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[edit] A tall, cool glass of STUFF

Homestar mentioning "a tall, cool glass of Mountain Dwa" is a reference to other days, when Strong Bad prompted his motivational-lecture attendees to "make yourself a tall, cool glass of piemonade."

From: DNA Evidence
Posted on: 19:05, 16 May 2007 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  1. The words "A tall, cool glass" have only been said (in that order) in those two cartoons.
  2. Re arg 1 against: The fourth link in the Google search is H*R-related. Plus, 975 results is a bit low for four words.
  3. Re arg 1.1: And what does that prove? That you can do completely random things with Google and base your position on it?

Arguments against:

  1. "A tall, cool glass" seems like such a generic phrase that I have a hard time thinking this is a specific reference to anything.
    1. "tall, cool glass" is found 9000 times. "Tall glass" is found nearly 900,000 times. Check it out at the Cocktail DB.
  2. Re arg for 2: It's not H*R related in the results that I get.
  3. Re arg for 3: Erm, how is this random? It shows that it's completely normal to call a glass "tall". We can also assume that it's normal to call a glass "cool". And the combination can be found 9000 times. That means it's not uncommon.
  4. Even if true, this "fact" isn't very fun. Or interesting.
  5. Unrelated.

Additional comments:

  • I happen to think they're nodding towards other days. I also think that it's too obscure to be worth mention.
  • Seriously guys. Using Google results is not a good way to explain that something's TTATOT. As far as you know, all those are references to the same exact thing.
    • That many references to a minor random line in a single Homestar Runner cartoon? Maybe that'd be relevant in the case of something major, like Trogdor. Besides, I've heard the phrase "tall, cool glass" long before other days was released.
  • This is an insane conversation. Seriously.

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