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[edit] Earlier, Later? What?

Homestar's line, "I think if I get him the perfect present, he just might like me again", suggests that Strong Bad used to be friends with Homestar, or at least tolerated him. The email highschool might support this theory by showing them as members of a team of super-sleuths.

From: The Best Decemberween Ever
Posted on: 19:37, 9 May 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

Arguments against:

  • It sounds very confusing as written.
  • This is a stretch. It serves only to attempt to connect two events that have no connection whatsoever.
  • The events in highschool may not have even happened. The continuity of Strong Bad's flashbacks are debatable.

Additional comments:

  • Are we voting on this whole fact, or just the connection with highschool?
    • The fun fact doesn't say much without the highschool reference, and what it does say is poorly phrased. Stuff the whole thing.
  • This doesn't make any sense.
    • It's long, but not that confusing; I easily see what it's trying to say. However, it's just another of many in a recent trend of fun facts that try to tie a minor occurrance in a recent toon to a minor occurrance in another one.
  • Remember that Strong Bad admitted that he has "an extremely unphotographic memory" and so all the flashbacks in highschool may not have happened. They were "a bunch of plucky parameciums living in Free Petry Dish USA", for goodness sake! Also, highschool does not support the theory stated above because the continuity is debatable.

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