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[edit] Only when my stummy hurts

In the cutscene that plays after defeating Harvax XVII, Stinkoman's tongue is the same color as his skin and it has red lines on it. This may not be a goof at all, considering it may be that only when Stinkoman and 1-Up don't feel good, their tongues are green.

From: Stinkoman 20X6 Goofs
Posted on: 15:09, 3 January 2007 (UTC)

Arguments for:

Arguments against:

  • I would think that A cut scene is drawn very intentionally and even if they decided to make the characters orange for style reason, so be it. Still not a goof.
  • Normal Strong Bad's tongue was green in Super NES and pop-up.
  • This fun fact contradicts itself, saying that it might not be a goof at all.
  • Stinkoman's mouth is pink in every other of his appearances. Except for when "his stummy hurts".

Additional comments:

"My stummy hurts"
Example of another appearance with the pink mouth.
  • There's a level 9.4 cutscene? I thought the levels only went up to 9.2 so far. (I don't play this game very much so correct me if I'm wrong.)
  • If somebody knows at what point in the game this fact is talking about, can you take a screenshot of it? I played through level 9 and I couldn't see anything.
  • It's the cutscene that occurs after you beat An Ice Machine.
    • No, it's not. 1) It's level 9.4 we're talking about. An Ice Machine was level 7. 2) His tongue is not the color of his skin in the picture.
      • Oops, I need to pay more attention. Anyway, that image actually makes this fact patently false. So, I think that pretty much ends that.
        • No, the top middle image has been updated since these last comments — the fact now makes sense, it's now just a matter of whether or not it's a goof...
          • Actually that seems to make it patently false as Its always that color unless he's sick. . .or am i missing something.
            • I think I see what the fact is talking about when you zoom in: his tongue does seem to be flesh-colored with red lines. I still don't think it's a goof, though.

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