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[edit] Saved by the STUFF

The Max, one of Strong Bad's examples for shorter names, is the name of the diner and favorite hangout from Saved by the Bell.

From: pizza joint
Posted on: 18:29, 27 October 2007 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  1. TBC have referenced Saved by the Bell in the past, and often mention the show in interviews and commentaries.
  2. In response to this discussion: The Maxx is a comic book, and although the ConAgra brand The Max does sell pizza, it is not a restaurant. Therefore, this is not TTATOT, as Saved by the Bell is the only relevant, non-obscure option.
  3. Re argagainst #2: Since he is trying to name a restaurant, it would make sense for him to list examples of restaurant/hangout names that are short.
  4. he's trying to think of good names for the type of pizza place where teenagers would hang out. Saved by the bell was about teenagers, and they hung out there.
  5. re 3: What's the "that" and the "the other thing"? I only see one thing similar enough to be a reference to.
  6. re 4: top hits: a radio show, a light rail company, a club, another radio station, a music center. None of these have anything to do with pizza places. Yes, there's a lot of things called "the max", but this is the only relevant one.
  7. re 5: umm, it doesn't have to include the word "reference", in fact, it gets very repetitive when we keep using the same word. The reference is implicit by the fact that this is listed under "real world references".
  8. re 6: that's obviously not what this fact is saying. If you think it's a coincidence, vote no. But don't state as fact that it's a coincidence, that's what's being debated here. Those who vote yes think it's intentional, those who vote no think it's a coincidence, that's how STUFF works.

Arguments against:

  1. There are many different The Max places in the real world, and we can't say it's one when there are a whole lot of them.
  2. RE ArgFor #2: Why does it have to be a restaurant? Why can't he just be thinking of short names?
  4. Re ArgFor #5: The other thing is the countless real world places that are also called "The Max". Just Google it and you'll find multiple stores with said name.
  5. The fact, as stated above, does not even say "this is a reference". As written, the fact seems to state: "Coincidentally, there's a place in Saved By The Bell called The Max." It can't be assumed that this is a reference, and coincidences aren't worth listing.
  6. re 7: The point was, this is more of a "Real World Coincidence", for which there is no heading.
  7. This fact is so obscure, I can't explain how obscure it is without writing a three-page essay.

Additional comments:

  • What if we made it a bit more ambiguous and say something like "The Max, one of Strong Bad's examples for shorter names, may a referance to the name of the diner and favorite hangout from Saved by the bell"? I know that's a little lengthly, but I think something like that would work.
    • (as someone who voted for this fact) I'd be okay with that, personally.
      • "May" references are usually not worth it. Either it is, or it isn't.
  • Are there any places called "The Emporium" outside of H*R?

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