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[edit] Unavoidable Wiki Break

Due, in major part to my working at a Summer Camp that does not have reliable internet access, Flashfight is taking a wikibreak until about September. He will more than likely log on on certain Saturdays, only to be discouraged by the lack of patrolled edits, and be turned away from major edits until about October, when he will then remember that the point is to contribute meaningfully to a project greater than himself, and come back.

[edit] Defender of the Spoons

Starting in about September 2007, Flashfight took upon himself to be the defender of the standard on Spoons.
To Be Deleted under differing interpretations of Spoons:

[edit] Brief History

  • Flashfight was told about H*R by a Summer Camp Counselor.
  • Flashfight is now himself a Summer Camp Counselor spreading the word of H*R.
  • Flashfight, ironically, is not in charge of stuff.
  • Flashfight has, through his involvement in the Scouting organization, been awarded three medals.
  • On a scale from one to awesome, Flashfight is inept at HTML.
  • Flashfight Promises to add some paragraphs after he is confortable with the set-up of his page
  • Icon References In Halloween Costumes has been vandalized attacking my sexuality...Awexome!!

[edit] Articles that Flashfight Takes Credit for Inventing

[edit] People Flashfight Considers Computer Genius Men

Thanks for helping me format my Page here:

[edit] Barnstar for Excellence in Discussion

I am wholly of the belief that we as a community do very little to recognize and promote strong arguments and civil discourse on the Talk Namespace. So, after some time, and one late night brainstorming session, I decided to be bold and create the Medal for Excellence in Discussion, who's design is a reflection of the requirements and standards.

  • The Medal Shape — reflects the creation by Flashfight, but in no means is an attempt to limit the people who can award the medal.
  • The Sky Blue Ribbon — taken from the Flag of the United Nations; As The Wiki works only when consensuses are worked towards, the blue reflects the recipient's commitment to the consensus.
  • The White Charge — a stylized speaker at a podium; It is also important for the survival of The Wiki that strong opinions to be voiced. While strong opinions are a necessity, only through strong convincing arguments can consensuses be reached, and the speaker at the podium is a reflection of the recipient's strong arguments made over the course of multiple Talk discussions.
  • The Olive Wreath — A universal symbol for Peace; Civility is something that above all needs to be cherished in any award for Excellence in Discussion. The recipient should not be one to engage in edit wars, nor one to ignore discussion. The recipient works towards constructively moving opinion towards one point of view, but is willing to graciously accept the will of the community if the consensus opposes his own viewpoint.
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