestar Runner and the Experimental Film toon, among other things. Read it here.
  • Wired Magazine has also featured a picture of the upcoming Homestar Runner RPG.
  • In the September 2005 issue of Wired Magazine, the Strong Bad DVD set is mentioned on page 70 under the "Play-Reviews" section.
  • The May 2006 issue lists in a listing of excellent web sites providing videos on the web, and features a list of "Strong Bad's Favorite LEAST favorite blogs!"
  • this column on the magazine's website mentions Strong Bad.
  • Homestar Runner Rejects TV to Stay True to Web — Published 18 June 2007, John Scott Lewinski discusses The Brothers Chaps' decision to keep Homestar Runner online and not move to TV.
  • Why Some Memes Never Die — Article about how some internet memes never go away, using the longevity of Homestar Runner as an example.

[edit] Wonkavision

See main article: Wonkavision Magazine Interview

Issue #42 of the independent music magazine Wonkavision featured a picture of Homestar on the cover, as well as an article inside with an interview with The Brothers Chaps and several characters, plus game reviews, levels of fandom, character summaries, and random bits of info about the site and the people behind it.

[edit] Yahoo!

In "The Funniest Sights on the Web" "Sketch Comedy" section, Homestar is listed as 'The unspectacular adventures of Homestar Runner, the net's dimmest (and most underrated) hero.'

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