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[edit] MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle: The Property of Ones

MIT Mystery Hunt is an annual weekend-long challenge featuring over one hundred difficult puzzles. The 2004 Mystery Hunt featured a Strong Bad Email themed puzzle entitled "The Property of Ones". (warning: language)

[edit] MIT Mystery Hunt Puzzle: I Get Around

The 2006 Mystery Hunt featured the puzzle "I Get Around", which presented the solver with a series of pictures of video game locations. The sixth video game, which leads to the letter "V" in the answer "RESERVE," is Peasant's Quest.

[edit] Trogdor at An Ivy school?

  • In preparation for the Harvard-Yale football game of 2005, one of Harvard's anti-Yale T-shirts featured Trogdor-related themes. The front of the shirt, which read "The Game 2005," showed a wing-a-ling John Harvard statue, complete with smoke, fire, and a beefy arm holding a football. The back of the shirt read, "Burninating the Safety Skool, Burninating the Yalies," in reference to the lyrics of "Trogdor!" and the now-disabled "" prank. The letter "Y" and a picture of a bulldog were on fire, in the style of the peasants of Peasantry.
  • At the Yale-Princeton football game halftime show in November, 2004, the Princeton Band announcer was listing villains and the last one on the list was TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR. This show also included a formation based on Email 100: "This joke is of such historical significance that it can only be told in... WIDESCREEN. Left side BWAAAAAH. Right side BWAAAAAAH." (at which the left and right sides of the band formation went wide-screen)
  • Yale Anti-Gravity Society's fall 2004 juggling/fire show was basically an entire Trogdor narrative: one guy, starring as Trogdor, complete with a huge muscular arm and green clothing, played the Strong Bad Sings CD version of "Trogdor!" while breathing fire -- there was also a peasant involved, who, throughout the course of the show, was set on fire like a peasant. The Teen Girl Squad also made an appearance in the performance.

[edit] Trogdor: MIT Hacker

The Burninator was the subject of one of the famous MIT Hacks! The hack itself was showcased near the end of Happy Trogday. (Visit the Hack Gallery.)

[edit] Trogdor goes to Duke

At Duke University in around April of 2004, the side of a painted underpass displayed an advertisement for the now-defunct "Inside Joke" comedy troupe. The centrepiece was a large, majestic Trogdor. Trogdor also appeared on Duke's East Campus Bridge in late March of 2006.

[edit] Strong Bad the Politician

At North Carolina State University in 2002, life sized posters of Strong Bad with the words "Strong Bad for Student Body President" appeared on campus. Sadly, he was not listed on the student council ballot.

[edit] Strong Bad Viewings

At North Brandywine Middle School, on the last day before Summer Break, the school shows all the currently available Strong Bad Emails over the Closed-Circuit TV Network.

As of 2004, The Brigham Young University Bookstore plays Strong Bad Emails over its CCTV. They no longer do, though.

[edit] Strong Bad At The Naval Academy

Before every home football game, the Naval Academy freshmen (known as Plebes) decorate a statue of Tecumseh on the campus in some sort of disguise. Last year for the Navy-Central Michigan game, the monument was painted up as Strong Bad. Below him is written "Go Navy: Fangoriusly Devour C. Michigan". Also, Trogdor can be seen on the side of the statue's base.[1]

The Naval Academy also has the Bear-Sharks as one of their companies.

[edit] Strong Bad's Electoral Success

Student elections at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Spring 2004 were won overwhelmingly by the 'S.badia' party, which used a tire as its logo. Article from winning S.Badia GM candidate, Mike Dillon.

[edit] Tile Portrait

At BB&N High School, there was a tile on the wall with a painting of Strong Bad on it.

[edit] Strong Bad, '05: A year to remember

In a yearbook published in 2005 (by Taylor Publishing) for middle schools in Greenville, South Carolina, Schertz, Texas, and Pittsgrove, New Jersey, Strong Bad appeared in one of its multiple, advertisement-filled pages, called the "YearZine". Under the title Trends the publishers printed what they thought were examples of businesses that could sell hoodies. Alongside a paragraph that failed to mention Homestar Runner itself, a picture of the Strong Bad Hooded Jacket was placed, as seen here.

[edit] Homestar at University of California, Riverside

Dorms at UCR each have themes to make things interesting and to increase hall spirit. On year 2004-2005, the I Building at Pentland Hills had a Homestar theme, where they put up Homestar Runner banners and made Homestar Runner sweatshirts featuring all original art. One sweatshirt had an evil looking The Cheat holding a torch in front, and on the back it had Homestar holding a sword and shield and looking up at Strong Bad who was on Trogdor's head.

[edit] Trogdor at University of Florida

In the main computer lab at the University of Florida, there is a poster of Trogdor threatening to burninate anybody playing video games.

[edit] Homestar at The University of Pennsylvania

In the official College Houses preview video of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the student rooms shown has the Homestar Poster hanging on the wall. This can be seen at about 9:19 into the video.

[edit] Strong Bad Quote In Horizon Junior/Senior High Yearbook

In a yearbook published in 2005 (by Walsworth Publishing) for a private high school in San Diego, California, a quote from the different town SBemail appeared. A section was labeled "Best Part of the Year" in the book. Under it were quotes from students. One of the quotes was "Beef...stew", a reference to Strong Bad's "Best Thing Ever" from different town when he tried to see if his imagination was broken.

[edit] Ab-Abber 2000 On Stage

During the 2003-2004 school year at Heritage High School in Michigan, at show called Mock Rock, the hosts of the show presented the audience with a real-life version of the Ab-Abber 2000. They then proceeded to demonstrate, marker and all, on one of the hosts, who was wearing a Strong Bad mask.

[edit] "Techno" on Northmont Middle School "Nuts 'n' Bolts Show

Before the morning announcements video at Northmont Middle School, The System is Down is sometimes played, among other songs.

[edit] University of Southampton

On 30 October 2005, the microchip fabrication facility at the University of Southampton burnt down. One of the Computer Science students then produced this reconstruction of the event. (And this in-joke.)

[edit] Mesita Elementary

A 5th grade class in Mesita Elementary had a field day mascot similar to Trogdor.

[edit] University of Puget Sound

In the years 2001-2002, a huge Strong Bad could be seen in one of the dorm windows. It was, sadly, stolen and replaced in 2002 with a crying The Cheat holding a sign asking "Have you seen my friend?" When that, too, was stolen, the sign became a Homestar Runner. This was gone within the week. The final sign was a giant Trogdor. Trogdor defied anyone that tried to steal it, and remained there until one student left in 2004.

[edit] PHMS Enjoys Marshmallows

In the cafetorium of Pleasant Hill Middle School in Pleasant Hill, CA; there is, among other pictures of food, Homestar Runner & Pom Pom eating marshmallows.

[edit] The University Of Chicago Scavenger Hunt

The yearly Scavenger Hunt, the largest in the country has had several items directly referencing Homestar Runner. In 2003, the costumes for the yearly roadtrip were Homestar themed. In 2005, item #90 was "a plate of grumblecakes with a glass of Piemonaid".

[edit] Margaret Beeks Elementary

For the talent show, a group of 5th graders at Beeks performed a school appropriate version of The House That Gave Sucky Treats called "The House That Gave Bad Treats".

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